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Experience the Season

Whatever the season Marietta is a truly wonderful place to be. But during Christmas time, with the city decked out in holiday lights and decorations, it truly shines. Love fills the air and co-mingles with the smell of snow, hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, and candy canes. There is so much to do and so many events that our calendars are bursting at the seams. . With all that is going on it is important to remind ourselves to slow down and take time to remember what really matters... Inside our Holiday Guide, pages 7-13, you will find inspiration from local businesses plus a list of non-profits doing such wonderful things... Shop local, give back and enjoy the holiday for it is truly magical here in Marietta.

Christiane Marshall

owner Marietta & Beyond

290 Front Street, Marietta, Ohio

Teri Ann’s in downtown Marietta thrives through and after the “big store” phenomenon!

If you’re old enough to remember the personalized customer service we got from the small stores – you might also remember wandering through the big stores searching for someone who might be able to help. Sure, we eventually found someone, but it took so long and they didn’t always know how to help. At the time it was a startling contrast. We might call it something like “do it yourself shopping.” No more getting your feet measured and waiting for the salesperson to find the right size shoe. And “oh, do you have this in brown?” Or, “Can I get you a different size” when in a fitting room. No. You’re on your own sweetie. Hope you find it. Get dressed and just go back out there. I certainly had forgotten about those customer service days when I passed by Teri Ann’s recently. How had I never walked into their store before? Well on this day there was an

outfit on a mannequin -- well, I wanted to try it on. So I went inside, They didn’t have my size on the, they undressed the mannequin. I actually could not figure out how to put it on, so the saleswoman kindly helped me figure it out. And, then the miracle. It fit. That was the first time I ever found something I liked that fit within less than 10 minutes. I actually hate shopping. So, when I interviewed Teri Ann, I wasn’t surprised when she explained how she and her sisters adapted to keep the business their parents started not only surviving, but thriving. “We’ve always valued customer service.” Teri Ann and her two sisters inherited the shop from their parents who opened in 1961, naming it after their oldest child. After their parents passed away in the early 1970s, the sisters kept the shop going.

“I believe we’ve evolved with the times, and that we need to continue evolving,” Teri Ann told me. She continued, “We’ve always valued customer service. We have a relationship with our customers.” This described my experience completely. One of my first jobs as a teen was in retail, and it was cut throat. Other salespersons were always stealing my sales. So I asked if they were paid commission. This is not their business model. “No commission,” she told me. “We all work together. I want you to come back and to go home with something you love.” “Independent retailers provide a service. It’s different than at the mall.” This was an insight I hadn’t thought about. If someone had asked me, I would have said all retailers sell goods – clothing, antiques, musical instruments, and so on. But I then had a rush of memories of knowing the owners of the shops and how they answered our questions back before the Internet. They educated us and helped us discover that what we needed existed. They helped us find things that fit, ordered items, allowed us to browse and not feel guilty when we walked out without buying anything. Here is how Teri Ann’s helps people like me who hate shopping. “We shop for people,” she told me. “Huh?” I was confused. She explained that they get to know their customers and all they need is a phone call. Are you rushed for time? Hate shopping? Need

something special? Call them and they’ll choose some items for you to try on when you arrive. Are you clothing dyslexic like me? You have no idea what style to choose? Or what looks good or goofy? The sisters will get you all fixed up. It’s true. I experienced it first, before I did the interview. It’s why I decided to do this feature. They have customers who have moved out of the area. They regularly ship items to these loyal customers! Trunk shows, adapting a merchandise mix that customers want, and social media posts are other ways that they have evolved with the times. But seriously, if you need a smile, just walk in. You will be greeted with sincere contagious smiles. It isn’t like the “hello, welcome to name the store” that some stores have trained their employees to spit out without making eye contact. You will be convinced that they like you, and I think that’s because they do. “We’re happy to be independent retailers in beautiful downtown Marietta.” Teri Ann said that this was the only job she has ever had since she was 16, and she has never wanted any other job. The three sisters – Teri Ann Zide-Pfeffer, Shelly Medley, and Melissa Deskins – are ready to serve you. When you drop in, tell them you read this article!

You might be surprised to learn how many retail and small businesses make up the MOV area! Did you know that we have over 100 restaurant and entertainment venues to choose from? And you can buy online from many of them, so there’s no reason to not shop local this holiday season!


Chocolate PUTNAM

a divine, yet decadent, experience


When you visit, let them know you saw them in Marietta and Beyond!

