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About Baby Boron

Barnaby Boron, born at an unknown date, came into our world at 10.81 grams and 5 inches tall. B, the solid’s nickname, is a Metalloid. He belongs to Group 13 and Period 2. He was born somewhere unknown to ancient parents. It takes a lot for Barnaby to lose his cool, as his boiling point is 3727ºC. But don’t put him in an environment close to 2075ºC or else he will melt… literally!

Pronunciation + UH +


Birth Certificate BARNABY BORON Priya Desai & Emily Friis-Hansen

Unknown Date TIME WASN’T RECORDED YET… 10.81


Baby Boron‌Through the years

Poem about Baby Boron Our Baby Boron, Is a conductive element and a gorgeous baby.

Baby Boron’s Family

Meet the Metalloids

Boron’s Family

Boron was born to a pair of unknown cavemen probably, and was abandoned all by himself for thousands of years until 1808. Two men, Joseph L. Gay-Lussac and L.G. Thènard from France decided to adopt him as their own! He was then reintroduced to the world and began a new life full of new and exciting jobs with the rest of the Metalloids.

Address: 002 Gay-Lussac Thènard Boulevard

Boron’s Baby Picture

Baby Boron’s Future We’re sure that our Barnaby Boron will aspire to be many great things one day. Maybe even the president! But for now the solid just sticks with summer jobs like helping create fiberglass, eye drops, anti-corrosion systems, fertilization, pyrotechnic flares, insecticide, synthesis, nuclear reactors, aerospace structures, and many more things. He is a very light and a great conductor, which is great on his college résumé.

Period Two Boron Emily Priya  

Period Two Boron Emily Priya

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