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SPRING 2015 Welcome to the colourful world of Global Affairs. We proudly present the new catalog Spring 2015. Our catalog is full of colourful new products without forgetting the well-known Global Affairs classics. Have fun browsing through the new catalog! The Global Affairs team.

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About our products All soft toys are tested according to EU (EN-71 1,2,3) Standards. These tests ensure that our products are designed and manufactured in a way that makes them completely safe for little children. All fabrics are new and Azo free. See page 47 for more information about our tests and used fabrics.

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Global Affairs

Colours the world Caring for people and products

Since Global Affairs was founded, we have been designing and selling great products while taking care for the people that make them and for the environment. A Global Affairs product is always colourful and of course all our products, especially for the little ones, meet the highest European safety standards (EN 71,1-3). Yet, we want more; we want to make the world as colourful as our products. That’s why we have our own Global Affairs standards. The Global Affairs Cares principles: • Fair prices for the products we import. • Encouraging our suppliers to employ more women, who can then work close to home. •Good working conditions and never using child labour. • Long-term relationships with our suppliers • Use of recycled and sustainable materials as much as possible We constantly try to improve our standards. Over the new few years we will ask our suppliers to help us make the world a little brighter. How we will do this? We will form short-term and long-term strategies with our suppliers. What are our fair and green long-term objectives? * Working as much as possible with bio-cotton. * Using recycled materials as much as possible * Introducing new environmentally friendly packaging * Starting new local projects with our current suppliers * Searching for new partnerships

Caring for Children

We want to get all children smiling and with a little help, every child can do just that. That’s why Global Affairs donates products to charity organizations in The Netherlands and in the Philippines.


Stichting Kalinga

More than 30.000 people live in Payatas, the biggest garbage dump of Manila (Philippines). They earn their money by separating waste. Among them there are many children. Kalinga Foundation helps these children through structural help with self-reliance as its main goal. Kalinga believes that education is a basic need and therefore started the Papaya School. The Papaya School is a primary school where children get substantial education and a healthy meal every day. As primary school is just not enough, students can apply for a scholarship to continue their education with the help of Kalinga Foundation.

Stichting Jarige Job

Global Affairs frequently donates products, some of which are given directly to the children in the Philippines and some are sold in the Netherlands. These earnings will be used to improve the education at the Papaya School.

The ‘Jarige Job’ (Birthday Boy/Girl) Foundation wants to reduce the gap between richer and poorer children as much as possible. They make it possible for children between 4-12 years to celebrate their birthdays, if their parants can’t afford to buy presents themselves. ‘Jarige Job’ doesn’t give money but instead gives a ‘Birthday Box’ with all the necessities for a real celebration. This ‘Birthday Box’ includes festive decorations, goodies for at home, treats to share with the child’s class and, of course, a nice present.

For more information visit

For more information visit


Stichting Sinterklaas bestaat

The charity is committed to give an average of 2,750 underprivileged children a great ‘Pakjesavond’(the night when St. Nicholas hands out presents to the children in The Netherlands). In cooperation with the Red Cross, the foundation organizes an annual ‘Sinterklaasfeest’ (St Nicholas party) in 12 to 15 cities throughout the Netherlands, with a bag full of lovely gifts for these children. For more information visit


