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By: Danial Lakhani and Alex Johnson

Our element is Argon, his nickname is Ar. He was born on August 13, 1894. When he was born he weighed 39.948 lbs. He was born with a height of 18 inches and was a Noble gas. Argon’s attending physician is William Ramsay. He was born in Scotland as a gas. His emotions are -186° C and -189°.

Name: Birth Date: Date Issued: Gender:

Aragon August 13, 1894 August 23, 1894 Gas

Argon, oh argon, Thou noble gas, we salute thee, a gift from the god of gaseous elements. You light up my night with your glowing signs …and prevent the filament in my incandescent bulbs from burning up. Argon, oh argon, what will we ever do if you are gone?

ž  He

is a Noble Gas ž  Lives on 3 Ramsay Circle ž  Siblings: ¡  Helium


¡  11


¡  Krypton


¡  Xenon


¡  Radon


In his future, Aragon will become a light bulb filament.

Period Seven  

Period Seven

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