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“There are always flowers for those who wants to see them�

-Henri Matisse

Floral Versace Corporate and market profile


ersace is an Italian fashion company, which was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace. It all started in 1972 Gianni Versace moved to Milan and started to design his first collection for Callaghan, Genny and Complice. Subsequently he decided to open his own store in Milan and in 1978 he launched his first woman collection “Versace Donna”. Then he starts to do his advertisings campaigns with the photographer Richard Avedon. At the same time Gianni Versace who was a big fan of Theater collaborated with many presentation doing the customs dresses for different operas, and theatres; such as Donizettis don pasquale, Bob Wilson salome, Doktor Faust, several Bejart Ballets, Dionysos, Leda and the swan, Chaka Zulu, and for the Scala theatre. The Orton dress that was based on metal chain decorations had a big success, which was presented at the Paris opera. Due to this fact on 1985 Gianni Versace won his first silver mask award for the contribution to theater. The first decade of Versace exhibition was held on the 1986, and the ”grande medaille de vermil de la ville de paris” was awarded

for the first time to him as a fashion designer. In the same year he launch his first couture collection and also opened an atelier in Paris On 1992 Versace Gianni designs all the stage costumes for Elton John world tour, and album cover. Another important step during those years was the appearance of Elizabeth Hurley in the red carpet in 1994 with the safety pin dress, this factor made the awareness of Versace grow, and also consider them as a feminine and sexy brand. Afterwards new brands apear the children’s line “young Versace” and versus, aiming to reach the younger fashion enthusiasts. On 1996 the Versace’s casa Casuarina won a prize for the best renovation work in Miami. All these achievements where shown by the award of American fashion Oscar and also exhibitions many universities like FIT and others… 1997 was a terrible date for the brand, since Cunacan killed Gianni Versace in July. After that occurrence her sister Donatella who was already designing accessories took the power on the company. Subsequently there were collaborations with a cancer research program and with De-Beers Company. 1

Current Situation What is happening to the brand today?

IN 2000 they opened a 6 star resort in Australia. They won the “Fashion” Bambi award (2004), and also they became the face factor for the breast health institute international advertising campaign for promoting the breast health awareness and prevention. Later on Versace and Donatella are awarded by the city of Beverly Hills for their contributions to the world of fashion and entertainment. Also as a brand they started to work harder in the “Versace design” area that was focuses on interior design for cars, private jets, helicopters, exclusive clubs, common areas and residential apartments.


Donatella receives the best designer of the year from GQ Germany, and likewise won the “Superstar award” by the fashion group internationals.

worldwide at Versace boutiques as a charity product (10% of the proceeds from the sales were donated to de Versace foundation)

On 2008 Versace sponsored the charity gala in NY, and collaborated with children centers in China for psychological post trauma relief; the program was based on create a global initiative at providing needy children in China and also in the United States, they also did a campaign with them that consisted in giving canvas to the children, let them draw and be creative with the tools provided with a “friendship” view, later on each child work was post into TOTE bags which where sold

In 2010 the art of “Elysium”, a Non profit organization that helps children that are battling with serious medical conditions, reached Versace and did the event named “Bright Lights” centered on the support of Versus, Donatella Versace, and Christopher Kane. 2012: H&M Collaboration. Today is one of the most known fashion houses in the world. With a revenue of 3402 million $.


Versace 2013

• Versace myth: “Is what makes the brand name world famous, it is centered on the idea of world of fashion, glamour and sexiness. The myth comes back from 1978, when the company was created”

• Legacy: Gianni Versace the owner was an essential person in the architecture of the modern fashion place in the popular culture, combining fashion with Rock and roll, art, celebrity, theatre and ballet.

• Family Vision: The Company is a family owned brand, and wants to maintain with the same ideals. Donatella is vice president of the board and creative director of the Versace group since his brother death, and his older brother Santo Versace became the CEO. The daughter of Donatella, Allegra also owns 50% of the company since 2004. • Advertising: They use photographic campaigns that contribute to the unique visual style of Versace.


The Versace Products “Versace designs luxury clothing, accessories, home furnishings and makeup” It cores in 9 segments – 1.Alteiler: “Exclusive and glamorous” here


predominates the evening dresses and all the garments that require a handwork. The celebrities that cares about this collection are; Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Kidman, Claudia Schieffer, and Penelope Cruz. 2. Women: This collection is known by the combination of glamour and elegance; it’s soled in all the Versace stores and also in multi and department stores. 3. Men: Versace Menswear is built around impeccable tailoring and boasts innovative design details. 4. Accessories: Versace has a big range of them to complement all their clothing collections, including bags, shoes, scarves, and belts. 5. Fragrances: Versace creates luxury perfumes and also colognes for both men and women, the fragrances are full of character. The most famous one was the latest venitas one. 6. Eyewear: products with a technical, distinctive and stylish design. 7. Watches: Since 1994, focused on aesthetic models, with an Italian style and a Swiss made and technology. They are also known because of their ceramics on the goods. 8. Jewelry: Launched since 1994 by the creator. Versace Jewelry is able in all the boutiques, exclusive jewelry retailers, and the Versace Jewelry store in Dubai. In this segment there where collaborations with known artists like; Julian

Schnabel, Marc Quinn, and Wanfechi Mutu.These collaboration was with the aim of raising money for the Whiney Museum in NY. 9. Home Collection: Opened since 2008. This line tries to combine classical antiquity and innovative modernity.

