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Dear Friends, Our 45 years of experience in the business has taught our family some very important lessons. We are proud to bring you the most competitive pricing and the right products for your sewing needs. Our classes are designed to be educational and fun! We have classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced sewists. Satisfaction is our goal. We treat every customer like family. It is our pleasure to serve and educate. Sincerely,

Marie O’Halloran

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Seminars, Boot Camps & more... Shirt Drafting and Fitting

Pants Fitting

Garment Construction Boot Camp

Jacket Fitting

3 Sessions(3 hrs.) Intermediate $99. Teacher: Martha Palaza Learn to custom fit a shirt in this hands-on class. Students will be guided through the pattern alterations of a commercial pattern, then construct a sample shirt. 3./16, 23, 30 Thurs. 6:00-9:00 3 Sessions(3 hrs.) Intermediate $99. Teacher: Martha Palaza Do your friends ask, “Did you make that?” but you want them to ask, “Where did you buy that?” This series of workshops will help you improve your sewing and pattern making abilities. 4/1,8 Saturday 10:00-4:00

Introducing Martha Palaza Apparel Design Professional

Martha Palaza is an apparel design professional whose experience and education has focused on production, manufacturing, and teaching. Her skills include patternmaking, garment construction, fitting and textiles Martha has worked as a Costume Technician for Costume Works of Somerville Massachusetts, whose clients are national theater and opera troupes and entertainment companies. Currently, she is a freelance pattern maker and fashion design educator in the Boston area. Martha earned an MFA in fashion design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, a BA in studio art from Framingham State University in Massachusetts, and a certificate in fashion design from the School of Fashion Design, Boston.

2 Sessions (12 hrs.) Intermediate $99. Teacher: Martha Palaza Trousers are on trend for the fall! Don’t know the difference between a pair of trousers or pants? Take this class and find out! The focus of this class is pattern drafting and fitting to a sample garment. Ask for brochure. 1/28, 2/4 Saturday 10:00-4:00 3 Sessions (12 hrs.) Intermediate $99. Teacher Martha Palaza Explore many techniques for professional looking garments in this all day seminar. The seminar highlights techniques in fitting, pattern making, fabric layout, cutting, machine stitching, overlock stitching and pressing. Ask for brochure. 2/16,23, 3/2 Thurs. 6:00-9:00

Serger Breakfast

Seminar ALL $25 Teacher: Marie O’Halloran Ever wanted to see all the different things a serger could do? Then this is the class for you, and best of all, there are no materials to bring, the teacher does all the work for you. You sit and enoy the process. 2/25 Sat. 10:00-12:00

Start Your Own Business

1 Session All $35 Teacher: Marie O’Halloran When opportunity knocks, it’s best to answer. The opportunity of a lifetime…learns to start your own business. Personalized embroidery will never go out of style. There will always be a demand for customized clothing and other items. This seminar is packed full of information. Register early. 3/25 Sat. 10:00-12:00

Embroidery Meet Up Hands-on Embroidery Club

1 Session All $45* Teacher: Carol Saber Why not bring your machine in and join other embroidery customers for a fun filled class. A new design will be given each time you attend this club. Learn the in’s & out!! *Kit included. 1/12 Thurs. 7:00-9:00 2/9 Thurs. 7:00-9:00 3/9 Thurs. 7:00-9:00

Private Sewing or Sewing Machine Class

2 Hr. Class All Levels $75 Prefer to work alone? Join our experienced teacher who will help you learn your machine features and accessories. Minimum of 2 hours per session. Call to make an appointment.

