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foreword g Welcome to M, the newest fashion and music magazine to hit the shelves. M is the only style and music manifesto filled with exclusive interviews from up and coming singers and bands as well as the latest trends to hit the catwalk. We are here to fulfill your every fashion and music need. Our unique 7� record sized magazine brings music history into the future as well as being the only magazine of its type. Vinyl has always had its A and B side, so we have decided to make M into a double sided magazine. We have both fashion and music covers so read from front to back or back to front and you’ll still get great content, seamlessly mixed for you viewing pleasure! Make your way through our content with the A and B playlists. As well as all this content, each issue comes with a specially designed record sleeve to keep your hard copy in perfect condition as well as an ode to Vinyl. Each issue will feature the latest in womens and mens fashion and beauty trends in our style section as well as interviews from a fashion stylist with tips for the season and an up close and personal interviews with musicians. M will be available on a bi-monthly basis in print, online and as an iBook. For more info check out our website at

fashion + music = m The first issue of M is here. M is a fashion and music collaboration here to rock your world. Here at M we wanted to try something different so our magazine is the size of a 7” record, our tribute to music history. With the first issue out this July, we’ve got summer covered with the top 5 European Music Festivals you can’t afford to miss (A), as well as your wardrobe for when you get there. Get the low down on up and coming Menswear Designers to watch in 2011 with ‘Spotlight’ (B) as well as an interview with the man behind the success of Oasis and The Verve, Brian Cannon (B). Meet Mrs Jones, stylist and designer to the likes of Kylie and Madonna (A), get to know up and coming singer-songwriters like Jay Norton (A) and Janiece Myers (B) as well as much much more. Along with all this content, every issue comes in a record sleeve to keep it looking great. As well as the hard copy, you can view M online at our website or download it as an iBook to read on your iPhone or iPad. We are bringing fashion and music together seamlessly so enjoy our first issue of M, the style and music manifesto you need to read.

M.Constantinou Editor-in-Chief

playlist a Interview:Lander Khadel

Interview:Jay Norton


The Death of Analogue


Top 5 European Festivals

Fashion Story: Dancing in the Shadows

Fashion Story: Jelly on a Plate

60 Seconds with Mrs Jones

Fashion Story:Block Party

Interview:Kimi O’neill


60 Seconds with LCB

Mens Style

56 Postcards from NYC


Interview:Brian Cannon



A day in the life of an X Factor Contestant


Fashion Story:Fields of Barley

Womens Style


Interview:Janice Myers

A-Z of Festival Fashion

Are you a Beliber?

Fashion Story:Head On

Mens Style

Womens Beauty

Interview:Dan Audio



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the future is here Meet Lander Khadel, Rapper, Music Producer and Director, all at just 21. Discover the man behind the name in this exclusive interview with M. How did the name Lander Khadel come about? When I was young I was given a nickname by my cousin from the film Highlander, you know the one with the swords. We used to do some crazy stuff when we were kids in Brixton, we used to fight each other in full Poweranger suits. Our imagination was all over the place! I dropped the High and Lander kind of stuck. Then about 3 years ago I found long lost family in Canada and went out to meet them. I met one of the kids out there and he looked just like me. I don’t have a little brother or anything and it was like seeing me. His name was Kahdel, so I changed the letters around to make it Khadel. So putting it together was like he was the future and Lander was like the lunar landing so it means the future is here.

So you write about your personal experiences? Yeah, I always write from experience. I think it doesn’t work when you haven’t experienced it. It feels forced and I don’t think art should be forced, no matter what you do. It should be honest. For me, the music has to be emotive, is has to be powerful, that’s what I’m after. You also produce music videos? Yeah I do, It all started at school with photography. I had a great teacher and he really got me into the world of photography and got me going to galleries. Since then I kept it up, eve while at uni. I just kept going with it. Then my dad would start talking to me about making music videos because they are so expensive. I paid to have a music video done, and we just talked about the mechanics of it. I think we realised that we could do something just as good ourselves. I picture everything! Even when I’m writing, I picture the visuals, the performance and how to tie in the imagery. Its exciting. I’ve shot roughly 12 videos and have learnt so much from it. Its about trial and error, sometimes I think, “Wow that looks dope” so I keep it in.

