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What are some of the most interesting advertising, marketing and PR jobs?

Advertising, marketing and PR roles may demand a similar set of skills and attributes - including good interpersonal skills, oral and written communication skills, drive and ambition and the ability to influence and negotiate, among others - but what jobs in these fields would be the best match for you? Our recruitment experts here at Webrecruit ( summarise some of the best of them...

Advertising account executive

As an advertising account executive, you will work within an advertising or multi-service agency, serving as a link between the agency and its clients. You will be required to liaise between the client and other agency employees in the coordination of advertising campaigns, managing administrative and campaign work to ensure its completion on time, and in budget.

Normally reporting to an account manager, you will handle as many as four client accounts, or one or two if employed by a larger agency.

Advertising copywriter

Working with client briefs alongside an art director within an advertising, media or full-service industry's creative department, your aim will be the development, conception and production of effective advertising campaigns.

You will provide the verbal or written 'copy' for the advertising campaign to complement the art director's visual images. Your responsibility is likely to be the production of slogans, catchphrases and messages across printed leaflets and adverts, web advertising and possibly even TV commercials and radio jingles.

Market researcher

Many organisations would like the economic, social and political decisions that they make to be wellinformed by market researchers, whose role is to collect and analyse data and information that their clients find valuable.

Some organisations recruiting staff directly employ market researchers (known as client-side), although the vast majority of employers of market researchers are actually marketing agencies of various sizes. In this role, you are likely to specialise in either qualitative or quantitative research, with daily working activities including meeting clients, researching topics, preparing briefs and commissioning research.

Public relations officer

Recruitment agency clients from across the sectors - including media, utilities, voluntary and not-forprofit organisations and more - often require the management of their reputation by a public relations officer, whether in-house or from a consultancy.

Whether you are serving a public body, business or voluntary organisation, it will be your job to communicate the right messages to defined target audiences, helping to ensure continued understanding and goodwill between the organisation and its public.

Media buyer

As a media buyer, your task will be the negotiation, purchase and monitoring of advertising space and airtime on your client's behalf. The aim is to pay as little as possible to reach the maximum number of people in the target audience, across any and all media - from posters, newspapers and magazines to television, cinema and the Internet.

All of these roles and many more are highly familiar to our marketing recruitment experts. Talk to Webrecruit's ( staff recruitment professionals today about how you can find your dream marketing role.

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