288 Front Street • Marietta Ohio Phone: 740-373-9119

Deck the halls in style...

From stocking stuffers to primitive American antiques, folk art, candles, jewelery and more. Dad’s Primitive Workshop has you covered for all your holiday gift giving! Dad’s Primitive Workbench 268 Front St, Marietta, OH 45750

Dudley’s Florist 106 Front Street Marietta Ohio (304) 485-1631

Riverview Antiques 102 Front St, Marietta, OH (740) 373-4068 140 Front St, Marietta, OH • (740) 373-5101


Nov 29 - Dec 1 Holiday Open House FREE Poinsettia with purchase! 290 Front Street, Marietta, Ohio

Saying I love you has never been so easy! GoldLine Jewelry

150 Front St, Marietta, OH 45750

It began as a dream with $100   Today, it is much more than a dream... WHAT WE DO Teacher Training • Functional Anatomy Yin Yoga • Slackline & Acro Yoga Our mission is to live courageously, restore play, to share radical acceptance and an unlimited perspective with the world through the vehicle of taoist yoga and a functional approach.

165 Front St, Marietta, Ohio (740) 522-1889

Marietta and Beyond SY’S PLACE


Do you know a local treasure Please share it with us! Post them on Facebook use hashtag #MABLocalLove Marietta and Beyond is your guide to local, shopping, dinning, arts, and events in MOV

282 Front Street Marietta Ohio Shop No. (740)885-2066


Dr. David Norris DC, MS, DACBN Doctor of Chiropractic Masters in Nutrition Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

The first thing you notice when you walk into Dr. Norris’ office is its simplicity. No fancy equipment. No office staff. There are the usual diplomas you expect in a doctor’s office,and the lack of a mirror (for checking hair after adjustments). His chiropractic table is simple and has few moving parts. Dr. David Norris moved into the Epicenter right across the hall from Marietta and Beyond sometime after the program moved from the Armory to 107 Lancaster Street in Marietta. I remember first hearing the staccato sound of his activator, and the voices of happy clients leaving his office. He is able to keep his prices low by keeping his overhead low. He does not do insurance and like the rest of us here, he has the benefit of the Epicenter staff and shared equipment. Dr. Norris is also a Board Certified Nutritionist and practices Functional Medicine. Norris says that most practitioners that specialize in Functional Medicine are either MDs or Chiropractors. The Institute for Functional Medicine describes the field like this: “The Functional Medicine model is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to work together to address

the underlying causes of disease and promote optimal wellness. It requires a detailed understanding of each patient’s genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors and leverages that data to direct personalized treatment plans that lead to improved patient outcomes.” Because Norris also has the specialized understanding that comes from being a nutritionist, his analysis of a person’s health history and lab results has an extra level of insight. He said that the MS in Human Nutrition helped him better understand the biochemistry effects of nutrients, and also helped him understand research validity. He is a selfdescribed research nerd, giving him the drive to keep up with what’s new in health studies. A doctor recently told me that MDs typically spend 8 minutes with their patients. He was trying to convey that I should not ask too many questions! Not so with functional medicine. Dr. Norris gives his patients an hour consultation in order to get a comprehensive health history. He later combines this information with the patient’s lab results. Dr. Norris said the top two things he wants his patients to know about diet are: “first, what you eat can either cause

or prevent disease, and second, there is not one dietary recommendation for everyone. Everyone has unique different genetic make-up.� I have been listening to many youtube celebrity doctors. Each one seems to recommend only one way to eat. By the number of views these videos have, many people must be following their advice. I bet when it comes down to it, most people would prefer a local health practitioner who can give personalized advice based on their individual needs and physical condition. Norris originally was on the career track to become an MD. What changed his course was experience working in a medical office. He began to realize that prescription medicine was the go to treatment option, and he was more interested in helping people with an alternative approach to health. A mentor introduced him to chiropractic and he began to explore that possibility. To see how Dr Norris can help you put your health back on track, call him at (216) 659-0334 or visit his new office at 130 Maple Street in Marietta.

Holiday Special

Refer a patient and your next visit is $19. This offer is good until December 31 2019.

UPCOMING FREE SEMINARS Keep an eye on Dr. Norris’ facebook page for dates and times on these and other topics. Discover Thyroid: Discover how to improve thyroid function, reduce your need for medication, lose weight without exercise, increase your energy levels, stop losing sleep and avoid symptoms of depression. Discover Diabetes: Discover how to reverse your diabetes, reduce and eliminate your need for medication, lose weight, increase your energy levels and the possibility to become non-diabetic. Discover Inflammation: Is The Food I am Eating Causing My Aches And Pains? Understanding the Cause and Effect of Inflammation. 130 Maple Street, Marietta OH 45750.

This holiday season make a difference and donate We’ve included a few of the non-profits in the MOV that give us a reason to pause and remember what really matters.

More than 5 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s. Now imagine if Alzheimer’s had a cure. It can with your help and support! Alzheimer’s Association MOV 1218 Market Street • Parkersburg, WV 26101

Imagine a place where who you are, where you're from or the circumstances that surround you don’t determine your access to experiences or opportunities. Through your support, Boys & Girls Clubs are making that vision a reality — in our community and communities around the world.

Kids Get Cancer Too

Boys & Girls Clubs of Washington County 307 Lancaster Street, Suite 1 • Marietta, OH 45750 740.373.4123

BrAva PO Box 535 • Marietta, OH 45750 740-350-6355

Each day, 46 children are diagnosed with cancer. Childhood cancers are the #1 killer of children

Adopt or Donate When you adopt or donate, you are helping animals who have no one else. The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley is dependent on your help. It allows us to keep saving lives and creating happy, healthy pet families in our community. Be part of this life changing experience! Humane Society of the Ohio Valley 90 Mt Tom Road • Marietta, OH 45750 (740) 373-5959

SUPPORT HABITAT MOV! Habitat for Humanity of the Mid-Ohio Valley builds strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. Every donation helps a family help themselves. Every helping hand makes a difference. Give strength, stability, and the hope of a better life. Habitat for Humanity of the Mid-Ohio Valley 600 16th Street • Vienna, WV 26105 (304) 422.7907

Where good intentions become great accomplishments Marietta Community Foundation has pledged a $20,000 matching grant to be used towards the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program. Donors can pledge support for this dollar-for-dollar matching grant until the end of the year. Marietta Community Foundation 100 Putnam Street Marietta, OH 45750 (740) 373-3286

educate, entertain, enrich Artsbridge is an arts council dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Mid-Ohio Valley by promoting and supporting the arts through financial and administrative support, and arts education in our schools and community.

Artsbridge 710 Colegate Drive Marietta, OH 45750 (740) 350-5204

Come Spend the Holidays with us 224 Putnam Street • Marietta, OH 45750 • (740) 371-5152



BUILDING BRIDGES TO CAREERS Building Bridges to Careers

As I write this, it is Sunday afternoon and I hear the cheery sounds of the newest business – HMB Music Therapy. Martha Webster, MT-BC and we just introduced ourselves. She recently moved in, but we haven’t had the opportunity to meet until this moment. I’m thrilled to hear that I won’t be the only one singing children’s songs behind closed doors! (I teach English to children in China and often sing with the little ones.)

Marietta and Beyond (MAB) has been involved with Building Bridges to Careers (BB2C) for the past 3 plus years. Our office is here, and we have been involved with as many of the programs as we could -- Problem Scenario, Family Career Awareness Day, Makerspace Open House, job shadowing program and more. The Epicenter Business Incubator and the Makerspace are under the BB2C umbrella. The official ribbon cutting and grand opening was more than a year after BB2C opened at the Armory in Marietta, and moved to 107 Lancaster Street. Marietta and Beyond is only one of four businesses presently housed in the Epicenter Business Incubator. The Makerspace creates opportunities for the more creative types to find a fulfilling way to earn a living or to just enrich their lives.

schools are willing to but unable to fill. We participate in programs designed to create awareness of employment opportunities and career paths directly related to our specific businesses.

“Building Bridges to Careers” is both the name and the function of this entire program. The robust bridges this program crafts span the Mid-Ohio Valley. Many golden and multi-colored threads wind through the synergy of this place. There are the activities of each of the businesses — the peculiar characteristic sounds of their comings and goings, conversation, laughter, and interactions. Intertwined with the businesses in the Epicenter runs the thread of community connections and programs aimed at bridging the employment gap for the futures of area youth. These bridge the gap that the

I can honestly say this is one of the most positive and affirming places I have ever worked in – it is a privilege to be here. There is so much synergy and positivity. And, seriously, things are happening here. Keep an eye on this place. C’mon in and get a tour, and if you have any ideas, mention them. This is fertile ground. Your seed may find a happy growing space.

We often have students shadowing us for a few hours or a day. Sometimes we have an intern from an area high school or college. For example, BB2C and Marietta and Beyond shared a writing intern – Hannah McDole. You can find some of her contributions on the BB2C website and on the Marietta and Beyond online magazine. There are others too. If you know someone looking for an opportunity to intern, they should call here to be connected either with an area business or in the Epicenter.

To read more on BB2C go to



Are you interested in becoming a yoga teacher, or wonder about the process? In August, a yoga teacher training retreat was held here in Marietta Ohio. It was specifically Yin Yoga teacher training. According to Cat Lang-Bigley -- a local yoga teacher who participated as one of the three teachers -- these are held often, but not always in Marietta. My first experience with yoga was on the rooftop of the LaFayette Hotel this past summer. It was a great introduction with a few different yoga teachers. It’s always a little intimidating to enter a world as a newbie, but the teachers and students were all kind and accepting. The following is about the yoga teacher training. It was an intimate small group retreat held at the Betsey Mills Club. Those who attended were eligible to register 30 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) with Yoga Alliance.

According to Bigley, the most popular yoga styles are Hatha, Vinyasa, Astanga, Hot Yoga, Yin, Kundalini, Restorative. This training event was specifically Yin yoga. As a teacher, Bigley focuses mainly on Yin “because my main interest is in healing.” Bigley is not a stranger to chronic pain. She said that for most of her career, she has taught seniors over 55 both yoga and Tai Chi. She said that both help promote bone density and has other health benefits for seniors. The event covered the following topics: “Interactive hands-on study of anatomy: Finding skeletal landmarks and testing range of motion; Understanding and discriminating sensation: Tension or Compression, Muscle or Fascia; Functional Alignment: Exploring the 7 Archetypal Poses of Yin Yoga and their Variations; Guiding Principles of Sequencing & The Art of Teaching; Communication: Creating a Dialogue with Students to Safely Guide each Individual Practice.” The retreat was advertised as giving students the opportunity to “explore the underlying theory of the Yin practice, and gain practical tools and confidence in leading Yin Yoga classes; learn all about fascia, its

unique properties, and how to safely target and train it; understand the larger concept of exercise and how to bring awareness to different tissues in our practice; and examine variations of the major poses of a Yin practice to safely guide students with confidence.” When I came by to observe, I was warmly accepted into the circle and invited to participate in some of the sessions. I was fascinated by the way the yoga teachers were able to move and stretch. A child might wonder if they have some kind of super power. Ha! My stretching ability is extremely limited but the teachers were all encouraging. I also found it intriguing to hear discussions of specifically named muscles and muscle groups as though they were referring to close friends! Teacher training is set up as weekend retreats and allows individuals to complete the 200 hours required for certification as a yoga teacher. If you’re interested in yoga classes or want to inquire about the next yoga teacher training, you can contact her at You can also find info on the You do Yoga Website:


Avtar and Parveen and their three children, ages 16, 12 and 2.

Working in a family business is not new to Avtar Singh and Parveen Kumari of Star of India Restaurant in Marietta. Singh worked in his parents’ restaurant in Athens Ohio for 20 years. The Star of India Restaurant still graces the city of Athens Ohio, but Singh and his wife Parveen opened their own restaurant, first in Parkersburg from 2007 to 2011. Then, from 2012 to 2015, those of us who love Indian food were lucky to have their Indian food truck here in Marietta! Since 2016 the Star of India Restaurant of Marietta at 123 Green Street has become a favorite eating place for many locals, visitors and college students. The restaurant features Indian cuisine, and includes a large number of vegetarian options. People who are gluten sensitive can find many options here, and meals can be made vegan as well.

Simple, informal establishment providing an array of Indian staples and delicacies... Stop by and see why so many people call it their favorite place to eat.

Singh says “We work 70 hours a week, six days a week.” They are closed on Sundays to have time to rest and for family.

123 Green Street Marietta, Ohio (740) 371-5350

You can enjoy a buffet Monday to Friday 11:00 am to 1:30 pm & Saturday buffet 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm

Restaurant review by Christiane Marshall

At Marietta and Beyond, we’ve doubled our efforts to help independent businesses and nonprofits thrive. One of our goals is to shed light on the fact that this is a robust community and a destination worth visiting or putting down roots in. Join us on our mission... IF YOU WOULD LIKE INFORMATION ON HOW WE CAN BENEFIT YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS PLEASE CONTACT:


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