“To me music is like a conversation, what does it say to me?”

Where do you start looking for inspiration when writing? I’m a songwriter first and foremost but I’m a producer as well. Most of the music has been handed to me.To me music is like a conversation, I try to have a conversation with the music. What does the music say to me? Mostly the inspiration comes from the music, I project what I’ve learnt or where I’ve been onto it.

You’ve also collaborated with loads of different artists, how does the collaboration process work for the both of you? Well everyone is different. So in terms of collaborations, it’s never been the same working with each different person.


There isn’t one specific way or one specific structure that works every time. I’ve done tracks with Nathan Duvall and I’ve seen him create beats from his memory. Its just really different each time. I think it’s a case of talking and finding out where we are coming from because it is about communication and conversation.

you feedback instantly. For the old school mentality who are used to creating a physical product, I think they are relying on novelty to keep them going. I still buy mixtapes on the streets to support so I’ve got a big mixtape stash. You have to move with the times constantly, the digital revolution is here.

Who would you love to work with in the future?

What about the content for tracks, rap gets a bad name for all of its sex, money and cars references?

Kanye West - Not only has he mastered sampling, which in my eyes is already an art form in itself, he has some of the cleverest lines in rap full stop. His imagery and lyrics fit so well together. Pharell Williams is another incredible composer, I love to do a fashion collaboration with him. Lupe Fiasco is another.They are all top of their game.There are a few other collaborations I’d love to do, but not sure if they would ever come about. I’d love to do a song with Korn. They are one of my favourite bands, I listen to them everyday. I’ve done 2 new singles with Corey Gibbons (mastermind behind dance track “You gottta show me love”), really dance records with a rap element to it. I just want to create something good, that will be remembered and cherished! How would you describe your style? Do you have your own style and then something different for when you’re on stage? I dress the same pretty much everywhere I go. I guess you could call it me, Lander Khadel, but other people would probably call it urban, I love streetwear. I’m sponsored by Ichiban Clothing and they are one of my favourite brands. G-shock watches are great as well. Do you feel that as music technology has progressed you have less of a physical thing to handle and give to people? It’s really shifted, technology has moved on and now everything is instantly accessable. People can get the newest music without stepping out of their house. There’s alway pros and cons with this. For the hard working artist it’s brilliant, you can reach your fans instantly, and they can give

It’s not great but at the same time I probably know that 50% of the time that’s what they are thinking about, sex, cars and money. I know that I think about that too, but not as much as I think about thinking. So I’d rather create something that portrays how I really am and how I really feel. Any Tattoos? I’ve got one on the left of my chest where my heart it, it’s going to sound cliche but it means a lot to me. The text says Manassa 89, which is my grandfathers name, RIP, and 89 is my birth year, so in 2009 the day after my birthday I got the tattoo done, it symbolizes understanding of my fathers and my grandfathers life. Knowledge is power. What’s next for you? So there is this Irish rock band called “The Blizzard” and when they disbanded the lead singer came over here and I was introduced through a friends. Anyway we made a couple of really good records and I’m not sure how it happened but I ended up featuring on a track on his debut album which should drop later in the year. I’m on a track called ‘Colour Blind Stereo’. Its really indie, pop with an Irish twist and rap. Next on my list is to create an album that I am proud of beginning to end. I’ve put out mixtapes where I love somethings more than other so I want to make an album that I know my family and friends will love and understand and play for a while.

Blog Facebook Lander Khadel Twitter @lander_khadel

Image: Lander Khadel Clothing: Ichiban and Red Cups

europe’s top 5 festivals Summer is here and what better way to celebrate than a trip to one of Europe’s best Musical Festivals. Here at M we have put together our top 5 worth visiting in the summer months.

