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INTRODUCTION High school may seem like a big change from junior high and you may be feeling a little nervous. If so, you are not alone – all freshmen are starting high school together and wondering how their high school experience is going to go. You are all in this together so relax and get ready for a fun and rewarding high school experience! Here are a few freshmen survival tips to remember as you get ready for your first day of high school:

Be prepared for change. This is a brand new journey. You will notice a difference in what you’ve been used to in your friends, teachers and school. Change is different but change can be good. Be ready for changes that lead you to be the best you can be.

Do not procrastinate. The sooner you get things done, the more time you will have to do the things you like to do. You will feel more relaxed and prepared if you get things checked off your to-do list early, rather than last minute.

Make good first impressions, especially on teachers. Be prepared for class, on time and be an active participant. A positive first impression with your teachers will go a long way and will follow you throughout high school.

Consider an extracurricular activity. High school is a great time to figure out what you are interested in. Follow your interests through clubs and sports. These activities are also a crucial part of your college application.

Eat breakfast and lunch. Whether you purchase food in the cafeteria or bring your food to school, your brain and body need energy to perform. It is scientifically proven that high school students perform better if they have healthy meals and snacks. HOMEWORK

Be organized. This will save you tons of heartache, 2

headache and extra homework. Get a system for organizing yourself that works for you.

Keep an eye on Blackboard Calendar. Check this for daily homework and assignments. You can also customize it for your personal schedule.

Be yourself and be an original. High school can be a difficult time for everyone. Keep this in mind when approaching people: you’re all in the same boat. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when talking to new people; you might surprise yourself!

Stay positive. Be realistic. Not every day will be problem free. Even on your worst days, try to keep a positive attitude. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you need to.


Effective Study Habits

Your teacher is the best person to give you specific study tips for his/her class. The teacher knows your progress in that class and can be the most effective person in advising you how to improve a grade or be a more effective learner.

Use the labs at MHS! During study hall or lunch, students can go to labs for extra help with assignments. Go into a lab with specific questions or a draft to revise. The labs are there for all students, to use at anytime.

See your counselor if you would like to work with a peer tutor during a study hall or before or after school. National Honor Society students volunteer their time to work with students in peer tutoring. You don’t need to struggle through on your own!

Be aware of your best time of day. Many people learn best in daylight hours. Think about if this is true for you. If it is, schedule time to study during the day. If not, find out what is best.

Use your waiting time effectively. Ten minutes waiting on a bus or five minutes between class can add up. Also, in between school and extracurricular activities, use this time to your advantage.


Use a regular study area. When you use the same place to study, day after day, your mind and body become trained. It should help you focus and concentrate quickly.

Don’t get too comfortable. Easy chairs, the bed or a sofa can be dangerous places to study. If too comfortable, your body may be getting the message “time to sleep” rather than “time to study.”


When studying, figure out what method works best for you, whether this means listening to classical music or taking effective study breaks. Also avoid other distractions such as the TV or phone.

Study difficult subjects first! If a particular subject is hard or puts you to sleep, tackle it first while you are fresh.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What time does school start and how long are the classes? The first bell starts at 7:45am and school dismisses at 2:52pm. Students start arriving around 7:30am unless they have an early appointment with a teacher. There are seven (7) bells per day and each bell is around 52 minutes long with four minutes between classes. For the class schedule, visit the district website under “Mariemont High School” or the Mariemont High School calendar on the calendar page of the website. The school operates on quarters and semesters.

When is the first day of school? For the 2019-20 school year, the first day of school is Wednesday, August 28.

Who is in charge around here? Dr. Jim Renner is the principal of Mariemont High School and Trevor Block is the assistant principal. Tom Nerl is the district’s athletic director.

Do we have a homeroom? No, there is no homeroom.

How will I find my classes on the first day? Once you receive your schedule at orientation, you can walk around that day to get used to the building and become more familiar with your schedule. You will have a paper copy.


Which door do I use in the mornings? The main doors for the 2019-2020 school year will be the doors into the Board office, where the High School office will be located. However, students may enter through the turnaround doors near the auditorium, the back door near the band room or the door into the modular classrooms.

What if I get lost going to class? Navigating classrooms during the 2019-2020 school year will be challenging for all of us, but it won’t take long for you to know the best route to your classrooms.

