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Sully the Sulfur Atom

Sully Sully, S for short, was born 1777. The baby solid weighed 32.06 grams and was 16 cm tall. Sully is a nonmetal solid. Sully was born in France and the attending physician was Antoine Lavoisier. Sully melts at 115.2 degrees C and boils at 444.7 degrees C.

Pronunciation Rebus

-K +

Sully Chalcogen 32.06 grams

Michael Hall

Mark Jeska 1777

Picture of Sully

Poem about Sully Sully is sulfur

Sulfur has sixteen protons Sully is solid

The Chalcogens 16 Lavoisier Drive






Bohr Model

Career of Sully When this special solid grows up, Sully wants to be a pyrotechnician to create

fireworks and other such explosives. Sully also wants to be a doctor as a fallback plan.

Period Three Sulfur Michael Mark  

Period Three

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