Versace Lines: 1. VC: Started since 1991, has products with a formal and fashionable style. This line has the Medusa logo as a distinction image. 2. Versus: This line was born with Gianni Versace inspired by the Rock ’n’ Roll spirit. In this line Donatella receives help from the British designer Christopher Kane. 3. The other lines: based in the 9 segments above are: Versace Couture, Versace Sports, Versace Home, Versace Jeans Couture.


Other acquisitions 1. Palazzo: “The palazzo Versace�, the one that opened in Australia, was the first hotel to be branded by an international luxury company. This resort is a 6 star place, where tourists and travellers, have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the Versace lifestyle. With the showed success they opened a new one at Dubai in 2011.

2. Lamborghini Murcielago Versace: Lamborghini agreed to make the first ever-designer car in the world, it was based in a a white exterior Lamborghini and the interior was all about black rims, at the front one can see the versace logo. 3. Versace Mobile Phone: The idea was create a luxury media, that was likewise exclusive and unique. The result was a sapphire-crystal touch screen in a variety of colors from hot pink, bright red to grey, and also black. The cost of the product is about 5600$ to 16000$ depending of the finidhings and trims added. Its also available in stainless steel or solid gold. The interior softwear was produced by LG technology.


Inspiration >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Target Market

“We like to have clothes that are floral trendy and unique�


or women that are confident, stylish, and the ones that enjoy looking both sexy and feminine at the same time. People will be able to find floral items and also modern and trendy setting styles.


Consumer facts The target market for the flower versace will be: • Sex: female • Region: Europe - Urban side • Primary target age: from 18 to 25 • Secondary target age: from 25 to 38 • Profession: Students or workwomen • Social status: High social status • Life stage: Independent adults, or family stage • Type of house: Big house or pent houses • Salary: enough to buy a floral versace • Shopping drivers: quality and design • The style of our consumers: modern and trendy. • Place they normally buy: department stores like Corte Ingles, and independent stores at passeig de gracia. • Buying motivation: Our consumers are trend buyers; they will acquire our products each time there is a novety. • Attitudes towards shopping: Buy more on new seassons. • Media: They read fashion magazine, gossip magazines, follows celebrties’ trends and are active in social media. • Favorite shops: Prada, Balmain, Dolce and Gabbana • Service expected: very well attended


ers ear V

, tw Coy a s h o l t r , Ca ople r e u k p a ncé, Sh ous o c m y a e a F , Tup se, B n o h R o J , Axle y Elton e l pez r u o L H r h bet nnife e J , Eliza iana D s s e Princ ga. a G Lady d n a






The photoshoot will be in a salt flat called el Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. We will start to take the images just when the sunset is going down...


“Th ick br ow eye in” s a re 1) Hilary Rhoda 2) Crystal Reen 3) Lili Collins 4) Isabel Lucas

Photographer >>>>>>>>>>> Mario Testino


Admiring the style >>>>>>>>


lowers and bright colors are the it color for 2014, no one can argue with that.

So as we care for our consumers and we want to provide something unique for them we decided to do something very spirational and cheerful. “Our Floral Versace collection� The style for this collection is a mix of flowers, with sober and light colors as the second picture below. We where inspired by the kitsh element that are based in mass produced art, using cultural icons and a lot of embelishments. We where also inspired by the beautiful Frida Kahlo making this collection a result of kitsh and mexican culture. Versace is happy to say that its something that will blow your mind away, something that no one has seen before and something that will make your summer more fun and bright!




Makeup and Hair





he Idea for the make up, is going to be simple and chick, light shadows and dark lips. And also the eyebrows of the models are going to be thicken and as a result will give a certain strenght as a whole to the pictures. Regarding to the hair te idea is to incorporate the idea of the collection into it. So flowers it is.... Putting some in a messy and femenine way, will express our collection message Brides will also be a style for the photoshoots.





• Madness fuccia pants

• Rose shorts

• Sky belly shirt

• Tree shirt


Be Flawless

• Petal jacket

• Tulip blouse

• Petal pants

• Nature pants



Mini- Site



“That is the key of this collection, being yoursel. Dont be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and by the way you live”

- Gianni Versace


Sources >>>>>>>>

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Floral Versace  

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