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CUNY School of Law (at Queens College) ​[Music] hi I'm here at ignite with Leslie Kirk from perspicuity gold Microsoft Partner and Joe Francis from GSK thank you very much for stopping by I know you had very successful session this morning on Yammer adoption so do you feel like Yammer got recent attention or has it been slowly kind of getting to where it is right now being an MVP I think that it went quiet it seems that Microsoft had been beavering away on teams and I think coming to ignite this week the fact that the teams are talking more about Yammer and Yammer are talking more about the teams and there was a brilliant slide that they shared from day one and it's called the outer and inner loop where you own the outer loop you've got Yammer for the whole of the organization and then you've got the inner loop which is for teams and the Yammer MVPs are really quite comfortable with that whole kind of analogy it's a great slide yeah it looks like a belly button it is a great site I saw it and it's finally getting some clarity what Yammer is what SharePoint is right and where everything falls into place how did you discover Yammer in your organization so it was actually an eight-year journey for GlaxoSmithKline - to get to where we are now so Yammer started originally as a disruptive computing experiment we had some IP students and some interns that were challenged to come up with a new way of collaborating and working together and they fell upon Yammer and from the kind of those humble beginnings we initially you know work through it was a lot of viral growth and then we there was a lot of uptake and a lot of others comparable solutions that were being used in the organization and IT decided look this is something that is gonna work so let's put some effort behind it we reorganized partnered wept with our with our friends and comms and began making it a real thing we signed a contract in 20,000 in 2013 and it became official we did a major roll out with a lot of a lot of internal marketing a lot of drive we had Microsoft there to help us out with that customer success managers that's actually a really interesting point I wanted to ask you max did you feel like you have to sell yeah more to executives or was it naturally kind of like there are absolutely those that get Yammer a hundred percent and it doesn't matter what part of the organization there are executives their admins it's all over they get it there are definitely those that don't get it and have to be convinced there's a you know there's a definitely a paradigm that's talked about which is the green dots the yellow dots and the red dots the red dots being the ones that are hardest to convince the green dots get it automatically and the yellows can be convinced so the you know the challenge is to get those yellows over to green and once you're there come back and work on the Reds and we definitely had to do a bit of that so what would be some of the top tips if you can share with us some nuggets that how would you recommend turning those yellows into greens potentially those right sure so it's really all about finding a bit of business fit just putting it out there is not going to bring most people in so if you can find out what the pain point is within a group or an organization and there's ways that you can bring you a more to bear to help you meet those and you know overcome those pains for sure from JSK and the one was around financial results and doing a yam jam you want me to explain it yeah yeah please so it's a 24 it can be a 24 hour activity on the network in a probably a specific group where you gather together subject matter experts from the company so in this case there was people from and the analyst team in finance and social media and corporate communications and that were key to putting out the financial results so the this particular event took place the day after the results were released from the stock exchange and the beauty of it from employee engagement is that all of the employees are shareholders they know the share price of the company they want to hear whether how the company's is performing they are very knowledgeable about the finances of the company so so we this was the first time we've done yeah we ran a yam jam in the company and it worked really well on this but that was kind of two three years ago and Joe has since done really even more brilliant ones that use video that came direct from the stock exchange and then one other example to bring in probably the the yellow dots or the red dots and move them to yellow in for leaders is to wrap it around a big event like senior leader conference bring it in naturally as part of what are the problem we're trying to fix you know how can we support this conference how can we go out to employees whilst we're still at the conference get their opinion about what we're talking about at this conference and then bring it back in so there's two you know there's a couple of ways for doing big piece big big ticket numbers and also the importance of using a strong hashtag around