Woburn Mall 300 Mishawum Road Woburn, Ma. 01801

Sewing Café

Hourly All $ 15/per hour Everyone is welcome…… let your creativity roam free. If you don’t have a machine; want to use a heavier machine; or want to use a serger; come in and use our fully equipped facility. How the café works: We will provide the sewing equipment from sewing machines, irons, cutting area, sergers to coffee, tea and more. Sip tea or coffee and sew your project at your own pace. No Sewing Teacher provided. Pre-registration is required. Sewing café is different than any school, class, sewing workroom or coffee shop. You tell us what you need to do, for how long and after you finish, you pay. There are many advantages of using out sewing café. You do not have to pay for any full sewing course, you only pay for the time you visit. You can chose to sew all day, once, twice, or never. 1/27 Friday 10:00-4:00 2/24 Friday 10:00-4:00 3/24 Friday 10:00-4:00

Kid’s Classes Kid’s - Know Your Sewing Machine

1 Session Beginner $22* Teacher: Marie O’Halloran Come learn all about your machine. We will cover threading your machine, winding a bobbin, putting in needles, and we will go over the stitches on your machine. Please ONLY operable machines are permitted into class, no toys. *Kit Included 1/13 Friday 3:30-5:30

Kid’s – Hat & Scarf

1 Session Beginner/All $22 Teacher: Carol Saber Looking for a very simple project to make sure you learned how to use your machine? Well here it is! In the quick 2 hour class we will be taking pieces of fabric and turning into something warm & cozy. 1/21 Saturday 10:00-12:00

Kids - Pin Cushion

1 Session Beginner $22* Teacher: Marie O’Halloran This little guy is a great workshop buddy! A smiley cactus pin cushion to sit by your machine and be helpful whilst you’re working on your projects. He is guaranteed to smile all day long however many pins you stick in him! *Kit Included May Saturday TBA

Kid’s – Stuffed Turtle

2 Sessions Intermediate $42* Teacher: Marie O’Halloran We’re making a fuzzy cuddle buddy, who would be a great gift for someone else or to keep for yourself. Just too cute. *Kit Included 4/15, 22 Sat. 10:00-12:00

Kid’s – Bag For All Seasons

2 Sessions Intermediate $42* Teacher: Marie O’Halloran We’re going to make a nice sized, simple bag that would be great to take to the beach in a few months. We will be sewing with fabric and mesh window screening. A real advanced project that you’ll have to sew. *Kit Included 4/7,14 Sat. 10:00-12:00

Kid’s – Sewing Machine Cover

1 Session Beginner/Intermediate $22* Teacher: Marie O’Halloran Now that you’ve had some practice using your machine, it’s time to get it covered! We will be going over the basics of piece work to make a beautiful cover for your machine. *Kit Included 2/10 Sat. 3:30-5:30

Call Early...781-935-5558 Kids - Apron Class

1 Session Beginner $29 Teacher: Carol Saber Stay clean and stylish in the kitchen, in the garden or while doing arts and crafts! Once you learn how to sew this easy reversible apron, you will want to make several. 2/18 Saturday 10:00-12:00

Kids - Monster Pillow

Kid’s Club - Birthday Party 1 Session Beginner Teacher: Marie O’Halloran Do something different this year, have a sewing birthday party! Ask your friends. Please call to make an appointment.

1 Session Beginner $22 Teacher: Carol Saber Nothing is more fun than stuffing your favorite monster! This is a “can’t miss” class. We’re making a fuzzy cuddle buddy, who would be a great gift for someone else or to keep for yourself. We are sewing the one-eye monster. 3/18 Saturday 10:00-12:00

Kid’s - Spool Pillow

1 Session All $18 Teacher: Theresa D’Arcangelo Make a one of a kind pillowcase, one for you, one to donate to “Million Pillowcase Challenge.” This is a fun and easy class for beginners as well as advanced sewers. 5/12 Friday 3:30-5:30

Kid’s - Minnon Pillow

Kid’s - Pillowcase Challenge

1 Session All Teacher: Marie O’Halloran This class will teach sewing, quilting and color choices. Don’t stop at one make many more as gifts. *Kit is included. 5/13 Saturday 10:00-12:00

Pattern 5

Pattern may be downloaded for personal use only. No electronic or printed reproduction permitted without the prior written consent of Meredith Corporation. ©Meredith Corporation 2010. All rights reserved.

