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By: Dane Wierman and Neil Mascarenhas

Nigel’s Info Nigel Neon, also known as “ Ne “ was born in 1898 in England. His birth weight was 20.17 mass and his birth height was 10. Nigel is a Noble Gas! His physicians were Dr. Ramsay and Dr. Travers. Nigel Neon is a boy gas. He has a temperament, like others babies, of -248.89° C, and his happy point is -246.08° C.



Nigel Neon 20.17

Dane Wierman

Neil Mascarenhas


Poem, to Nigel Roses are red, Neon can be blue, all we can do is love you. No matter how gray, you’ll shine through the day; your so rare, all we can do is care. From graceful colors, yellow and blue, you shine more radiant than any hue.

Nigel Neon’s Career

Nigel will end up becoming one of your favorite lights ever. Bright and always different colors, he will make a dark day insanely bright.

Family Photo of Noble Gases

#2 Ramsay Way

Nigel’s Second Photo

Period Seven Neon Dane Neon  

Period Seven

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