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Baby Book

By: Natalie Lopez and Brenna Kidwell

Name: Penny Copper Nickname: CuC u Birth date: A long time ago‌ (ancient times)

Place of birth: Cyprus

Birth weight: 63.546 Birth height: 29 Race: Transition metal Attending physician: Ancient people Gender: solid

Personality: Melting point1357.77k Boiling point2833k

Pronunciation Rebus


Birth Certificate Name- Penny Copper Gender-Girl/ Solid Date of Birth-Ancient Times Birth Weight- 63.546

Birth Height- 29 Mother-


Mrs. Sally Silver

Mr. Gilbert Gold

Little Baby Penny 29



29 35


Poem: Shining in the sun, Shining over the waves Penny Copper’s shimmer gets brighter every day Your talent and your shining brought so much joy Making coins for piggy banks for little girls and boys Ancient times in a place called Cyprus was from where you came 29 is your number and Cu’s your nickname You love your family dearly, silver, Unununium and gold, And of course they love you back, even more than you’ve been told Although you many not be the rarest of them all, You are the most loved and your talent stands tall.

Gilbert Gold

Sally Silver Ulysses Unununium Penny Copper

Transition Metal Family Portrait Address- 2 Ancient People Lane, London, England

Penny Copper’s Baby Picture

Career Copper is very gifted! She has found an interest in making wiring, pipes, and coins. Her favorite thing to do is make paint. We are so proud of Penny and her many talents. Our biggest dream for Penny is for her to grow up to be the statue of Liberty. She would be perfect for this job.

Period Two Copper Natalie Brenna  
Period Two Copper Natalie Brenna  

Period Two