the event or as Yammer calls it topics which is we've heard this week topics are going to be more gonna be more kind of relevant on the network and how topics are being managed beautiful those are some really good tips and so once it's once it's running once you've got you know people recognize it do you would you would you say that you need someone to kind of constantly keep the fire going or is it kind of can it run on autopilot so we're a period of time it could be on autopilot short period of time but in reality you're only gonna have success if you've got somebody driving it whether it's a group or a division or an individual or different community that are helping out you really have to figure out ways to keep those topics that are being discussed in Yammer groups keep them live keep them active and and that a lot of times it takes just going out and actively liking post or putting in provocative responses or that sort of thing just to try to draw people in without the engagement it doesn't work so just having it there it can be it can work but it's not really successful and it's in the end Yammer is about the conversation so if it's only seen as a push medium like like essentially a corporate comms net you know a news push it'll it'll become irrelevant but if it's focuses on the conversations and how binding information finding people who know things can help it becomes much more successful those are some good points and and in terms of idea yeah absolutely because this is around of a model that I use called six Yammer hats which is based on Edward de Bono's six thinking hats from I think 1985 but it brings brings in the elements to bring an intrapreneur into the company those are the kind of people that you'll really but make the most brilliant Y ambassador's is Joe called them back at GlaxoSmithKline they've been in the company a long time they've got integrity everyone kind of well people lot of people know them and they're kind of middle management maybe lower but to be a good community manager the six hats are being a detective where you might work in a private group to you know more focus you might be a surveyor where you're doing polls and asking questions right across the enterprise getting a temperature check you can be an astronaut where you're more of a community manager but you're connecting sharing solving and innovating which is Simon Terry MPVs model that I'm quoting there then you could be working in communications and you're wearing the fedora hats where you're looking for you you're on the network but kind of in the background and you're picking up grassroots stories that might be coming from manufacturing or from the labs in R&D and bringing those stories that have been bubbling away back to corporate comms to the editorial team to make proper intranet SharePoint stories then there's two more the tiara for giving praise one liked by a leader please priceless and then the final one is the baseball cap of having fun with a purpose and there were many groups that I was involved in strategic rates but there was also the fun groups the social groups around the cycling group for sustainable transport and there was photography pets baking so it's it's it's having fun at work amazing you know those are some really good tips in terms of once it's how do you measure the adoption is it really the likes they did the engagement huh or are there any specific tools and methods that you guys found there's it's really a combination so you've got both the qualitative and the quantitative bit so definitely looking at you know how the number of posts have gone up over a period of time how many people are posting is that you know the same person doing all the posting or is there a distribution those are certainly important what's equally as important is to look and see what types of things are being posted about so even something as simple as you know getting the content out of your group and doing a word cloud to see what the important topics are really goes a long way so it's really kind of a sentiment analysis to understand you know what those things are those those ways of identifying that there's a lot of third party tools that are available you can do some of it on your own with a bit of work but so it is possible but you definitely have to measure you know on both sides the third party towards when your network gets that big they you do need to pick up on bring something else in otherwise you just go stir-crazy any any tools that you can share well G escape well so there's there's several out there that we aren't using them but Ty graph has a solution there's a another one from tosser log there's a group called terrain are also there and then swoop out of Australia they've got a really they all have similarities but also things that set them apart it just really depends on which aspects you want to measure and you know then what works best for you know for you did you feel like you have to do a lot of governance planning for Yammer or was it sort of natural you'll fail if you don't really yeah because one of the biggest things to make you more successful is ensuring that you've got legal and security and risk on board with you and they're gonna ask those questions they're gonna want to know is there ways to monitor the content are we protecting ourselves are we making sure we don't have data leaks and having that kind of support from the from your legal team is crucial so yeah absolutely you need you need to have that written as a policy that everybody accepts when they go in and there's general awareness this is how you act for us at GSK integrity is part of the value that we operate under and with with transparency so it was you know it's well understood but it's also part of the policy that you have to accept to use GSK resources so you can use Yammer for onboarding new hires snippin nurture them in the buds they've all come in thinking every this is how everyone's working so so now that the Yammer network has been around running around for a while right and it's it's successful what are some of the things that you would say