Dutch Coat Rack Amsterdam Turquoise MCRA540.6

Coat Rack Amsterdam Purple MCRA450.6

Coat Rack Amsterdam Red MCRA310.6

Coat Rack Amsterdam Lime MCRA710.6 6

Metal Coat Rack Canalhouses Red MCC3106

Metal Coat Rack Canalhouses Aqua MCC5406

Metal Coat Rack Canalhouses Baby Pink MCC4026

Felt Hanging Dutch Boy FHDB5

Metal Coat Rack Canalhouses Citrus MCC9106

Felt Hanging Canalhouses Citrus FHCC5 Felt Hanging Canalhouses Multi FHCM5

Felt Hanging Dutch Girl FHDG5

Felt Hanging Canalhouses Traditional FHCT5 7

Metal Coat Rack Canalhouses Grey MCC6506



Felt Keyring Iconic Icons: Holland FKH40

Felt Mobile Canalhouses Citrus FMCC5

Felt Mobile Canalhouses Traditional FMCT5

Bag City Coral Red and Grey Blue (29x32 cm) BGCI8

Felt Hanging Iconic Icons: Paris FHPA5

Felt Stickers Iconic Icons: Holland (20 pcs in a bag) FSIH20

Felt Stickers Iconic Icons: Paris (24 pcs in a bag) FSPA15 8



Metal Coat Rack Northpole Pink MCN3106

Metal Coat Rack Northpole Lightblue MCN5106

Coat Rack Ballet MCB4026

Coat Rack Safari Green MCRS7106

Coat Rack Safari Blue MCRS5106

Coat Rack Happy Forest Red MCH3106 9

Coat Rack Happy Forest Fuchsia MCH4106



Felt Basket Large Light Blue 33x33 cm FBL5103

Felt Basket Large Kobalt Blue 33x33 cm FBL5003

Felt Basket Small Kobalt Blue 20x20 cm FBS5003

Felt Basket Large Pink 33x33 cm FBL4023

Felt Basket Large Yellow 33x33 cm FBL9003

Felt Basket Small Yellow 20x20 cm FBS9003

Felt Basket Small Red 20x20 cm FBS3103

Felt Basket Small Fuchsia 20x20 cm FBS4103

Felt Basket Small Pink 20x20 cm FBS4023

Felt Basket Small Light Blue 20x20 cm FBS5103

Felt Basket Small Dark Green 20x20 cm FBS7003

Felt Basket Small Light Green 20x20 cm FBS7103


Rope baskets Lightblue/Aqua Combi with Orange Finish (Small 25x21 cm & Large 30x25 cm) SRB5103

Storage Box Round Sparkle Petrol (diam 22x10 cm) BS5503

Storage Box Round Sparkle Pink (diam 22x10 cm) BS4023 Rope baskets Fuchsia/Red Combi with Yellow Finish (Small 25x21 cm & Large 30x25 cm) SRB4103

Book Boxes Adventure & Fairy (20x16 cm) STKI6

Pouch Sparkle Petrol & Pink (22x14 cm) PS8 12

Seagrass Baskets Red Combi (Small 25x20 cm & Large 30x25 cm) SSG3103

Seagrass Baskets Pink Combi (Small 25x20 cm & Large 30x25 cm) SSG4023


Mobiles AND


These are all decorative items and NOT toys. Do NOT place above cod, crib or playpen. Keep out of reach of small children.

Mobile Dinos FMDI5

Felt Hangings Âą 120 cm. long Felt Mobiles Âą 55 cm. long All hangings and mobiles are packed with a nice headercard.