Sziget Festival, Hungary This annual rock festival has created a name for itself as the biggest and best rock festival in Europe. Held on the scenic Obudai Island on the Danube, Sziget attracts thousands from all over Europe to this 5 day festival in August (10th-15th), with over 1,000 performances including some from the likes of The Chemical Brothers, Interpol and Crystal Castles across its numerous stages. This event isn’t just about music, there are lots of other activities available including rowing, a kick about on the island’s football pitch and many more. Don’t forget to do some sightseeing while in one of the most up and coming European Cities while at Sziget Festival. For more information about tickets and acts visit Exit, Serbia This annual Serbian summer festival takes place this year between the 7th and 10th of July. Held in the Petrovaradin Fortress of Novi Sad, this festival’s ever growing popularity attracts household names to the bill this year including Arcade Fire, Pulp, Jamiroquai. Used as a platform for political and social messages it has substance as well as good music. Festival goers can actually download tracks from bands playing for free via their website so they never forget their Exit experience. For tickets and more info visit


Ibiza Rocks, Ibiza This year’s Ibiza Rocks is set to be the biggest and best yet. Starting in July and continuing through to September, this festival is set to be showcasing some of the biggest names in music right now, including the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Friendly Fires, Tinie Tempah, Chase & Status, who are returning after successful sets in the last few years and new comers including The Vaccines, Brother, Labrinth and Katy B. With more acts still to be confirmed this year’s Ibiza Rocks is set to be unforgettable. For tickets and more info visit Benicassim, Spain Spain’s no. 1 festival Benicassim is back this year with a bang. This 4 day festival is on this year between the 14th and 17th of July and held in Benicassim on the east coast of Spain between Valencia and Barcelona. This festival is a must for sun, sea, sand and good music. With acts confirmed including the Arctic Monkeys, Elbow, Friendly Fires and Primal Scream, this 4 day weekender promises to live up to the hype. With extra acts being confirmed in the run up to the festival, tickets are still available for purchase at Oxegen, Ireland If you don’t fancy heading to Eastern Europe, head over the Irish sea for the ever popular Oxegen Festival. At one of the biggest commercial festivals in Europe see some of the hottest acts of 2011 play including Jessie J, The Script, The Black Eyed Peas, Plan B and Deadmau5 to name just a few. Held at Punchestown Race Course and spanning 3 days over the 8th-10th July, get your camping tickets and more info at

m and mrs jones

Image: Mrs Jones

60 seconds with fashion designer and stylist to the stars mrs jones What made you decide to become a fashion designer while in your mid twenties? I always made my own clothes, since I was a kid, so did my Mum and Grandma, It’s in the blood! What was the first article of clothing you ever designed? A turquoise all in one shorts thing, was just a big square with a belt around it. I went out on a date and couldn’t sit down all night....then I learnt about the crotch. Who is the most exciting person you’ve worked with to date? Got to be Kylie, though they are all fun. You’ve worked with everyone from Kylie to The Scissor Sister to Madonna. How do the musicians you work with inspire the pieces you create for them? I have to get into the music first then imagine them on stage. I ask them lots of questions too, what they like, films, images etc. Do you think starting up a stall in Portobello Market in the 1990’s was the turning point in your career? Of course, you learn what sells and how to deal with people. Which of your pieces are you most proud of? The Kylie catsuit though I am proud of all my work. How would you define your personal style? Rock Craft. What’s next for you? A collection for Asos.


block party Photography and Styling M.Constantinou Model A.Cumberbatch


Purple Draped Dress/Anna Designs/£135, Silver Bracelet/Margaret Mims/Price on Request, Orange Belt/H&M/£2.99, Green Belt/Mango/£19.99, Yellow Belt/New Look/£3.99

Yellow Blouse/ Topshop/£35, Pink Palazzo Pants/ Urban Outfitters/£44.99, Bracelet/Zara/£7.99, Earrings/Topshop/£12

Dress/River Island/£69.99, Necklace/Margaret Mims/Price on Request/Yellow Belt/New Look/£3.99, Bracelet/ Tatty Devine/£19

White Blazer/River Island/£79.99, Blue Blouse/Miss Selfridge/£32, Yellow Shorts/River Island/£24.99, Blue Bracelet/ New Look/£4.99 Earrings/Beyond Retro,/£4.99

Haematite Necklace/Margaret Mims/Price on Request, Pink Scarf/Accesorize/£14.99, Green Trousers/New Look/£28.99

Pink Playsuit/Topshop/£50, Cuff/ Margaret Mims/Price on Request, Bracelet/Asos/£12, Belt/H&M/£9.99

J Meet Jay Norton, Scouse singing/songwriting phenomenon. Born and bred in Liverpool, his eclectic mix of electro beats, soulful voice and cheeky lyrics make him one to watch for 2011. Working alongside industry insiders he is making a name for himself from the inside out. We talk to Jay about music, his home town and his guilty pleasure for Hanson I’m most inspired when it’s passed 9pm. My genre is ... I’ll tell you when I figure it out. My major influences are things that happen around me. In ten years time I would like to be still making music I 100% believe in. My biggest achievement so far is oddly managing the half-marathon last year, which is completely music unrelated, but it took so much effort! I’m most relaxed when listening to William Orbit ‘Hello Waveforms’. The things I love about my home town Liverpool are the humour, the docks & the tight knit music community.


What’s the magic formula for success? Very much still climbing a long ladder, but I’d say dedication and hard-work with what you do, and a good demeanor toward life and people will get you a lot further than working halfarsed and having a smelly attitude. First cd you ever bought? I can’t remember the first CD I ever bought, but I remember the first CD I was ever given - and that was Hanson ‘Middle Of Nowhere’. God I loved that album when I was given it. I could probably still recite every single lyric. I don’t know if there’s shame to be had there?!... Is there a battle of the sexes in music? Who’s winning? Swings and roundabouts - the year of 2011 appears to belong to the girls with Adele, Jessie J leading the pack sittin’ pretty on the top of the charts. Big comebacks from Lady Gaga and Britney Spears too... We’ve yet to have a big boy vs. girl race for the top so far this year actually! Which song do you wish you had written and why? Hard! There’s a few... Robyn - ‘Be Mine’ ...Arctic Monkeys ‘I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor’... And I think Take That ‘Never Forget’, though I reckon that one is probably the only one of the 3 I couldn’t ever listen to a cover of, feels very symbolic of a specific time in their career if that makes sense?!...

How does the writing process work for you? Do you write from personal experience? With me, occasionally its personal experience, but I just think there are only so many times you can write about the same things before it gets borings. Sometimes I start writing about things I see in life or on TV. I might start with something a bit more obscure which is not necessary as relatable to everyone, but I make sure that I bring it back to a level where people can understand and relate to the lyrics. How would you describe your personal style? Scruffy! I like clashing things, not like multicoloured clashing, more like different styles, so it could be a retro t-shirt with some kind of motif on it, maybe with a baseball jacket and hightops. People will hate me for saying this, but I’m not one of these people that needs things super clean, I don’t mind things being a bit scruffy, a bit mix match! Does that link with your personality? (Laughs) Yes, I’m a completely scatty. I like to be a bit more carefree about what I’m wearing, if I like it, its goes it my wardrobe. Whats next for you? A mix tape or sample release out in July. Writing is also a really big focus at the moment so a lot more writing for different artists and getting my music out there.