what are some of the interesting and surprising math and metrics that you can share with with folks that you found was like oh that's interesting well so for me the biggest thing is I mean we're a global company so we have a you know exists in 150 different countries there abouts to me the amazing thing is that we have Yammer our population represents 120 125 different countries that's amazing you know it you know for me in the u.s. I know that on a daily basis I could interact with somebody from Singapore or Poland or Canada you know it could be anywhere or the UK so having that global distribution is amazing also for us with our numbers you know we have representation from every part of the business which is also key that means you know you can ask a question or find out answer finding it in and out information from any part of the organization and one thing that hasn't been mentioned at all during the whole time we've been here talking about Yammer it's the translation functionality yes yes please do I mean it's just you know it's just good as you get on well anywhere really with tools that are using translate and for a company that's you know all over the world the translation qualities is really good I think it's only Chinese how's the Chinese it does well I don't I don't speak very Chinese but I know it does can looks pretty good yeah absolutely yeah right as the characters say yeah there's so many Chinese dialects but yeah you can have a really good conversation with someone in Poland or Russia or Japan and these are different cultures and my question is do you do feel like Yammer did require culture change or it was kind of like everybody kind of got on board and at different time so that one of the other model that I have called working out loud in a network which I've shared at the presentation it I presented the first kind of iteration of it which is probably I meant probly iteration 10 by now because it's I've been nurturing a 10-year effort for two years I presented that to the EMEA communications team around trying to you know how Yammer can support their in their business area and I left them with my slides and then a couple of weeks later one of the girls contacted me and said she shared it with the German works council it would previously banned the use of Yama she sent me this in an email so I had it in writing and she said they've now approved it I was like amazing for you I think I fell on the floor but it's a very different it's a it's gone through lots of iterations since then so yeah so but but you're absolutely right it's it's all about culture and the willingness of those teams to engage online so some of our most active groups right now are a group out of Turkey before our entire essentially the entire Turkey pop GSK population in Turkey they're all part of a group it's one of the most active groups we have some of the ones that we have out of South America are in in Latin America they really have a lot of campaigns I use photos a lot to bring people in they're extremely powerful and really engaged so it's all over funny event they love having big events dancing and everything that's very colorful and especially for sales reps isn't it they really use it well yeah the sales teams beautiful so now that you know you used it for a while and you kind of see how Yammer is is there anything that you're like oh this needs to it needs to go this direction or this needs to change or this needs to be added to the product anything like that that you would you'd say well we're actually seeing a lot of that from the roadmaps that they're sharing this week so a lot of the the integration points that are being made with Yammer inclusion and inclusion into sharepoint connections with teams the incorporation of Skype for business into into Yammer these are all really empower 'full tools that are you know absolutely from from my perspective as the admin as well as kind of one of the drivers within the corporation the better that they can do with admin tools the better we're going to be we've seen a lot of things that are coming that are going to be improvements so I'm applauding that for sure a big thing that I picked up on which is when I heard it was under NDA but I was like yay was around local and regional data centers that llamo can be stopped because previously it's only been able to a store and the data in America which hasn't gone down well if you're someone in the UK but now going forwards I don't know I don't know what the timeline is a couple of months but there will be local local data is it residency data center yeah I'm not too technical so on more about the change management so that's a that's really for it really really brilliant to hear but I think if you're up against the likes of Facebook workplace and you know the amazing things that they can do with their platform and employees see that and they want that so maybe you know it needs to be made a bit brighter or a bit more colorful or a little bit more kind of interactive not interactive but it's a bit more engaging I think for the users I mean it's come it's coming along that you can put gifts on there and all that sort of thing and emoticons and things but but it is quite vanilla as a platform which in a way is quite good it can blends when you put it into SharePoint and community sites and things so so yeah but it's the I think from them from the Yammer and the team's MVPs point of view it's understanding the differentiation of when to use a team and when to use Yammer and I think they're both brilliant tools and for me it's Yammer is owned by the people and it's tacit knowledge and it's serendipity and teams is owned by probably the management and it's for a project team and it's got a length of time or it's for a function and it's a bit it's rather more structured but it's got a lot more tools and there is a difference of why you would use one and not the perfect well lastly Joe I really thank you for this incredible story successful story and thank you for all the insight that you've given us and you know good luck with the rest of the conference thank you University at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo).