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Kyle Whiting and Deianna Madlambayan

Ft. Lil Wayne & Snoop Lion

One day, Sparky the Cloud Fairy was flying over to a cloud for her favorite snack: Condensed water vapor! The best clouds to get this from was Cumulus clouds, because they are nice and fluffy like her favorite kitty-cat's tail. Stratus clouds are too thin to eat, and they are too far away from her home in the atmosphere to get the yummy nom noms. Cirrus clouds are perfect for a warm summer day because they are formed of ice crystals and are just lovely to make cherry snow cones with.

If you don't know what cloud fairies are, then they are magical flying creatures that live in the troposphere of the atmosphere on everlasting rainbows. The atmosphere, or the sky, is made up of different layers like the troposphere, the stratosphere, the mesosphere, and the thermosphere. Sparky is a kindred, adventurous spirit who lives with her family in the Cloud Kingdom on top of the Magic Rainbow. Cloud fairies also have wings, are one cm tall, and frequently dress up like ballerinas so that they can twirl and dance their way across the sky.

Also, the Cloud Fairies share a peaceful with the Mini-Tornadoes, a race of friendly beings who are shaped like tiny tornadoes. A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that is in contact with both the surface of the earth and a cumulonimbus cloud or, in rare cases, the base of a cumulus cloud.

Grr. I want to eat everyone.

But, the Mini-Tornadoes share a long-lasting rivalry with the MiniHurricanes. These are evil beings of malicious intent, bent on eating and consuming the human world. A hurricane is a swirl of air in a low pressure area that is forming over water.

Anyway, Sparky and her friend Timmy the MiniTornado were wandering around the sky coming back from eating her snack at the clouds, going where Sparky lives, when her wings began feeling tired and sore from all the magical flying they had been doing. She zoomed back home to her house on the everlasting rainbow so she could lay down to rest on her soft bed. When she arrived, she saw her entire house ripped off of the rainbow and her family gone. "It's the work of those prevailing westerlies! They form in the middle latitudes between 30 and 60 degrees, blowing from west to east, towards the poles," Sparky exclaimed.

"At least you didn't get hit by those polar easterlies, you know, the dry, cold winds that blow from the high-pressure areas at the poles towards low-pressure areas within the Westerlies at high latitudes. Those sure are destructive to rainbow houses," Timmy said. Sparky looked down at her destroyed house and knew she had to find her family and rescue them. So, Sparky and Timmy decided to set off on a magical adventure in which they would save Sparky's family.

But, in order to get down on the land where Sparky's family is, they have to ride on raindrops! When the temperature gets to a certain point, the drops will fall. This temperature is called the dew point. "Sparky, I think the temperature's right!" Exclaimed Timmy. "Let's ride a raindrop!" "Yes, this is called precipitation. Other types of precipitation include hail, snow, and sleet!" Said Sparky. "Wow Sparky! You sure are smart!"

"WEE! This is so fun!" Sparky yelled happily as she Timmy plummeted to Earth in the form of a raindrop. As they landed on Earth, they laid out in the sun to get dry. Sparky said, " Timmy, did you know that the sun's energy reaches earth in visible light, infrared, and ultraviolet light?" "Wow" said Timmy, "You sure are smart!"

Sparky and Timmy then decided to continue the search. They flew up a little up a little bit higher just so they could see better. If the house on the rainbow was near here, then Sparky would definitely be able to see it. Just then, a powerful wooshing cold washed by them. "Oh no!" said Sparky, "It appears that the cold front, a mass of advancing cold air, that just happened might cause high pressure in the area!" "Wow," said Timmy, "You sure are smart!" Sparky later explained that a warm front was a mass of advancing warm air, a stationary front is a transition zone between two stationary air masses of different densities,& an occluded front is formed when a cold front overtakes a warm front.

Sparky and Timmy descended on Majestical Beach and began searching for Sparky's fairy family. She examined the ocean and thought of one of her favorite facts. "Timmy, did you know the ocean is always moving because of ocean currents. This is the continuous movement of the water in the ocean, caused by the wind. The water in the ocean can also be a part of a process called convection. This a heat transfer through the movement of fluids." "Wow Sparky, you sure are smart!" As Timmy was in awe over Sparky's extensive knowledge, the air became cloudy, wet, and windy. Sparky analyzed the situation and realized the air pressure decreased and they were now in an area of low pressure, but that didn't stop them from completing their journey.

As Sparky and young Timothy continued their magic search, they flew over a large weather institute. "Hey Timmy! Did you know that scientists gather information on erosion using satellite imaging? And, they get meteorological data by using satellites to see what kind of weather is forming! It's fantastic how primitive human technology is." Said Sparky.

"Wow Sparky!" said Timmy, "You sure are smart!"

"Oh, and Timmy, did you know that isobars are contoured lines of constant atmospheric pressure, and isotherms are contoured lines of constant TEMPERATURE!" said Sparky. "Oooh!" Said Timmy, "I've always wanted to know the difference! Gee Sparky, you sure are smart!"

Finally, after hours of speedy flying across the land, Sparky and Timmy saw a glimmer in the distance! A distinctive glimmer that marked a certain rainbow house. "Mommy, Daddy!" Yelled Sparky as she descended down upon it! "I found you!" "Go away Sparky." Said her mom. "We were trying to have a nice time in Los Angeles without you, but you just have to ruin things, don't you?" "I'm sorry Mom. I'll leave right now." Sparky said sadly, hanging her head down in shame. "Good." As they headed back up to the Cloud Kingdom, Timmy said "Gee Sparky, you sure are dumb." "I know, Timmy. I know."

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The magical adventure of Sparky