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Information Our solid baby Carl Carbon, nicknamed C, was born in prehistoric times, but no one knows where. He weighed around 12.011 amus, and his height was 6 nanometers. Carl Carbon is a non-metal element and no one knows who his attending physician was. He has a wide personality with a boiling point of 4098 K, and a melting point of 3823 K.

Name His last name Carbon comes from the Latin word carbo, meaning charcoal. Charcoal was one of the most abundant forms of carbon in prehistoric times Carbon is pronounced as: KAR-ben.

Pronunciation Rebus


Poem of Carl Carbon Carl Carbon, our baby your nickname is C, Even though you are older than me You were found in prehistoric times, But I wouldn’t trade you for a dime Your number of protons, electrons, and neutrons is six, just like your atomic number also six You are part of the Carbon Group of elements, But that doesn’t mean you are not a non-metal

The Carbon Family 14 Unknown Drive Sally Silicon

Larry Lead

Gary Germanium

Timmy Tin

Carl Carbon

Bohr Model

P=6 N=6

Career Carl could follow many paths as a diamond, charcoal, or graphite. However Carl really wants to be a carbon nanotube, a new invention in nanotechnology. Nanotubes are one of the most versatile substances in the world as they weigh less than most elements yet hold on great strengths. Carl dreams of being the suspension wire of the longest bridge in the world.

First Period Carbon Zach Aly  

First Period Carbon Zach Aly

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