Kid’s Club - Girl Scout/ Cub Scouts

1 Session Beginner $15/child Teacher: Marie O’Halloran We teach to Girl Scout or Cub Scouts They will have fun, earn their badge and have a great start to sewing for the future. Earn a new badge! Please call early to make an appointment. You may pick any date during the month to accommodate your group. Please call to make an appointment at ..... 781-935-5558


1 Session All $22 Teacher: Marie O’Halloran Ok, you asked for it. The cutest Pillow in your room. So soft - so cuddly. You will want to many Of these cute guys for you, your friends and your family. Work with polar fleece and Heat N bond for the best results. 3/11 Saturday 10:00-12:00

American Patchwork & Quilting | Quilt Sampler | Quilts and More

Project: Pillowcase with Prairie Point Band



Sewing & Quilting Classes Very Beginning Sewing - Tote Bag

2 Sessions All $49. Teacher: Martha Palaza Haven’t ever sewn? Haven’t touched a sewing machine since home ec in Jr. high, well this is the class for you! Learn the basics of sewing. How to read a simple pattern then move on to constructing a lovely useful tote bag. This is not a class to learn the functions of your machine. To learn the functions of your machine please register in the Know your machine classes. 1/9, 16 Monday 10:00-12:00 1/19, 26 Thursday 7:00-9:00

Sewing 101

2 Session Beginner $49 Teacher: Martha Palaza Want to learn some basic sewing skills but don’t know where to start from? Well this is perfect for just that. Get really comfortable with most sewing basics and let your imagination fly! 1/23, 30 Monday 10:00-12:00

Hemming & Mending Know How 1 Session All $22 Teacher: Martha Palaza Have some mending, or hemming that you need some help with? Come to class and get all the advice you need from a professional! And test-drive all these new techniques. 4/27 Thursday 7:00-9:00

Zippers Unzipped – “How to class” 1 Session All $22 Teacher: Marie O’Halloran Learn 4 different ways to install a zipper: center, off-set, invisible and jeans. Don’t pay for zipper installation ever again! 4/20 Thursday 5:00-7:00

Fun, Fun, & more Fun.... Disappearing Nine Patch 1 Sessions All Teacher: Theresa D’Arcangelo This is a fast paced class, and will have some homework, to finish your quilt top. What fun you will have. Watch the magic happen. The combinations are endless. Just wait til you see. 2/28 Tue. 6:00-9:00


Carrot Table Runner

1 Session All Teacher: Theresa D’Arcangelo


Learn the quilt as you go technique while making this cute Carrot Table Runner. 3/28 Tuesday 6:00-8:00

Quilt UFO

1 Session Intermediate $22 Teacher: Ann Alongi This class is perfect for that unfinished quilting project. Whether you need advice, help completing it, or just need to set the time aside to finally finish it, bring your quilt “UFO” unfinished object to this class! We all have them hanging around our sewing room. 1/18 Wednesday 10:00-12:00

Japanese Lady Wall Hanging

1 Session All $24. Teacher: Ann Alongi Share your life with this lovely Japanese lady. Make her Asian prints, indigo blues or even 30’s reproductions: this patter is adapted from a vintage quilt block! This wall handing 17” x 28” goes together quickly and is perfect canvas for embellishments. 2/22 Wednesday 10:00-12:00

Wearable Art Sweatshirt

1 Sessions All $20 Teacher: Marie O’Halloran You’ve heard about the latest craze! Create your own warm wearable art using techniques you will learn with fabric placement and planning. 2/17 Friday 4:00-5:00

Placemats With A Flair

2 Sessions All $39 Teacher: Theresa D’Arcangelo Learn to quilt on a smaller scale with these fun place mats. Change the fabric to reflect your decor or enhance the holiday of your choice. Learn how to piece, machine quilt and bind. 1/31, 2/7 Tuesday 6:00-8:00

Basic Garment Sewing with Theresa 2 Sessions Beg $39 Teacher: Theresa D’Arcangelo Here you will learn the basics of sewing clothing. Basic sewing terms and work with a pattern. Adjusting the fit of your pattern and finishing seams, while making a cozy and comfortable pair of pajamas. 5/23,30 Tues. 6:00-8:00

