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Destination Mars Wh a t r ea l l y ha p p en e d...

A rover named Curiosity was planning to go on a long and perilous journey. That journey was planned for MARS. Many other missions had attempted to do this but over fifty percent failed. Now to debate about the many dangers of Mars, temperature and cosmic radiation, those problems were solvable, but the biggest problem was the Martian Deadly Bacteria.

In-spite of the growing tension of if it would survive or not NASA’s Jet Propulsion Labs kept pushing on. When it came time for the launch everything went smoothly.

Finally on the evening of August 12, 2012 she landed in a site called Gale Crater that had the PERFECT geological features. The weather patterns were very similar to the ones of Earth.

Like the scientist thought, the bacteria started to creep up the arm with scientific equipment. As the bacteria got in to the software it really started to reek havoc. But the rover pushed along and when it reached water the water was clean!

Not only that but it killed all of the bacteria, this little wonder-bot has paved the road for man on Mars.

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