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Release  date:  April  19,  2010    


Poll:  Americans  want  new  era  in  U.S.  relations  with  Cuba  


Most  Americans  believe  the  U.S.  should  improve  its  long-­strained  relationship  with  Cuba,     re-­establish  full  diplomatic  relations  with  the  island  nation,  allow  U.S.  companies  to  do     business  there,  and  end  the  U.S.  ban  prohibiting  most  Americans  from  visiting  Cuba,     according  to  a  CBB-­Insider  Advantage  poll.    

Key  survey  findings:    

Should  the  U.S.  re-­establish  full  diplomatic  relations  with  Cuba?   Support  full  relations      58%   Oppose  full  relations      33%   No  opinion            9%       Should  the  U.S.  allow  all  U.S.  citizens  to  travel  to  Cuba?     Allow  travel  to  Cuba        61%   Prohibit  travel  to  Cuba        25%   No  opinion        14%       Should  the  U.S.  allow  American  companies  to  do  business  in  Cuba?   Allow  business        57%   Prohibit  business        30%   No  opinion        13%  



The  telephone  IVR  poll,  conducted  April  15,  has  a  margin  of  error  of  ±  5%  (N=401  adults   nationwide).    The  survey  is  weighted  for  age,  race,  gender,  and  political  affiliation.    Detailed     poll  results  with  crosstabs  are  available  upon  request.    

Cuba  Business  Bureau  provides  U.S.-­based  companies  with  unrivaled  insight  into  Cuba's   marketplace  and  business  opportunities.    CBB's  subscription  information  service  provides   exclusive  reports  on  and  from  Cuba.    The  service  also  reports  on  Cuba-­related  U.S.   developments.    CBB's  separate  consulting  service  provides  companies  with  customized     analysis  and  advice.    

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Poll: Americans want new era in U.S. relations with Cuba