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Introduction Curiosity is a rover that N.A.S.A. launched to Mars. N.A.S.A launched the rover specifically to find water and life. They also launched it to observe landforms, and the surface of the planet. When Curiosity landed it was a very big deal because, it was a very recent model of a rover technology, and has very high potential. So many things could have gone wrong involving landing, taking off, while on Mars, and even getting totally destroyed in the atmosphere.

Cool Facts! • • • • • • •

It took N.A.S.A three years to perfect curiosity. They launched Curiosity in late November 2011. Curiosity didn’t arrive to Mars until August 2012. Curiosity is about the size of Mars. Curiosity has a testing station on board. They had to add GIANT air bags so Curiosity wouldn’t be harmed. Curiosity has many cameras made into the design.

Why Another Rover? • • • •

N.A.S.A. has made MANY rovers why make Curiosity? They are making Curiosity with new features and newer technology. Curiosity has a different objective than other rovers. Curiosity has a different design/layout.

Cool Features • In order to place Curiosity down softly they made a very strong cord/wire that connected to a flying shuttle. • Curiosity had very complexed folds so Curiosity was smaller and could fit into the shuttle, and for the air bags to fit.

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