The hallways are crowded in between bells so what is the best way to get somewhere quickly? Walk on the right side of the hallway and go with the flow!

How do we get to know the upperclassmen? You will meet many upperclassmen in your daily classes. A great way to meet people is to join an activity or sport.

What is your advice on homework? Don’t procrastinate! Missing assignments can really affect your grades. Be sure to do your homework and turn it in on time for full credit. Find an organization system that works for you! Color-coded planners, folders and notebooks for each class can really help, as can staying digitally organized on Blackboard.


How do I print my schoolwork and assignments? Although we strongly encourage digital organization and being mindful of unnecessarily printing documents, we understand that sometimes there is a need to print so printing is available to you in the high school library using the remote desktop. Check with your teacher about other printing options.

Speaking of the library, is the library only for books? No way. The Mariemont High School library is more of a collaborative workspace. Ask our librarians to give you information on all kinds of learning tools and research resources available through our library. According to Mrs. Colpi, the library media & tech specialist, “change is happening at various speeds due to technology, and one of these changes is in the landscape of the school – and even public – library. The library is not just a warehouse anymore, it’s the place to get together, collaborate and create. It’s a community space.”

What do I need to know about my locker? Lockers will be assigned to freshmen. You will get your locker assignment and combination at Student Orientation in August. Lockers will be located on the lower level behind the gym, in the Hall of Fame, and outside the auditorium. Use them for storage. Lock up your jacket and lunch. Take the books you need for the first half of the day and switch at lunchtime. You will not have time to go to your locker between every bell. If you forget your combination, go ask at the office. If you have a class near your locker, that might be a good time to switch out a few things that you need.


How do I find out my bus route and schedule? The district website is a great tool for this and for many, many other things. To find your bus schedule, check the district website under “Parents” or call transportation at 513-272-7510. The bus schedule is usually posted in early August each year. Remember, all school rules apply on the buses.

What is the district’s technology policy? There is a district-wide one-to-one technology plan across all curriculum and grade levels with the option of “bring your own” technology or “rent” district-owned devices. If you would like to rent a device, visit Mrs. Emily Colpi in the high school library. Remember – Don’t get distracted by your laptop during class by visiting unrelated sites!

What is the dress code? No short shorts, no spaghetti straps, no hats, no holes in jeans.

What is the school’s policy about smoking, alcohol and drugs? Don’t do it and especially not on school property!

What if I have to go to the bathroom or leave the classroom for any reason? If you can, try to go to the bathroom between bells or ask your teacher for permission to go before the tardy bell rings. You will need to ask your teacher if you need to leave the classroom for any reason.


Where do I find out more information about summer reading and summer assignments? To find out more information about summer reading and assignments, visit the district website > Mariemont High School > Summer Assignments. This is usually updated by late May each year. Added to that, your teachers might also give you a heads up about summer expectations before the school year ends.

Tell me about how lunch works at the high school. Students are required to have lunch on campus until their senior year. Lunch is 44 minutes and is served in the Commons, which is downstairs near the gym and pool. Students may eat in the Commons and main gym. Food and drinks are not allowed in the classrooms.

Does the district use social media? Yes! The school district uses: Instagram (mariemontschools), Facebook (Mariemont City Schools), Twitter (@mariemontschool) and YouTube (Mariemont City Schools). On Twitter, you also can follow: Mariemont High School (@Mariemont_HS), superintendent Steven Estepp (@estepp), athletic director Tom Nerl (@mmontad), director of college and career counseling Amanda Leszczuk (@MCSD_CCPC) and many staff members. Following the district’s social media is a great way to follow what’s going on with the school and community.


I’m having a rough time, is there someone I can talk to? Of course there is! Never, ever feel like you are alone. If you are having a difficult time with your class schedule or classes, you can talk to your counselor or building principal any time. Don’t forget – everyone wants you to succeed! You can also talk to your counselor if you’re having a difficult time and feeling overwhelmed, depressed or upset. Added to that, the district has partnered with Child Focus, Inc. to offer additional mental health services for students. The high school has a licensed therapist, Adan Liendo, who offers a more intensive level of services for students and families, and can be accessed all year. We want every student to feel emotionally healthy and ready to learn. There is no shame in needing and asking for help.

