the hamelin´s sparrow

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upon a time, Hamelin, a little

village, was full of mice. The mice stole the citizen´s food, so they wanted to condemn the mice, and they called a young wizard that could do a potion with a red rose for condemn them. But there was a problem: In the village there was a sparrow and it was a very good friend of the mice and it didn´t want the mice to go away. 1


the sparrow had to think a

plan: it must destroy all the red roses, and in this way, the wizard couldn´t do the pocion.

The sparrow couldn´t do it alone, so it decided to call all the children with its song. It led them to the only rose garden in the village, and the children play in it without careful, and destroy it.


But there was a girl called Aria that was so crafty and she kept two roses: one for the wizard and the other one for herself. The next day, Aria gave one rose to the wizard, and he could do the potion. It was a potion that repelled mice. The wizard poured the potion in Hamelin and the mice ran away.


When the sparrow heard the notice,

it felt sad. When the girl saw it, she decided to give her rose to be its friend because it was alone without the mice. And were happily ever after.