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Clothesline Baby Shower Invitations The Ideal Motif For Your Baby Shower Invites

Searching for the perfect baby shower invitation? You want something suitable for the occasion, but there are so many choices. Well, every expectant mom knows when baby comes there is going to be a lot of clothes washing. Even with disposable diapers there are still many baby clothesline keepsake that get reused. If that's so, there's probably no more appropriate theme than a line of clothesline baby shower invitations. Pardon the pun, but isn't that the ideal motif for your baby shower invitation?

Check out the Boy Clothesline Border card and see for yourself. There's a girl baby version in pink, too. This charming card features a colorful set of baby clothes hanging from that traditional cord, familiar to all. Yet, the design remains completely up to date, thanks to contemporary graphic design. Below that lovely graphic there is an editable text area where you can put your name, address, date, and anything else you want. Since you're planning to have the best baby shower novelties ever, start with the best invitation ever.

Lucky for all of us, there are countless ways to be the best. The Cuddly Clothesline invitation card is one more. The color scheme is optional - baby boy blue or charming girl pink, but each holds hints of green and yellow that give the card a lively contrast. Those colorful hanging clothes will remind your guests of what you'll soon be doing. Invite everyone to share your joy at the upcoming blessed event. Er, that means the baby, not the washing...

For a wonderful variation on that design, consider the Cute Clothes invite. You'll find the traditional drooping clothesline, filled with a set of colorful baby clothes. But if you feel variety is the spice of life then this card has plenty to offer. It features a different color scheme and a delightful font. The result is not just an invitation to a baby shower. It's a work of art that will be a keepsake long after the celebration is over.

All those baby clothes are stored somewhere later. So, what better option could there be than the Sweet Nursery baby shower invitation. With this perennial symbol of babyhood this invitation offers a companion card that will bring variety to your party planning. After all, there's no rule that everyone has to receive the same card. Send out these to family and save the rest for good friends. Or mix and match. Either way, it's great to have a choice.

Baby clothesline keepsake  
Baby clothesline keepsake  

Searching for the perfect baby shower invitation? You want something suitable for the occasion, but there are so many choices.