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#STYLIST—ANDREW RICHARDSON Andrew Richardson is known for sex. His work is all about provocation, nudity, sexuality, bedroom looks and clothes falling off. He styled all 5 covers of V Magazine’s Sexy Body Issue and has his own magazine Richardson, a sex oriented fashion magazine that owes much ‘70s porno-chic and strives to be the smart, “edited voice” on sex. V Magazine, Richardson, Helmut Newton, Playboy, Porn


set by the sexy Supermodels before

DOB: Decemeber 17, 1970

her. Memorable moment: Karl Lagerfeld thought it was a good idea to put her

Debuting in 1993 in a story in Isabella

in an eye patch string bikini for Chanel

Blow’s British Vogue, Stella was an

S/S ‘96. Many were concerned she

amazing art-school street-casting that

represented a pro-anorexic agenda for

would later epitomize the ‘90s. Her

the industry. Models thinner than Stella

imperfect androgyny echoed something

would later be the standard.

at once aristocratic (she actually has a decent bloodline) and avant-garde. Meisel soon put her on the cover of Italian Vogue. Strong and angular, her hard lines, thin body, cropped hair and pale skin challenged beauty standards

#STYLIST—JANE HOW This British stylist is recognized

Sorrenti, Alasdair McLellan, Richard

for two signatures: the breezy, no-

Bush, and Juergen Teller for magazines

nonsense, sexy sensuality she brings

such as i-D, W Magazine, Self Service,

to labels like Stella McCartney and

Purple, and Vogue Italia, How is indeed

the inventive, radically over-the-top

adept at elevating mundane elements

editorial styling she has produced for

to great heights—and producing

magazines since the early ‘90s—and in

striking, subversive, unforgettable

the pages of V Magazine since 2006.

imagery in the process.

See: Mario Sorrenti’s “Everything & the Kitchen Sink,” V45, in which How made housewares like brooms, clothespins, and, yes, a kitchen sink, seem completely and necessarily wearable. Working with photographers like


#PHOTOGRAPHER—IRVING PENN “Photographing a cake can be art”

was his trademark. Besides models, he brought African children, New Guinean

A pioneer of studio photography and

tribal warriors, butchers, biker gangs,

the seamless backdrop, Irving Penn

and ballerinas into the studio.

is best known for his striking fashion photographs that, beginning with his 1950s series of the Paris collections, defined a new look. His decades long career at Vogue spanned a number of radical transformations in fashion and its representation, but his style remained consistent. Penn’s signature blend of rich shadow and light, cool minimalism and classical elegance

#MODEL—ERIN WASSON Origin: U.S.A DOB: January 20, 1982 Erin got her start winning a modeling contest in Texas. She caused a sensation during her debut season in 2000 and has grown to be known for her bad girliness and personal style, perfect for the decade of the modern It Girl. More cool, expensive, and post-hip downtown than a typical scenester, she would be a ubiquitous campaign girl. For sure, she is the first option for an inaugural Texas Vogue cover.


elegant or a stunner, but her laid

DOB: October 18, 1987

back attitude has proven to be quite agreeable to work with. With internet

“She is the perfect old-school clothes-

rumors abundant, Freja is a model who

hanger with a little ‘80s androgyny

modelizes. Known for her flirtatious

thrown in.” —James Scully, Casting

nature, you can’t help but feel proud


of her for every cover she gets. She scores a mega point for team lesbian.

Freja has slowly built a career as a fashion favorite in the last ten years, steadily climbing the ranks. She is the James Dean of models: crushworthy, mysterious, cool, and a bit of a rebel… without a cause. She is not particularly


look dated. In hindsight, she was a

DOB: September 15, 1977

precursor of what was to come from Eastern Europe a decade later à la Paul

Guinevere epitomized the rebellion and effortless cool of the mid 1990s. She had a bit of an aristocracy about her face, and a body reminiscent of 18th Century Neoclassical paintings, but mainly she was just cool. She had the ability to keep everything tasteful; grungy but not stinky; curvy but androgynous. Sleek throughout, she brought character and an intellect to her work. Her images will never

Rowland’s Supreme.


#BRAND—LANVIN 1913–present Obsession: One Shoulder Style: Park Avenue Quote: “Where uptown and downtown meet, but not in midtown. We hate midtown.” —Alber Elbaz Jeanne Lanvin made her reputation in the ’20s with glamorous silk robes de style, which were luxe and generous to older women’s bodies in a Youthquake era. Alber Elbaz has found a similar audience to present with a weirder but no less apt a solution.


before becoming one. Almost 20 years

DOB: December 3, 1964

after acting as Lagerfeld’s muse, she made a comeback in 2010.

“I have hypnotized the public into believing that I’m beautiful.” –Kristen McMenamy Beginning her career in 1985, Kristen would slowly find success in the early 1990s with grunge. She had more of a cult following in Europe before it was cool to be a washed out androgyne. Kristen was the original pasty weirdo. She was the precursor to the waif


Karen, but he found her horsey and

DOB: January 14, 1979

too pale, and he had it fit on Naomi Campbell instead. Karen broke down

The pale ginger shaved her eyebrows

in tears. Naomi closed, and Donatella

back in 1997 at the recommendation

was pissed. In 1998 Elson was also too

of Meisel. She was part of that crop

fat for a Dolce & Gabanna show. Issues

of weird-but-pretty models of the late

with eating disorders surfaced and

1990s. Karen thought of her runway


career as unlikely. Gianni Versace strongly disliked her and argued with Donatella about having her in his last show, before his murder. It was pretty bad. The closing wedding dress, which Gianni hated anyway, was fitted on


Concept for a special one-off edition for “VData” book.