Twitter: @jaynortonmusic Website:

dancing in the shadows Photography and Styling M.Constantinou Model J.Bentick

Dress/Biancha Samuel/Price on Request


Playsuit and Socks/Amy Addison/Price on Request

Skirt and Shirt/Amy Addison/ Price on Request

Dress/Amy Addison/ Price on Request

Shirt, Skirt and Socks/Amy Addison/ Price on Request

Bustier and Trousers/Amy Addison/Price on Request

Bustier, Skirt and Jacket/Amy Addison/Price on Request

kimi o’neill Stylist to the likes of Paloma Faith, Jessie J and Dannii Minogue, we meet Kimi O’Neill for some spring summer fashion tips What made you want to get into styling and fashion and why? I always wanted to be in the fashion industry. I wanted to be a designer but I couldn’t Pattern cut to save my life. I went to work in Matches in Nottinghill and gave myself the title Press Assistant. I met all the stylists who came in and started assisting a stylist who looked after Atomic Kitten and Emma Bunton at the time. Which is your favourite shoot you’ve worked on to date and why? Ever time I shoot it brings something new and exciting and I’m constantly evolving. But the one which is the most special is my Animal Story I did with Alice Hawkins. We travelled around LA and Vegas for 2 weeks and went to the Playboy Mansion, met old showgirls in Vegas who had the best stories, hung out with Alice Cooper.   It was the most amazing thing I have ever done. It was 30 pages in POP magazine which was the best feeling ever. 

Which musician you would most like to work with and why? Cher but young Cher. Her stage outfits are beyond amazing. She wasn’t afraid to experiment and risk looking ridiculous. I take a lot of inspiration from her. I would like to shoot Lindsay Lohan, Britney, Pamela Anderson.  Which other stylists do you admire and why? Carine Roitfeld, Katie Grand, Nicola Formichetti all amazing and at the top of their field.    What are your top 5 trend tips for S/S 11? Lots of Spots,Acid Brights, Block Colouring, Lace and Floral. I’m liking everything done bold. More is definitely better.  How would you describe your personal style? Quite Tomboy. I love jeans and t-shirts but with Big Ass shoes, I’m 5’1” so like huge heels.  I wish I had more money to afford the pieces that I love.   In an ideal world I would only wear Givenchy, Chloe, Louis Vuitton, Moschino, Miu Miu, and Prada. But in actual fact I wear Topshop, H&M, Acne and Vintage.  Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Who knows, I would like to start a label. I also design lampshades and would love to get that from ideas to actual product. I want to still be styling but just bigger and better. 

What inspires your styling?

What’s next for you?

Everything. You can find it in the oddest of places. I watch a lot of films and love music. I constantly take pictures of things that inspire me and go from there. It also depends on my mood.

A fashion video with a horse which I’m very excited about and another Video for Volt with a ballerina. I have meeting with a new artist from Polydor records to work on their look.


Website Images: Kimi O’Neill

Boat Shoes/Topman/£35

Lace up Pumps/New Look/£15

Patterned Flipflops/H&M/£2.99

Patterned Pumps/River Island/£24.99

blue suede shoes Summer is coming so here is this issue’s Mens Style Guide. Packed full of this seasons must haves including shoes, sunglasses and tees, get your wardrobe bang up to date with M this July. Lace up Trainers/Lacoste/£49.99

tee rex

Get your summer wardrobe sorted down to a tee with this season’s boldest Music Tees. We’ve picked the top 4 for girls and guys so pick your favourite

41 Rolling Stones/Amplified/£25 M.J/New Look/£19.99 The Who/Topshop/£25 Lady Gaga/Amplified/£25

Pause/River Island/£14.99


Boombox/Topshop/£16 Kiss/Amplified/£25








h ops rs/T


far Way

Wayfare rs


W ay f















Don’t forget this seasons essenstials including the perfect pair of sunnies

Aviat o


All the bits and bobs you need for that last minute boys holiday Top to Botom: Rucksack/New Look/£15.99, Hat/H&M/£7.99, Wallet/Fred Perry/£60, Shirt/Topshop/££28, T-shirt/Topshop/£14.99, Shorts/Urban Outfitters/£29.99, Map/A-Z/£14.99, Flip Flops/Burton/£2.99, iPhone 4/Apple/£499, Sunglasses/Primark/£2, Headphones/Sony/£34.99, Pack of Cards/WHSmiths/£1.99, Espadrilles/Urban Outfitters/£4.99



