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By: Noah Freedman and Leo Fan

Billy Beryllium was born to Louis-Nicholas Vauquelin in Germany in 1798. When Billy was born, everyone was stunned by how massive of a baby he was. Billy weighed 9.01218 kilograms (18.2 pounds), having more blubber than all the obese people known in the world. He was 4 feet tall, and his favorite dessert was blueberry cobbler. His ethnicity is the Metal. Right after he was born, we knew that his nickname would be “Be”. Be is a solid. Billy’s has one of the kindest personalities in the Metal race. He always takes 2,469 degrees Celsius to start its boiling point, and has a takes 1,278 degrees Celsius to start its melting point.



POEM Billy Beryllium , Known as “Be�, a divalent element, Born to Louis-Nicholas Vauquen,

Four feet tall and 9.01218 pounds, 2,469 degrees Celsius to start its boiling point,

1,278 degrees Celsius to start its melting point, Blueberry Cobbler he desires greatly, Many things he helps build, Billy is a magical piece of wonder,

FAMILY PHOTO The Alkaline Earth Metals live on 1 Vauqulin Way. Billy lives with Magnesium, Calcium, Strontium, Barium, and Radium.

Bohr Model

THE FUTURE OF BILLY BERYLLIUM The element Beryllium can be used in many different things. Beryllium is a structural material in space technology, inertial guidance systems, additive to rocket fuels, moderator and reflector of neutrons in nuclear reactors. Beryllium is also used in the nuclear, electronic, and ceramic industries. This is what makes Billy superior and helpful to humans. When Billy grows up and becomes an adult, he will be used to help make all these different things that Beryllium are meant to make.

First Period Beryllium Noah Leo  

First Period Beryllium Noah Leo

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