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Is Flat Belly Diet Really For You?

Unless you have been living under a large rock, you’ve certainly got word about the Flat Belly Diet! This diet has, by her own admittance, helped Rachel Ray slim down easily! Here is the cold hard truth though: only 10% of those who follow a diet are able to lose weight with success, and then the blame game starts. While customers blame the diet program for wasting their time and money, the manufactures of the program in turn claim that the buyers did not follow all the guidelines set by the program properly and consequently, failed to lose weight. Reality may be both or neither. In fact, seldom would you be able to lose weight for good with the help of diets, and that’s since almost all diet programs available out there have one common major defect in them! Want to know what it is? Read on to find out the answer! You’d be surprised to know that the Flat Belly Diet program advocates a diet which is high on fat. I know it goes against the conventional wisdom because we all know that fat is the culprit behind weight gain. However, this is also where we err slightly. There are in reality two types of fats out there: saturated and unsaturated fats. Saturated fats can be found in plenty in junk foods and make us fat! There’s a different type of fat which actually helps us lose weight, and that is called unsaturated fat. Unsaturated fat can be further divided into polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fats. The Flat Belly Diet basically focuses on foods which are rich in monounsaturated fats (MUFAs). In fact, MUFAs serve dual functions: they help you avert constant pangs of hunger by acting as natural appetite suppressants; simultaneously, unlike saturated fats they flush themselves out of your body rather than getting deposited as fat. This does not however mean that you are able to have MUFA foods daylong, as the diet restricts your maximum daily calorie consumption to just 1,600 calories per day, which is barely adequate for normal grownups. But the million dollar question, will this diet actually work or not?

Very appropriate question indeed, and I’m afraid I will not be able to offer you an affirmative answer either! The basic thing to note is that just like other fad diets the Flat Belly Diet also focuses on just on type of food group. When you consume only MUFA foods day-after-day, your body would soon get accustomed to your food habit and accordingly lower your metabolic rate. Plainly, you can’t expect to burn fat and lose weight with a low metabolic rate!


The second disadvantage of following this diet program is that you’d soon get bored of it and quit it as commonly happens with other fad diets. So I will not recommend this diet to you. That does not however mean that all diet programs are bad; there are a few diet programs which have proven their effectiveness time and time again, and one such program is Strip That Fat. Contrary to most other conventional diets, Strip That Fat does not focus on any particular type of food group. By means of a dieting technique called ‘calorie shifting’, it helps you lose weight by making you eat foods of varying calorie levels. When you do not restrict yourself to one type of food group, your metabolism would always be high and accordingly you’d find it pretty easy to lose weight!

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Is Flat Belly Diet Really For You?  

Very appropriate question indeed, and I’m afraid I will not be able to offer you an affirmative answer either! The basic thing to note is th...

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