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Potassium: A Baby Book By Samir Jiwani

Potter Baby Potter’s nickname is K. He was born October 6, 1807. When born, he weighed 39.0983 grams. He was 19 centimeters tall. Born as a metal, he sees Sir Humphry Davy, a certified physician. He is a solid, and was born in London, England. He has a very angry personality.


State of England

K. Potter England London


Lily Thium and Sod Dium October 6, 1807

z Parent Signature

19 cm long 19 cm tall


Potter is so cool Reactive with water and Very angry now

We are Alkali Metals I live at 001 Davy Way My Family: Lithium, Sodium, Rubidium, Cesium, and Francium

Potassium Bohr Model

My Future I can be a‌ 1. Electrical cell activity controller 2. Pyrotechnical engineer 3. Banana


Period Three Potassium Samir  

Period Three