Hanging Dinos FHDI5

Mobile Country FMCO5

Mobile Jungle Animals FMJU5

Mobile Crispy Spring FMCR5

Hanging Country FHCO5

Hanging Jungle Animals FHJU5

Hanging Crispy Spring FHCR5

Garland Ballet (Âą 140 cm) FGBA5


Mobile Vehicles FMVE5

Hanging Vehicles FHVE5

Hanging Space FHSP5

Mobile Space FMSP5

Mobile Safari FMSA5

Hanging Safari FHSA5

Hanging Sea FHSEA5

Mobile Sea FMSEA5

Hanging Elephant FHELE5

Hanging Fairy Stories FHST5 16

Mobile Elephant FMEL5

Mobile Canalhouses Traditional FMCT5

Mobile Fairy Stories FMST5

Mobile Canalhouses Citrus FMCC5

Hanging Dutch Girl FHDG5

Hanging Dutch Boy FHDB5 17


Knitted dolls

Knitted Mini Fox Girl (24 cm. tall) KMFG2

Knitted Mini Bunny Girl (24 cm. tall) KMBG2

Knitted mini Fox Boy (24 cm. tall) KMFB2

Knitted Mini Bunny Boy (24 cm. tall) KMBB2

Knitted Mini Mouse Girl (24 cm. tall) KMMG2

Knitted Mini Mouse Boy (24 cm. tall) KMMB2

Knitted Mini Dog Boy (24 cm. tall) KMDB2 18

Knitted Mini Cat Girl (24 cm. tall) KMCG2


Knitted dolls

Fred Frogger (36 cm. tall) KNF2

Tessa Cat (36 cm. tall) KTC2

Mouse Pippa (36 cm. tall) KMP2

Milo Dog (36 cm. tall) KMD2

Jimmy Chimp (36 cm. tall) KJC2

Ben Gardener (36 cm. tall) KBG2

Crocodile Sam (36 cm. tall) KCS2 19

Harry Horse (36 cm. tall) KNHH2

Pretty Ruby (50 cm. tall) KNPR2

Jolly Rachel (50 cm. tall) KNJR2

Tipi Girl (36 cm. tall) KTG2

Red Rose (36 cm. tall) KNRR2

Nancy Nurse (36 cm. tall) KNN2

Princess Daisy (36 cm. tall) KPD2 20

Bibi Beach (36 cm. tall) KNBB2

Smiling Sara (45 cm. tall) KNSS2

Dancing Doris & Dina (45 cm. tall) CTDD4

Long Ear Bunny Boy (42 cm. tall) KLEB200

Long Ear Bunny Multi (42 cm. tall) KLEB410

Sleepy Jane (45 cm. tall) KNSJ2 21

Cheer-up Charlie (45 cm. tall) KNCC2

Sleepy Tom (45 cm. tall) KNST2

Crochet AND


Crochet Music Penquin CMP2

Crochet Tumblers Animals CTA8


Crochet Music Lion CML2

Crochet Music Tiger Boy CMTB2

Crochet Music Tiger Girl CMTG2

Crochet Music Mouse Girl CMMG2

Crochet Rattle Mouse Round CRMR8

Crochet Music Mouse Boy CMMB2

China All our crochet items are handmade of 100% organic cotton yarn. They are handmade by women in the Jiangsu provence of China. They can do this work at home - or close to home – so they don’t have to move to the city to find a job between the harvesting seasons. This way they can stay close to their family all year round.

Crochet Rattles Round CRR12


Knitted Airplane Rattle KAA15

Crochet Airplane Classic Rattle CRAP12

Crochet Rattle Animal CRA15

Crochet Animal Rattle Classic CRAS16

Crochet Rattle Maracas CRM12

Crochet Mini Maracasses CMM15


Crochet Butterfly & Airplane Rattle CRBP8

Crochet Rattle Duck CDU10


Cuddle toys AND

rattles Mini Bunnies CTMB18

Elephant Rattle CTEL6


We work with a small scale family company, in Thailand where all our handmade products are tested and certified.


Our soft toys are made In Kolkata (India) where we have a project to improve the social independence of women. They used to be completely depending on their husbands, but now these women make their own money. They feel important, independent and because they bring in a salary, their children don’t have to work and can go to school.

Donkey Rattle CTDO12

So next time you buy one of our soft toys or handmade products, you help them a little as well...

Elephants CTES8 26

BABY Gifts and

BIBS Garland It’s a Girl (± 130 cm) FGGI10

Garland It’s a Boy (± 130 cm) FGBO10

Felt Rattle Ball Rainbow FRBR6

Felt Hanging Dutch Girl FHDG5 Felt Rattle Ball Sunshine FRBS6

Car Rattle Mini CTC8


Felt Hanging Dutch Boy FHDB5


Bib Small Polka Dot BSP15

Metal Coat Rack Baby Pink MCC4026

Bib Holland BBH12

Metal Coat Rack Aqua MCC5406

Bib Bright Fun BBF12

Bib Sweet Fun BSF12

Sweet Bunny Red, Lime, Aqua & Pink CTSB16 29


Necklace & Bracelet Kitschy Flowers NBKF10

Necklace Peru Solid Colours NPSC10

Necklace & Bracelet My First “Pearls” Fuchsia and Lilac NB1P16

Necklace Peru Mixed Multicolours NPMM10

Necklace Crochet Balls Turquoise, Fuchsia & Pink NCB30

Ring Peru Mixed Multicolours RPP20

Necklace & Bracelet Coloured Beads NBCB10

Keyring Peru Multicolours KRP10

Bracelet Peru Mixed Colours BPP10


Peru Peru is a new production country for Global Affairs. We work with a cooperative in the Andes mountains, where our accessories are handmade by Inca women.



Hairclips Funky Flowers Assorti (4 colours) (2/card) ACFA20

Hairclips Funky Flowers Bright (2 colours) (2/ card ) ACFFB20

Display Global Affairs Please note that we reduced the quantities of the packagings for several hair accessories. Check the pricelist for more information.

