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Quizno Nickel! Mother: Anvita Devineni Father: Gregory


Quizno Nickel We would like to call our beloved son Quizno Nickel as Ni, because of his last name being Nickel. He was born on 1751 and weighed 58.6934 grams. He was 28 cm tall, and was attended by Axel Cronstedt. He is a metal element and his gender is solid. He was born in Sweden, and has emotions such as 3263 K and 1728 K.

Pronunciation rebus N+

-P= Nickel

Birth Certificate This is to certify that Quizno Nickel weighing 58.6934 oz. was born on 1751 to Gregory and Anvita

Quizno’s First Picture!

Haiku to Nickel

Transition metals Include nickel: white and hard Fourteen isotopes

The Whole Family! Nickel is a part of a enormous family: the Transition Metals. But his direct blood line consists of him, Palladium, Platinum, and Darmstadtium. He lives on 4 Cronstedt Drive.

Bohr Model of Nickel

Ambitions! Our boy Nickel enjoys making people happy, so when he gets older he wants to became a copper-nickel alloy. He wishes become money in the form of coins (change) that will hopefully be passed on for generations and generations to come. We, as his parents, cannot be more proud!

Period Seven Nickel Anvita Gregory  

Period Seven