How do I get involved in building the homecoming float? Any freshman who is interested should reach out to the class officers, check the Blackboard announcements or ask Amy Leatherwood, the freshman class advisor. Each class starts building its float the Saturday before Homecoming. This is definitely a fun way to get involved with this competitive annual tradition!


BUILDING A POSITIVE SCHOOL CLIMATE Our goal is that every person who enters our high school feels welcome and safe. According to a study conducted by the National Association of School Psychologists, bullying is the most common form of violence in our society; between 15% and 30% of students are bullies or victims. This is unacceptable. If you need to report bullying or any other safety concerns, the district offers an anonymous, 24-hour bullying reporting service through Public School Works. Everyone can access this service through the high school’s homepage on the district website. As a sophomore, you will participate in Youth Frontiers’ Respect Retreat. The goal of the retreat is to bring your class even closer together to respect and celebrate your differences from one another. The district also participates in the Courage Retreat in 7th grade and the Kindness Retreat in 5th grade.




Warriors BEyond is the Mariemont City School District’s flagship program for student opportunities offered beyond the traditional curriculum, including new enrichment experiences, travel opportunities, career exploration and service learning, giving students at all grade levels the chance to lead, reach and explore.


Travel Opportunities

Intersession is a week-long opportunity at the end of May for all students to explore their interests, passions and even possible careers for the future. It’s a chance to be curious, creative and be exposed to things that are outside of the traditional classroom setting. Previous courses have included rock climbing, video game design, classic film studies and so much more. It is also a chance to travel internationally or domestically on one of our two trips offered during that time. A booklet of choices will be presented to you in the fall and you will have the chance to choose a course perfect for you. Please see your counselor for more information.

Exploring the world around you is great way to learn more about yourself and our global culture. Mariemont High School students now have the opportunity to participate in a variety of travel opportunities including: • Global student leadership summit in Europe • Service learning trips in Central or South America • World language culture trips in Europe



Check out the Warriors BEyond website for an updated calendar on where we have been and where we hope to go next.

Master Class Series From the Learning Lab and after-school enrichment at the elementary level to Expeditions at the junior high to the Master Class series at the high school – turn your interest into a passion! The Master Class series is student-created curriculum. Through the flex credit program, create a class led by your enthusiasm and interests and receive 13 elective credit while doing so! For more information, you can talk to your guidance counselor or Brian Sugarman, Warriors BEyond coordinator.



Last Name, First Name Street Address City, State






PHONE (513) 272-7600 COUNSELOR VICTORIA ZAYA TERM Semester 1 Classes Semester 2 Classes Semester 1 Classes Semester 2 Classes Semester 1 Classes Semester 2 Classes Semester 1 Classes Semester 2 Classes Semester 1 Classes Semester 2 Classes Semester 1 Classes Semester 2 Classes Semester 1 Classes Semester 2 Classes


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Join an extracurricular activity and get the most out of your Mariemont High School experience!

AFS Club The AFS International Exchange Club provides a network of friends and social events for Mariemont High School’s foreign exchange students. The club brings international experiences to all Mariemont students through local AFS student exchanges. Through its association with the national AFS Intercultural Programs Organization, the club provides a vehicle whereby Mariemont High School students can participate in international exchange programs offered by this organization. Students in grades 9-12 may participate by attending the business meeting in the fall to sign up. Membership is sustained by participation in club social events, and by volunteering to plan and execute club events and social projects. Meetings are held after school. Events are scheduled evenings and weekends. Some of the activities typically scheduled are restaurant outings to help the student body get to know the current year’s AFS exchange students, parties featuring presentations by exchange students, and other activities, such as picnics and ice skating. Also part of the AFS Club’s service to Mariemont High School is the annual AFS International Day whereby the entire school is given the opportunity to host exchange students for a one-day overnight.


Athletics Mariemont students are well known for being excellent in athletics. For a school of our size, we are fortunate to be able to offer such a wide range of competitive athletic teams. Tryouts, practices and schedules are too lengthy to include here, so please contact the high school office for further information on any team. Tom Nerl, the district athletic director, can help you by giving details or by putting you in contact with the coach of the team. NOTE: Incoming 9th grade students interested in playing sports must have passed 75% of their 4th quarter 8th grade classes. Go Warriors!


Cheerleading, Football (JV, Var.) Cross Country (JV, Var.) Soccer (JV, Var.) FALL Tennis (JV, Var.) Volleyball (JV, Var.) Golf (Var.) Basketball (JV, Var.) WINTER Cheerleading, Basketball (Fr., JV, Var.) Swimming/Diving (Var.) Bowling (Var.) Softball (JV, Var.) SPRING Track & Field (Var.) Lacrosse (JV, Var.)


BOYS’ TEAMS Cross Country (JV, Var.) Football (JV, Var.) Golf (JV, Var.) Soccer (JV, Var.)

Basketball (Fr., JV, Var.) Swimming/Diving (Var.) Bowling (Var.) Baseball (JV, Var.) Tennis (JV, Var.) Track & Field (Var.) Lacrosse (JV, Var.)

Art Club The Art Club’s mission is to increase awareness of the visual art in the school and the community. Any student of Mariemont High School is welcome to join the art club. Previous art experience and participation in visual art classes is helpful and recommended. Art Club is a service organization with a primary purpose of raising funds for an annual Art Club Scholarship awarded to a senior who will pursue a college education in a visual art area. Our primary source of income comes from hand crafted and hand painted items sold at Holiday Fair. Fall participation is very active in preparation for this event. In the past we have also participated in activities such as: the Big Pig Gig, the Little Pig Gig, the Foundation “Charity”, Spring Fling and Sing Cincinnati. In May, Art Club members are responsible for Night of the Art exhibits and Scholarship presentations.

Book Club Mariemont High School Book Club meets every Friday morning starting at 7:00 a.m. in the lower library for food, fellowship and fun. We are a stress-free club welcoming anyone as a member with no requirements other than to keep an open mind. We typically choose two books at a time to read over the course of 6-8 weeks (you don’t have to read both), whicH we borrow from the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County and then discuss over breakfast. Book Club sponsors activities and contests during the year such as “Dress As Your Favorite Character Day,” author visits, and summer reading picnics. We sometimes go on field trips to other libraries and regularly invite special guests to come to our meetings to discuss their favorite books and their lives as readers. Whether debating the latest book-to-film adaptation or playing a lively round of Harry Potter trivia, book club is always about making new friends 17 over a shared love of reading.

Chess Club/Chess Team Chess Club meets once a week during both lunches in the Harris Library for friendly competition in a relaxed atmosphere. Chess Club also participates in regional competitions with area districts and a year-end tournament. Seniors in Chess Club are eligible to apply for the Queen City Classic’s Chess in Schools Scholarship ($1,500). All are welcome to join – no experience necessary.

Creative Writing Club An after-school meeting of writers, thinkers and artists who are trying to hone their craft and share their work in a safe, constructive environment.

DECA DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management. DECA provides students the opportunity to compete for local, state, and international Officer Roles, compete for events and scholarships, attend leadership conferences, and perform service-learning projects. DECA is co-curricular, meaning students must be enrolled in a High School of Business course to become a member. Membership includes 180,000 students and advisers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, China, Korea, Japan and Germany.


Fall Play Every November, a play is performed with the purpose of getting students involved in the theatre. Students in grades 9-12 may audition for acting parts during September. Technical positions for lights, sound, backstage work, props, and set building are also arranged during September. There is something for everyone in the dramatic productions; not just those interested in performing. Students have fun while working together and while learning about the art of the theatre. Rehearsals are held almost every day and some Saturdays between early September and late November. As the play is fully sponsored by Masque & Mime, being a member of that club is a prerequisite.

Fishing Club Fishing Club is new to Mariemont High School. Our goal is to being together students of all abilities and interests. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a complete newcomer, we want to share what we know about fishing. We will go on a few outings each year and meet once a month to discuss topics.


High School Band The Mariemont High School Band is a full year curricular course open to all students in grades 9-12 who demonstrate proficiency and/or have a desire to play a band instrument. The Band participates in various activities throughout the school year. Concert Band: The concert band performs in school concerts and in OMEA District XIV sanctioned events. Marching Band: The marching band performs in community paradesand at all home and away football games. Pep Band: The pep band performs at home basketball games. Color Guard: This auxiliary unit is the visual component of the marching band. The color guard performs in parades and at all home and away football games. Indoor Drumline: The indoor drumline is one of the sports of the arts. The drumline is an extracurricular, competitive musical ensemble that is active through the winter and spring months. Auditions are held annually. Rehearsals are arranged at the discretion of the director(s), and generally take place afternoons and evenings. Performances and competitions are held in the evenings and/or on weekends.

Hiking Club If you love being outdoors and enjoy the companionship of others, join the hiking club. We take 7-8 hikes on Saturday mornings during the school year in beautiful locations. You will also learn a bit of naturalist information during the hikes, such as what birds we are hearing, trees we are passing, etc. It is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy nature and hang out with friends!


Key Club Key Club is an international service organization affiliated with Kiwanis. Any students, grades 9-12, who are interested in performing community service, are invited to participate. Meetings are held once a month after school. The fall organizational meeting is the time for new members to join. Dues required. To be considered an active member, students must perform 24 hours of community service (6 credits). One half of the credits must be earned in the first semester. The Key Club sponsors approximately three activities per month. Some examples of these activities are: ushering at plays, working at the Mariemont Kiwanis Art Fair, attending Senior/Senior proms at local nursing homes, and the annual canned food drive. Mariemont Kiwanis, which helps to sponsor Key Club, typically provides up to $15,000 in merit-based scholarships to MHS seniors and graduates each school year. Kiwanis gives extra consideration to those applicants who are members of Key Club.

Latin Club Mariemont Latin Club meets on Mondays. Students prepare projects for the annual Ohio Junior Classical League Convention held in Columbus in March. Students compete against Latin Club students from schools through-out the state in the following categories: club banner, club project, club scrapbook, club skit, costume, dramatic interpretation, English oratory, Latin recitation, Latin sight reading, drawings and paintings (charcoal, ink, mixed media, oil & acrylic, pastel, pencil, watercolor) ceramics, decorative stitching, games, jewelry, models, mosaics, sculpture, textiles, metal & wood-working, illustrated quotations, charts, maps, posters, photo collage, single photograph and audio-visual. Outstanding projects are eligible for the annual National Junior Classical League Convention. Dues are $8.00 per year.


Latin Quiz Team Mariemont Latin Quiz Team practices on Thursdays. Students answer questions in a quiz show format on Latin language and vocabulary, classical culture and civilization, and Greco-Roman mythology. Students compete in teams against Latin Quiz teams from area high schools. Students compete according to their level of Latin: Level I (Latin I), Level II (Latin II), or Upper Level (Latin III, IV, AP). All matches are held on Saturday mornings at high schools in the Cincinnati area. The Latin Quiz team season begins in October and ends in March with the state tournament in Columbus.

Leadership Council The Leadership Council exists to foster leadership, character and decision-making skills while improving the community environment. This may be accomplished through major projects or small acts of kindness. Teachers (including Jr. High teachers) can nominate students in grades 9-12 who have demonstrated potential or leadership skills. The membership is limited to 50 members, spread out over all four grades. Members who fail to participate in club activities or miss two or more meetings are dropped from the roster. The Leadership Council generally meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month after school. One Saturday in the fall is the citywide Youth Conference. Some examples of typical activities are: support of a needy Cincinnati family at Christmas, Hamilton County Youth Conference, leadership speakers, and mentoring and tutoring junior high school students.

Mariemont Girls United Mariemont Girls United is a club dedicated to providing a supportive and affirming school environment for all females. We meet every other Thursday to discuss ways that we can work toward always have a positive outlook on life and becoming more confident in our everyday lives. All students are welcome.


Mariemont High School Class Officers Four class officers are chosen by their classmates in an election held each spring: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Prospective candidates must register prior to the election with the current Student Council Advisor and attend an organizational meeting held with the current Class Advisor after school which defines the officers’ responsibilities. The primary function of the officers is to promote class spirit and provide leadership opportunities for themselves and their classmates. Specific responsibilities related to Homecoming (the class float and parade), Holiday Fair, Spring Fling, the prom (junior year), and graduation (junior and senior year) are also involved. In addition, Class Presidents will serve ex officio on Student Council.

Mariemont Pride + Mariemont Pride + is a club dedicated to providing a safe and affirming school environment for all students, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. We meet each Friday during both lunches in the library to discuss ways that we can work toward a more inclusive and respectful environment for all students and to develop a safe, supportive community for our members. Besides regular meetings and discussions, the club also collaborates with other MHS clubs to sponsor fun, inclusive events, hosts get-togethers with other school GSAs, and participates in fundraising and volunteering for local charities. All students are welcome to attend meetings.


Masque & Mime The purpose of Masque & Mime is to produce the Fall Play, field the school’s Cappies Team and support the Spring Musical to further an appreciation of theatre performance and technical work. Anyone in grades 9-12 who has an interest in being involved in our drama. Most members are involved with the play and the musical, so there are no set meeting times. Members work together constantly at rehearsals. Masque & Mime is fun; people can participate at their own level of comfort and expertise; the group is made up of a diverse population of students.While the Fall Play, Cappies Team and Spring Musical all require tryouts, everyone is encouraged to participate in these auditions. If a student is not awarded a spot on stage or on the team, then there are ample opportunities for “behind-the-scenes� work.

Mock Trial Mock Trial is an opportunity for students to experience a realistic approach to law and government by playing roles involved in a mock trial. Students prepare for cases as plaintiffs, prosecution, and defense, and compete against other teams from other schools. In late October/early November, listen for announcements about the startup of the Mock Trial team. The competition is held in late January/early February.

Musical Each spring a quality Broadway stage musical is presented to community audiences. In mid-December, auditions are held. Any 9th through 12th grade student may audition. Audition materials are provided by the directors. Students may choose to participate by working backstage on lights, sound, set, costumes, etc. instead of auditioning for a performance role. Practices are held after school until about 5:30 and include some evenings and Saturdays. Groups break down rehearsals: chorus rehearsal, dramatic rehearsal, and choreography rehearsal. It is helpful to get as much vocal and dramatic experience as possible before auditioning. Participate in junior high and high school chorus classes, and perhaps take private voice lessons, music reading, acting classes, etc.


National Honor Society NHS is an organization made up of juniors and seniors who are the highest achievers and most active leaders in our school. They provide service to the school and to the community at large. To be eligible for NHS, students must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher. Then they must complete an application (by the required deadline) which will be reviewed by a committee of faculty and administrators. The application and accompanying documentation are very important in the committee’s decision to accept or reject the candidate and should be completed with great care as acceptance into NHS is based not only on grade point average and scholarship, but also on leadership, service, and character. Once chosen to be in NHS, students must maintain the 3.5 GPA and uphold the qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, and character throughout high school in order to remain in the society. Meetings are held as needed and activities include a junior high school dance, service projects, and peer tutoring. NHS members pay yearly dues of $10.00. Students must work hard in their 9th and 10th grade years to acquire the background of leadership activities, community service, classroom leadership, and academic achievement that are the basis for membership. Unlike a club membership, NHS membership is a highly coveted honor; therefore, participation in club activities is mandatory. Students unwilling or unable to make that time commitment should not apply.


Philanthropy Club The Philanthropy Club is made up of Mariemont students in grades 9-12 who wish to learn about philanthropy. Throughout the year, students will meet once a week before school to experience the power of philanthropy by reaching out to charities in the community. Through this process, the members will be divided into groups to decide on which local non-profit agency they will invest the $1,000 grant from Magnified Giving (the non-profit organization that supports this). They will have opportunities to research and present their findings about the social concerns and needs in the Cincinnati area. At the end of the year, an awards ceremony is given to honor those schools and their non-profit agency that they helped.

Robotics Club The Robotics Club is a team based club. Teams work together to design, build and program robots to perform a variety of tasks. Teams have the option of competing in local, state and national competitions. The Robotics Club currently uses VEX robotics materials and software. The club meets after school one to two days a week. This club is open to anyone interested in robotics. No experience is necessary.


