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Home Security Should Be a Family Affair The best home security systems in the world can get better if security becomes a family affair. It may be a sound assumption that most, if not all, homeowners are concerned about the safety of their families. Using readily available security equipment and support services that prevent unwanted intrusion and rapid response in the event a breach does occur is becoming a norm among American families. There are many home security reviews that focus on the equipment and the companies that provide it, but very little is said about the common sense security steps that can be taken, but are often overlooked. It could be that once a home security system is installed, levels of complacency set in, making the occupants believe that all is well. To enhance the security of your home, a few minutes of quality family time should be set aside to explore and discuss the missing angles of home security that cannot be handled with automation. Most people believe that home invasion crimes only occur when the home is forcibly entered through doors or windows. This assumption is not true. Not only are burglars simply finding and entering unlocked doors these days; many crimes actually happen after the perpetrator has actually been invited into the home. Someone who is bent on robbing you in your own home is often bold enough to ring the bell and pose as a sales agent promoting a service, or even as a person in distress asking for help. Most people are trusting and don't think twice about opening the door to talk to strangers or offer assistance. A family discussion on when a door should be opened and when a person should be allowed in the home is something that may stop a crime. Often, people have different ideas about strangers. But by developing a common approach to handling certain situations involving strangers builds another layer of defense. Family members should be involved with what goes on in the neighborhood and they should be taught about certain things to look out for that could pose as a threat. There are Vivintreviews that point this out and suggest what might be considered normal and what might be suspicious. Young people in particular may feel reluctant to call the police, but they must feel free to bring things to the attention of older family members who can make the necessary assessment. Although it is hoped that a home invasion will never take place, it is best to discuss such possibility in advance – What actions should be taken in the event of an intrusion? Being aware of exit routes, instructions of what phone to use when calling for help and how to remain calm will increase your chances of escaping or counter attacking. When all members of the household

are prepared to face danger, they are more likely to act effectively, thereby contributing to lower potential loss or injury.

Home Security Should Be a Family Affair  
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