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Curiosity’s Fascinating Adventure

Introducing CURIOSITY!

Curiosity is the latest rover made by NASA. It’s landing mission was Gale crater and it was successful. It was launched on November 26 2011 and landed on August 6 2012.

This is Curiosity flying towards Mars

Curiosity’s Arm

Curiosity has many parts, it has a arm with various scientific tools to help analyze rocks and minerals. It includes a bulky 66pound turret, Â drill that can dig 1 inch into Martian rocks, a scoop and other gear for collecting samples, a camera for microscopic analyses, and a spectrometer to determine the composition of rocket and surface targets.

Curiosity’s Specs

Curiosity is about the size of a car and has six wheels that are bigger than Spirit and Opportunity’s wheels. 17 cameras and a arm with several scientific equipment as you know. Curiosity can travel 200 meters a day on Martian terrain.

Curiosity’s Amazing Freedom

Curiosity has the ability to move around freely without commands. This is helpful because the signal from Mars to Earth takes about 5-10 minutes depending on where he is on mars.

Curiosity’s Goals The overall objective of Curiosity include investing Mars habitability, studying weather patterns and geological features on Mars and collecting data for a man mission to Mars. But its main mission is to find water on Mars.

Curiosity’s landing.

Curiosity had a safer and better way of landing and was totally different from Spirit and Opportunity’s landing. Curiosity used rockets to lower it down then the rocket flew away crashing very far from the rover. Spirit and Opportunity used a parachute and a balloon strategy that wasn’t very reliable.


Spirit and Opportunity

Curiosity has been there for over a year. It was only supposed to survive only at least 6 months. Spirit and Opportunity also lasted for over a year and were not supposed to.


Curiosity’s fascinating adventure chris