Machine Instruction Classes Know Your Top-Line Embroidery Machine

2 Sessions Beg/Inter. $95 Teacher: Suzie White Now that you have one of the best machines in the industry, you will want to come to this handson workshop where you will learn all the benefits of your advanced equipment. Class is FREE to all customers who have purchased their machines from Marie’s. Workbook required if available ($10 refundable deposit required). 1/16, 17 Mon/Tues 7:00-9:00 3/14, 15 Tues/Wed 7:00-9:00 5/9, 10 Tues/Wed 7:00-9:00

Software Training

1 Session Beginner $95 Teacher: Suzie White Join this great introduction clinic, which will enable you to create designs on your PC. Enter into the computer generation and learn techniques and hints from basic designing to special editing from a knowledgeable teacher. This class is FREE to customers who have purchased their software from Marie’s. 1/18 Wednesday 7:00-9:00

Machine Survival (no machine necessary)

1 Hr All $10 Teacher: Marie O’Halloran Need to know your machine and are having lots of questions…..come to this seminar. You’ll be glad you did. No machine is necessary. Learning button holes, blind hems, quilting stitches, useful tips regarding your various feet and how to perform preventative maintenance on your machine. 1/20 Friday 4:00-5:00

Know Your Sewing Machine – Part 1

Help Me Thread My Serger

1/9 Mon. 7:00-9:00 2/14 Tue. 7:00-9:00 3/21 Tue. 7:00-9:00 4/19 Wed. 7:00-9:00 5/16 Tues. 7:00-9:00

Know Your Serger—Part 1

1 Session All $55 Teachers: Marie Flint, Suzie White Learn all the basics from utilizing regular stitches to corded buttonholes. This class is FREE to all customers who have purchased their machine from Marie’s. ($10 refundable deposit required) NOTE: Operable machines ONLY admitted to class!

Know You Electronic Machine – Part 1

1 Session All $55 Teachers: Marie Flint, Suzie White Learn all the basics from utilizing regular stitches to corded buttonholes. This class is FREE to all customers who have purchased their machine from Marie’s. ($10 refundable deposit required) NOTE: Operable machines ONLY admitted to class! 1/10 Tue. 7:00-9:00 2/15 Wed. 7:00-9:00 3/22 Wed. 7:00-9:00 4/18 Tues. 7:00-9:00 5/17 Wed. 7:00-9:00

Machine Instruction — Part 2

1 Session All $55 Teachers: Marie Flint, Suzie White Once you have mastered the basics of your machine, come to the next level to learn more features and techniques. Mechanical and electronics welcome! This class is FREE to all customers who have purchased their machine from Marie’s ($10 refundable deposit required). 1/11 Wed. 7:00-9:00 4/12 Wed. 7:00-9:00

Call to register today! 781-935-5558

1 Session Beginner $18 Teacher: Suzie White For all brands. This is the prerequisite for the KY Serger Class. Bought a new serger and don’t know how to thread this new wonder? Register for this important class. It will be the best hour you ever spent. Check the store for further information. 2/20 Mon. 6:00-6:45 3/20 Mon. 6:00-6:45 5/15 Mon. 6:00-6:45 1 Session Beginner $55 Teacher: Suzie White For All Brands. Want to learn more about that serger that intrigues but frustrates you? This class is also FREE to all customers who have purchased their serger from Marie’s ($10 refundable deposit required). Most classes will require you to purchase a workbook. Join this fun and informative class. Operable machines ONLY required. You must have full knowledge of how to thread your machine, or have attended the “Help me thread my serger” class. 2/20 Mon. 7:00-9:00 3/20 Mon. 7:00-9:00 5/15 Mon. 7:00-9:00

Know Your Serger—Part 2

1 Session Advanced $55 Teacher: Suzie White This is a hands-on advanced class. Let’s put all your knowledge and experience from the first two classes to work and complete a small project. Cover hem can be experienced in this class. 2/13 Mon. 7:00-9:00 4/11 Tue. 7:00-9:00



UP TO $2000!

3 DAY TRADE-IN EVENT! For three days only, trade in any brand, any make, any model, any condition and receive twice the trade-in value off a new machine.


- 9:00pm Thursday, July 10:00am 16th through Woburn Mall 300 Mishawum Rd Woburn, MA 01801 781.935.5558


Winter Class Schedule 2017  

Winter Class Schedule 2017

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