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How could directors and managers benefit from a London Registrars company secretary?

Companies frequently make use of company secretaries for a wide range of duties relating to business administration, including the completion of statutory requirements. Since 1999, London Registrars ( has fostered a reputation for the assistance and solutions that it provides to many different companies, catering to their specific requirements. Certainly, there are many reasons for directors and managers to contact the firm about the services of an experienced and highly qualified company secretary. AIM-listed companies, for example, may request the services of an AIM company secretary, which encompass the management of meetings of the board, general meetings, AGMs and committees of the board. An AIM company secretary could also carry out a corporate health check of the company’s statutory registers, advise the company on the achievement and maintenance of good government, manage shareholder information and contribute to and review the annual report and accounts, amongst a wide range of other duties. London Registrars is also known for its meeting management service, which allows companies to outsource meeting management, enhancing board or committee effectiveness and saving costs in the process. London Registrars also offers basic company secretarial services for non-listed PLCs by subscription, allowing a “private” PLC that does not have its shares traded on a stock exchange to benefit from a registered office address in central London, directors’ service addresses, the preparation and submission of Annual Returns and the maintenance of the Register of Directories and Secretaries, among other benefits. London Registrars can also give a public limited company either fully or partially outsourced services, of which examples include the provision of compliance consultancy and the cost-effective management of dormant subsidiaries, as well as case managing litigation on the company’s behalf. Similar services can also be provided to private limited companies, including taking custody of the Minute Book or filing any changes in the statutory registers with Companies House. LLPs can also

benefit from the assistance of a company secretary from London Registrars, as can companies limited by guarantee. Alternatively, a company may lose its company secretary or a member of the company secretarial team for an extended period of time, perhaps because of illness, maternity or paternity leave – in which case, it may appreciate in-house interim company secretarial services. Cover can be provided from the London Registrars office, or a suitably qualified member of its company secretarial team may be seconded to the client’s offices over the relevant period. Company secretarial services are also available from London Registrars ( for NHS Trusts. Even an academy company secretary can be requested for tasks including the preparation of minutes and any ancillary work relating to the board and board committee meetings and reviewing minutes received from the academy for the purposes of compliance. Even a company secretarial audit is possible, covering such matters as a company’s memorandum, articles of association and statutory registers – all handled effectively and freeing up time for the continued expansion of the business. Editor’s Note: London Registrars ( are represented by the search engine advertising and digital marketing specialists Jumping Spider Media. Email: or call: +44 (0)20 3070 1959 / +34 952 783 637.

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