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Corbin is a carbon element. His nickname is C. Poor Corbin was born in ancient times in Antiquity, but found in 1694. His birth weight was 12.011, and his birth height was 6, with his attending physician being Antoine Lavoisier. Corbin is a wonderful non-metal solid, with a wonderful personality. His melting point is 3823k, and boiling point 4300k.


Name: Corbin the Carbon Date of Birth: Ancient Times, found in 1694. Race: Solid Attending Physician: Antoine Lavoisier New Adopting Parents: Madison McShan & Pooja Marella Signatures:

X Madison McShan

X Pooja Marella


Little Carbon has 6 bodies, 6 legs, 6 arms, and 6 heads.

Carbon Poem: Carbon family member Antoine Lavoisier founded him Residing in mostly everything an animal uses. Bodies contain 22.85% of carbon Our beloved child Non-metal element

Address: 2 Lavoisier Drive Carbon Family: Carbon, Silicon, Germanium, Tin, and Lead

A Bohr Model of Carbon

Carbon’s Career! When Carbon grows up, he will be a …


Period Three Carbon Pooja Madi  

Period Three

Period Three Carbon Pooja Madi  

Period Three