Hairclips Fluffy Ball Assorti (4 colours) (2/card) ACFB15

Hairclips (6/card) ACHC30


Hairclips Swallow Assorti (4 colours) (2/card) ACSA20

Hairclips Ladybird Pink (2/card) ALC15 Hairclips Birdie Pink & Blue (2/card) AHCB14

Hairclips Felt Violet Fuchsia & Red (2/card) AFHV14

Hairclips Fluor Flower Hot Pink & Lime (2/card) AFFC14

Hairclips Flower Pink, Fuchsia & Red (2/card) AHCF15

Hairclips Tulip Round Assorted (3 colours) (2/card) AHCT15

Hairclips Felt Hearts Fuchsia & orange (2/card) ACH20

Hairclips Pastel Heart (3 colours) (6/card) AHPH15

Hairclips Neon Heart (3 colours) (6/card) AHFH15


Hair Elastics and

Hairbands Hair Elastic Swallow Assorti (4 colours) (2/card) AESA20

Hair Elastic Hearts Fuchsia & Orange (2/card) AEH20

Hair Elastic Funky Flowers Blue Combi (4 colours) (2/ card ) AEFFB20

Hair Elastic Fluffy Ball Assorti (2/ card ) AEFB15

Hair Elastic Felt Star Fuchsia, Red, Pink (2/card) AFSE15

Hair Elastic Funky Flowers Assorti (4 colours) (2/card) AEFA20

Hair Elastic Button Fuchsia, Aqua, Pink (2/card) ABDE15 34

Hair Ribbon Double Pink Hearts & Blue Flowers AHED16

Hair Ribbon Single Folklore Black & Pink AHRS16

Hair Elastic Ladybird (2/card) AEL15

Hair Elastic Pompons Multicolour (1/card) AEP15

Felt Hairband Butterfly & Flowers FHBUT12

Hair Elastic Fluor Flower Lime & Hot Pink (2/card) AFFHE14

Hair Elastic Daisy Assorted Fuchsia & Light Blue (2/card) AHBD14 Please note that we reduced the quantities of the packagings for several hair accessories. Check the pricelist for more information.

Toilet Bag Jazzy B Fuchsia & Light Blue (21X20 cm.) PJB8

Felt Hairband Roses Fuchsia/Pink FHBR12 35

Bags AND


Gymbag Predators (33x35 cm) GBP8 36

Swimbag Pink/Orange SB4106

Bag City Coral Red and Grey Blue (29x32 cm) BGCI8

Swimbag Orange/Pink SB8106

These gym bags have a protective lining inside, especially designed for damp clothing & other damp items.

Swimbag Blue/Green SB5506

Backpack Blue/Orange BP5504

Backpack Pink/Lime BP4104

Backpack Orange/Pink BP8104

Backpack Green/Blue BP7104 37

Swimbag Green/Blue SB7106

Kitty Bag (19,5x16,5 cm.) BK10

Backpack Red Crazy Cat (30x26 cm.) BPC3104

Backpack Red Plane (30x26 cm.) BPP3104

Backpack Aqua Racecar (30x26 cm.) BPR5404

Girlie Bag ZZ with Lining Fuchsia, Pink and Yellow (19.5x20cm) BGZZ12

Felt Key Rings Country FKCO39

Felt Key Rings Vehicles FKVE36

Keyring Peru Multicolours KRP10 38

Felt Keyring Iconic Icons: Holland FKH40


Felt Garland Elephants (+/- 250cm) FGE6

Felt Garland Stars (+/- 250cm) FGS6

Felt Garland Flowers Funky (+/- 250cm) FGFF6

Felt Garland Flowers Pastel (+/- 250cm) FGFP6 40

Felt Flag Happy Birthday Train (400 cm.) FFHBT6 It’s the giftbag that counts! Our new Felt Garlands, the ‘Happy Birthday Train’ and new Flags are packed in a nice bag made for biodegradable PU.

Felt Flag Hiep Hiep Hoera (400 cm.) FFFHIEP6

Felt Flag Happy Birthday (400 cm.) FFH6

Partybag Graphic Jungle PGJ12

Flag Multicolour (450 cm.) FLM6

Flag Pink Combination (450 cm.) FL4026 41

Flag Blue Combination (450 cm.) FL5406

Partybag Graphic Predators PGP12


Felt Party Medals Nr.1 (with safety pin) FPM48

Wooden Maracas Circus Pink and Blue (incl. displaybox) WMA12

Tambourines WTA12

Partybag Jeans Predators PJP12

Felt Party Crown Girls (adj.) With separate numbers FCG10

Felt Party Crown Boys (adj.) With separate numbers FCB10 43

Felt Party Rosettes Boys (with safety pin) FPRB48

Felt Party Rosettes Girls (with safety pin) FPRG48

Apron Kitchen Fun (height ± 46cm) AKF12

Apron Painting Fun (height ± 44 cm) APF12 44


lights Lamp XL Diamond (diam 40 cm.) LXLD6

Lamp Flower Big (diam 26 cm.) LFB6

Lamp Mushroom (diam 26 cm.) LMA6

Lamp Air Traffic (diam. 26 cm.) Three different sides to these lovely lamps LAT6

Lamp Owl (diam. 26 cm.) LOA6

Fittings (pendel) not included. Pendel for Lamp Basic White PFL6


Custom made Working together with partners At Global Affairs, we love to collaborate with our partners. We like to design our own products, but we like creating special items for you just as much. We can add just your label to customize a bib, or we can design a whole new product for you like the plane coatrack for the Rijksmuseum. Please let us know what your special wishes are and we will create something custom-made, just for you.

