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Regency Homes Ltd Defines Modern Contemporary Luxury Many people enjoy the convenience of having an apartment or penthouse in the city and when it comes to luxury and modern style, Regency Homes Ltd understands what people want. The international property developer knows that people like to be close to shopping and dining, desire luxury features in their living residence such as a gym and on-site security and the ability to entertain families and friends in a beautiful setting. Since 1983, the developer of international properties has come to be associated with all of these things. Luxury at its Best From the moment a person steps into a residential building, hotel, or commercial site created by Regency Homes Limited, they know that they are walking into something special. For example, the developer’s latest project, Island Croydon, is a sleek residential 20-storey tower with apartments that come with engineered wood flooring, quality appliances, multimedia network cable, and underfloor heating. Guests of the developers’ hotels also enjoy a number of amenities such as fitness and health centers with the latest equipment, first-class restaurants and pampering at in-house spas. Experience a beautiful setting While it is great to come home to a comfortable and luxurious home, Regency Homes Ltd also knows that a beautiful setting is important and many of their properties offer park settings and quiet gardens where residents and their guests can enjoy all that nature has to offer. Private balconies at Island Croydon offer residents a beautiful view of the city around them during the day and in the evening. Clean lines with an emphasis on nature is an important element in contemporary design and each project the company handles represents this with respect to the building’s original architectural features. For example, rooms at the company’s Manor of Groves Hotel, Golf and Country Club are furnished with pieces that combine history with the present for a look that is welcoming and original. Outstanding quality and detail Not only are the residential and commercial spaces created by Regency Homes Limited beautiful to look at, they are also constructed with outstanding quality and detail. With 30 years of experience behind them, the company is recognised as one of London’s foremost developers when it comes to luxury homes, residential apartments, and properties. New construction projects are done with a focus on ecofriendly materials and energy efficient systems which benefit the community as a whole as well as the residents themselves. Historic properties are brought back to life with the purpose of preserving their heritage while also moving into the modern century with updated equipment, meeting rooms and other functional spaces. Regency Homes Ltd truly understands what residents and guests want and how to deliver on those expectations. ***

Regency homes ltd defines modern contemporary luxury  

Regency Homes Ltd has been creating high quality modern and contemporary living spaces since 1983.