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Weightloss Myths-The New And The Old

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When I was first thinking about this article on weightloss myths, I honestly didn't know where to start. You see there is so much bad and outdated information floating around about weight loss it boggles the mind.

It can be confusing since many of us were raised to believe something but then somebody comes along and tells us “now” we know the old ideas were wrong.

So, what has changed? Why are the things that are parents told us about staying in shape suddenly wrong? Well, the truth is that they aren't “suddenly” wrong, they were always wrong.

As we advance in science and technology and we learn more about the way the human body works, we are able to debunk many old ideas.

To help you get on the proper, safe and effective path to weight loss, I've put a list together of some of the more common weightloss myths.


Don't waste your time and effort following these ineffective, and possibly even dangerous ideas about weight loss:

1. Myth: You should eat “3 Squares a day”. Truth: we now know that the trick to losing weight is to keep our metabolism burning as hot and as long as possible. But to burn hot it needs fuel, it needs food and it needs it all day long.

If you don't give your body the fuel it needs it will slow way down and not burn as many calories. If you don't burn calories you don't lose weight… period.

This is also the reason those celery and water diets that your mom used to be on never really worked. She didn't know it then, but she was really doing just the opposite of what she should have been doing.

She was sending a signal to her body that she was starving. So her body tried to keep her alive as long as it could so it shut down as much as possible (yes, that means her metabolism) and she didn't lose much or any weight.

Even if she did manage to lose some weight, she would likely gain it all back when she started eating normally again.

And the sad part is she could have lost more weight more quickly if she had eaten smaller, nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day.

2. Myth: I shouldn't eat at night. Truth: To lose weight you have to consider how much you eat versus how much you burn each day. The times don't really matter.

I'll prove it to you. Do you think you would lose weight if you ate nothing but sweets and high fat foods all day long, as long as you didn't eat anything at night? Of course not. That's because the time of the day you eat doesn't matter.


The quality and calories of the food you eat in proportion to the calories you burn does matter. It's about the relationship between calories in versus calories out. If you eat more than you burn you will not only not lose weight, you will gain weight.

But if you burn more calories during the day than you eat, you will lose weight. It doesn't matter what time of the day that is. Just burn more than you eat to lose weight.

As I said above, there are many more weightloss myths floating around. Just talk to your doctor and find a common sense, healthy weight loss program to follow. It really isn't rocket science, it's just science. Give your body what it needs in the right amounts and you will lose weight.

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Weightloss Myths-The New And The Old  
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