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Explorations are designed to ignite a passion for learning and foster creativity. Students in the 5th and 6th grade will begin each week with a 90 minute interest based course that will take place on Mondays for one quarter. All explorations are hands on, ungraded and focused on giving students the opportunity to learn more about a topic that intrigues them.

Each year, all students will participate in:

WELLNESS EXPLORATIONS Fitness • Strategy • Health

ARTS EXPLORATIONS Music • Art • Theater

LEARNING BEYOND EXPLORATIONS Technology • World Language • Digital Media

WELLNESS EXPLORATIONS Fitness • Strategy • Health Popular Sports This course will be packed with action, competition and energy. We’ll spend three weeks each on some of the most popular games in the world - basketball, soccer and Frisbee. We’ll mix things up quite a bit, taking part in small-sided and tournament-style games, and maybe even get a bit better at them! Net and Court Sports How would you do with a racquet in your hand? How about a bowling ball? If that sounds interesting to you, don’t miss this opportunity to explore some different activities that may or may not be new to you. We’ll spend some time on a court playing games like pickleball, volleyball and badminton.

Olympic Games – Swimming and Track & Field While the Olympics may have come and gone, the Olympic spirit will live on in our district! We’ll spend some time testing our track and field skills at some of the events our American heroes competed in on the world stage. Do you enjoy the water? Then the next section will be right up your “lane”! We’ll travel to the high school to practice some of our aquatic skills (and maybe find a game or two to play!) Golf Think you might enjoy golf? Then join us for some skills and practice to be just a bit better on the links. Maybe you could be the next Mariemont grad to compete in the U.S. Open!


ARTS EXPLORATIONS Music • Art • Theater Printmaking Palooza! Experience the limitless possibilities in printmaking using a variety of materials. Students will carve soft blocks, make monoprints on Plexiglas, create collagraph reliefs, and experience shaving cream marbling. Make your own stationery, design your own emoji and become a printing expert.

Your Pet in Soft Sculpture Working from a photograph (that you bring in), design, stitch and create a soft sculpture of your pet. Learn skills in sewing, realistic painting, and sculpture design. End up with a free standing, huggable, artistic version of your best friend!

Capture your Favorite Place on the Planet in a Mosaic Collage Work with paper in a way you’ve never worked before – by creating, layering and collaging a variety of unique papers. Design a triptych of landscapes based on a place you love, and watch it come to life as you build up layers.

Bring your Superhero to Life Used mixed media – aluminum foil, wire, and plaster craft – to build a three-dimensional superhero from your imagination. This sculpture will include a setting, allowing you to show your figure in action.

Center Stage: Musical Theatre Performance This exploration combines creative movement, song, acting and theater games while building your confidence on stage! Students will rehearse a real, live musical theater show to be performed at the end!

Orchestra Overtures Discover the wonderful world of orchestral music! Interview real symphony musicians, explore violin shops, and investigate the past, present and future of the orchestra.


Sing for a Cause Do you know how much YOUR voice can do? Students will travel to the different schools to carol during the holidays, perform for younger students at the end of the year, perform for senior citizens in retirement homes and more! In addition, chorus students will also design, create and complete their own community service project over the course of this exploration.

Piano Lab Have you ever wanted to learn to play the piano? Perhaps you already do! This exploration is open to all ability levels from no experience to advanced. Our instructors have a wide variety of songs to choose from and are thrilled to help you learn to “tickle the ivories.”

Jazz and Rock N’ Roll Band Do you play a band instrument? Are you interested in Jazz music or Rock n’ Roll? Come jam with your friends! We will be exploring these styles of music, going to concerts, and putting on our own jam session.


LEARNING BEYOND EXPLORATIONS Technology • World Language • Digital Media Spanish Theater Challenge yourself and your acting abilities while learning and practicing conversational Spanish. Perform your original productions and/or translate existing theater works into a Spanish performance.

Teach Yourself Spanish or Mandarin Use technology to take your Spanish and/or Mandarin to the next level. Learn at your own pace and create a system for learning language that you could use with any language.

Spanish or Mandarin Music Video Production Discover the bilingual musician and poet in you. Write a song, sing the song, record the song, and produce your own music video in Spanish or Mandarin. If you do not enjoy performing in front of the camera, we will recruit performers to sing for you!

Storytelling Paint a picture...literally and figuratively. Use your own work of art to tell an engaging Spanish or Mandarin. Combine art with language arts and world language!

Spanish Passport There are so many traditions and customs that are specific to the Spanish culture. Take a virtual cultural trip around Latin America. Learn about holidays, traditions and so much more.

Chinese Passport Learn about Chinese history, including some of the dynasties that had the biggest influences to Chinese history and culture. Experience Chinese holidays and festivals with products and practices that are related.


Robotics and Programming Try your hand at virtual and physical robotic programming along with an end-of-quarter challenge to build and program a physical robot.

Design Squad Various design and build projects will be presented. Projects can range from water- or air-powered rockets, power tool dragsters, Hovercrafts, PVC marshmallow launcher, corrugated material furniture, and maybe even a 3D printed object.

Video Production Write, produce, shoot and edit a video. Choose your topic and create your own documentary, interview segment or theatrical performance.

Kids Th@t {Code} Have you ever wanted to learn to code? It is a skill that will take you far! We will explore the basics of coding and have the opportunity to code a small device to move it where you want it to go...all with coding! We will continue to practice our keyboarding skills, too.

Dream Design Design a dream house or any structure you can imagine. Learn to use Google SketchUp and other digital tools.


My Preferred Explorations for 2016-17

Student Name: 2016-17 Grade: You are encouraged to select the explorations that sound most interesting to you. Below is a worksheet for you to use as you think through which explorations you want to choose. Please read the options and complete the form below with your parents/guardians. Consider the following when selecting explorations: • Please rank your choices. The exploration that you are most interested in should be ranked number 1. • Explorations will be offered based on student interest. Selecting an exploration does not guarantee that it will be offered. • High-demand explorations may be offered during more than one quarter to accommodate student interests. Please note that friends who sign up for the same exploration may be scheduled during different quarters. • This is a great opportunity to try something new for a few weeks. Consider choosing explorations from a variety of categories. Please list your top 8 choices here. You will be assigned to 4 explorations (1 per quarter). 1.








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Terrace Park Elementary Explorations Guide 2016-17  
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