THE DEATH OF ANALOGUE Are CDs on the way out? Is digital the only way forward? We debate the pros and cons of the digital age

As downloads are on the up, are CD’s on the way out like their predecessor Vinyl? Vinyl’s popularity grew throughout the ’50’s all the way until the early ’80’s when cassettes became the most popular format for buying music up until the ’90’s. CD’s were soon to come into play and over took cassettes as they were slowly outlawed. Now downloads are on the up, is the end of music in a hard copy format soon to come to an end? That is by no means to say that there aren’t still some musicians that sell incredibly well, including the likes of teen idol Justin Bieber, who sold around 5.6 million records, Eminem, who sold 5.7 million records and Lady Gaga who topped the best sellers list with a whopping 5.8 million records both CD and Digital last year. Are there still enough artists selling vast volumes of CD’s to keep it from dying out? There are both pro’s and con’s of CD vs Digital. CD’s were part of the whole package for a band, “A little something extra for the fans” said Brian Cannon, sleeve designer for Oasis in their heyday. Even though there has been a decrease in CD sales over the last few years, it seems that it will be a while before they become obsolete. Ripping the cellophane off a CD and putting it in a player waiting to hear new songs from your favourite band is an unforgettable feeling. Is downloading an album bit of an anticlimax? Downloading music means that it can get to the listeners quicker than ever before. Hit Tv Show ‘Glee’ released

its most popular songs after each show, and nearly every week they were in the top 5 in the Billboard Charts in the USA. Unbelieveable statistics for a very new TV show. Download brings music to your finger tips. As well as downloading music, websites like Spotify and Youtube allow you to listen to music online without purchasing at all. Being able to listen without purchasing the songs will inevitably cause a decrease in sale. It is in fact believed to have decreased music sales by roughly 13% in the last year. According to data from Nielsen Sound Scan, CD’s accounted for roughly 90% of album sales in 2007. By 2009, the percentage of CD sales were 79%, with 20% going to download and the last 1% being split between other media. Since 2009, download has become more popular. In just 4 and a half years, downloading has reached a new high with over 500 million legal downloads. Downloading is increasing as a more popular way for buying albums due to a more competitive price and quick accessibility. Music has moved with the times. From vinyl to cassette to CD and now to download. Maybe the format of the music we listen to isn’t the point? Maybe the final outcome is just as important. Music is just as fashionable as ever and whether you buy a CD or download from iTunes, nobody can resist a hit.


Rayban Wayfares/£120

Left/Gold Ring/Dorothy Perkins/£4.99 Right/Gold Ring with Red Stone/H&M/£3.99

Knot Necklace/New Look/£7.99

jelly on a plate Check out this seasons must have accessories


Necklace/Asos/£6 Ring/New Look/£4


second interview


Meet grime artist, poet and actor LCB. Bringing Grime Theatre to the UK, he talks to us about his tattoos and his kid dream to be a rally car driver.


Images: Leon Burke

My name is LCB, Light Coloured Brother I am an MC. A Poet. An Actor I am most proud of being the Pioneer of ‘Grime Theatre’ with my UK Touring show “8Sixteen32”. My best show to date was at the Albany Theatre 30th September 2010. Opening show of the Tour Sold out show. The vibe was electric energy from the crowd was amazing. First time feeling ‘Famous’. People would describe me as cheeky, funny and confident. When I was young I wanted to be a Rally Driver lol. Favourite tattoo and why? I have quite a few tattoos. My favourite is the Angel on my stomach as it’s in memory of my Nan. Most played song on your iPod? Dizzee Rascal and Dj Slimzee Set. First song you ever remember hearing? Notorious B.I.G - Warning. What inspires you to write? Good People. Good food. Good friends. What comes next for you? World Domination. LCB Enit .