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Our beautiful baby gas, Wendy Oxygen, is the most adorable thing on this earth. Wendy loves to float around freely and play with her friends!

Personality: Melting point: -219ËšC Boiling point: -183ËšC Attending Physician: Carl Wilhelm Scheele Born: Sweden

Race: Nonmetal

Pronunciation Rebus for our Child!

Wendy Oxygen Lauren Seaton

Eric Sun


Sweden 8


Varberg Hospital Verberg Sweden X




Oh baby Wendy Oxygen! You fly like the humming birds. You form water and our life . If anything would happen to you, We would come to your rescue! Oh Baby Wendy Oxygen we love you!

Sulfur: 3 Ancient ST.

Selenium: 4 Berzelius Way

Tellurium: 5 Reichenstein Lane 

Polonium: 6 Curie Road Ununhexium: 7 Russian ST.

We believe that our child will be best fit for the job as water. Gas love to go combined with hydrogen and create water. Wendy will be the best type of water for humans to drink!

Period Five Oxygen  
Period Five Oxygen  

Period Five