Metal keyrack with box for Rijksmuseum

Here are some of our partners: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Artis Royal Zoo Het Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam Mercis BV (Miffy) TTS group, United Kingdom

Felt Hanging Nijntje (Miffy)

Contact us by sending an e-mail to: to find out more.

OFFICE TEAM Annette Klein Bog

Ilanit Schoon - Welling

Marije Couprie

About 20 years ago, Annette travelled to India and China regularly and enjoyed it very much. Her love for these countries and the bright & vibrant colours used by both Chinese and Indian craftsmen inspired her to start Global Affairs.

You will often see Ilanit at the trade fairs, especially in Germany as she loves to speak German. She answers all customers’ questions with a big smile and takes care of their orders. She is always thinking of new concepts for custom made items for museums, shops, events and more.

The creative one, she is always searching for new ideas for products. She is also the stylist of our trade fair booths and of the next catalog. Marije is inspired by the simple things in life and always manages to turn nothing into something.

Founder and multi-tasker

An engaged entrepreneur, she is always curious and interested in history, new initiatives, stories, food and more. Everything inspires her, even the small things in life, she is the engine behind Global Affairs. Nowadays, Global Affairs develops and produces colourful interior accessories and children’s’ toys. Designs are made in the Amsterdam office and sent abroad for production.

Account- & our optimist projectmanager

As a true “Amsterdammer” she considers Artis (Amsterdam Zoo) an extension of her back garden and she cycles on her bike, with a big basket in front.


Stylist and ‘the rock’ of Global Affairs

Curious? You can meet Marije at the Maison & Objet Trade Fair in Paris.

General information Safety& information new item

item on sale

rattle inside

not suitable under 3 years old

suitable from 6 months

musical device inside

All our items meet the European safety standards. All toys are safe from 0+ All our products are tested by SGS. The worlds leading and authorized organisation for testing and certification. EN-71 part 1 Mechanical and physical properties EN-71 part 2 Flammability of toys EN-71 part 3 Migration of certain elements AZO free All our fabrics are tested and noticed as AZO free. This means all our fabrics are non toxic and safe for little children. Please note that: This catalogue is for reference only. The actual colours of the products may differ slightly from the original ones.


All our items do have individual barcodes. Do you want to receive an overview of the barcodes? Please send an e-mail to:

Distributor Belgium La Pachamama Isabelle Steenebruggen T: +32.(0)476512633

Distributor Japan Enfant Co. Ltd Kimiko Matsumoto T: +81 3 5371 3328

Distributor Italy LM Cards Massimiliano Chiari T: +  39.039.6076506 or +39.335.6085141

Distributor UK and Ireland Bookspeed Fiona Stout T: +44 (0)131 4678100

Ordering online

You can place your order on our website Once you have registered you will receive your login details. You can also place your order by mail. Check our website for our most up-to-date collection. This catalogue does not contain any prices. See our separate price list for more information. Office | Bureau | Buero Global Affairs BV Tesselschadestraat 5 1054 ET Amsterdam The Netherlands T: +31 (0)20 4124503 F :+31 (0)20 6838171 BTW | VAT | TVA | MWST NL8504.50.603B01

Agent France Laurence Delacotte T: +33 661091194 (75,banlieue parisienne , 18 et 58)

Agents The Netherlands West-Nederland: Billy Brown agenturen Hanneke Melsen T: +31 (0)6-24882395

Banking Details ABN AMRO Apollolaan 171, Amsterdam Accountname: Global Affairs BV Accountnumber: BIC: ABN ANL 2a IBAN: NL74ABNA0499882326

Oost-Nederland: Marloes agenturen Marloes Brans T: +31 (0)6-24870519


TICA | Cash & Carry Randweg 155, Uithoorn Oranje Hal A11/A13 Credits We would like to give thanks to FrĂŠderique, James, Silver, Kiki and Mark; our wonderful models! Graphic design: Lucie Lausin Photography: Rolinda Windhorst Styling : Marije Couprie

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