Service Projects Abroad Service Projects Abroad is a club at Mariemont High School that allows students to travel, learn about different places of the world, and support our community together. At meetings, about once a month, students of all grades will work together to fundraise for the ultimate goal of taking a service trip abroad their junior year. Activities include participating in the Kiwanis Art Fair in September, Holiday Fair, and other events created by the club. Along with fundraising students volunteer throughout the city together. We work with local nonprofits to better our own community by volunteering with Madisonville Education and Assistance Center, Ronald McDonald House, and Matthew 25 Ministries. Finally, Service Projects Abroad gives students a chance to take a service trip through EF Tours with their peer’s junior year. Destinations as of now are Nicaragua and Ecuador, with a choice of a total 7 countries to choose from. Service Projects Abroad is an amazing way for you to get involved in the high school, meet and work with other students of similar interests, and take an amazing trip dedicated to foreign volunteer efforts and service learning.

Showstoppers Showstoppers is a pop a cappella group, meaning all of the accompaniment is vocal! Using vocal percussion and a variety of vocal harmonies, voices only recreate the sounds of our favorite current pop songs. Each year we perform a variety of modern pieces, arranged by either a student(s), Mrs. McGahey, or another a cappella group, at the school concerts and community events. Showstoppers meets every Tuesday after school and on Thursday mornings. If you love to sing and perform, then Showstoppers might be the perfect fit for you! Showstoppers is a select group and interested students must perform an audition for Mrs. McGahey at the beginning of the year. Students must display a strong, pop vocal style of singing, be able to hold their own vocal part independently, and sight read. Participants should have experience in vocal music performance, such as participation in the Jr. High or High School choir, or private instruction. 27

Spanish Club The Spanish Club promotes awareness of the Spanish language and culture at the local and global level. Activities and events reflective of the Spanish/Latino culture are shared. All students in grades 9-12 are welcome to participate by signing up in September. Meetings are after school. There may be optional events in the evenings or weekends. Activities could include participating in the Hispanic Festival, music, films, preparing foods, crafts, and investigating local Latino events.

Spirit Club The Spirit Club is an organization made up of Mariemont students to promote MHS extracurricular activities. The Spirit Club is for students in grades 9-12 who wish to help build spirit within the school. The club has several promotional events each season to help increase the attendance, positive attitude, sportsmanship, and commitment to all MHS extracurricular activities.

Student Council The Student Council acts as the liaison between the student body and the faculty and administration. As the leaders of the school, class representatives organize student involvement and plan student activities. Participation is by election held in the spring for the following school year. Interested students must see the advisor and submit a petition in order to be placed on the ballot. Meetings are held from time to time as needed. Some examples of student council activities done in prior years include organizing the Homecoming ceremonies and dance in the fall, arranging the Snowball dance, and coordinating the Spring Fling in May. Student Council raises school spirit and, when appropriate, offers new proposals to the administration on behalf of the student body. When students have questions or concerns at any point during the school year, they are encouraged to seek out their Student Council representatives and class officers.


The Tri-M Music Honor Society The Tri-M Music Honor Society is an international program dedicated to the recognition of exceptional music students in grades 9-12 that meet the music, academic, service, leadership and character criteria asked of every Tri-M member. Tri-M is a program of NAfME: The National Association for Music Education, which is the largest arts education association in the world. Any student who wishes to be considered as a nominee must complete an application at the beginning of the school year. After revue by the faculty sponsors, Tri-M nominees will be announced. Any Tri-M nominee who remains in good standing with the chapter by attending all meetings, participating in the music service projects, maintaining the required over all GPA and a 4.0 in music, maintaining honorable character as musicians and participating in a Tri-M recital at the end of the year, will be inducted formally as a member into the honor society in the spring at the Tri-M Induction ceremony and recital.

Unified for UGANDA Unified for Uganda is a student run non-profit organization that emotionally and financially supports the education of destitute children in northern Uganda through the empowerment of American youth. We work to put ourselves out of business. We hope that one day our children will no longer need our support, that they can make it on their own. Our chapter at Mariemont High School reaches out to you and hopes you will join us in our fight for education.

World Affairs Club The World Affairs Club exists to increase student understanding of the world’s countries/regions and their “problems� both past and current. All students in grades 9-12 who have an interest in current events are encouraged to join.


The first meeting is in September and meetings are generally held monthly after that. Meetings are after school unless there is a special event in the evening or on Saturday.

Yearbook The Chieftan, Mariemont High School’s yearbook, is a student-produced, award-winning publication. Students interested in helping with The Chieftain and being a part of the yearbook staff are welcome to do so by signing up for the class that meets daily all school year. Occasionally, this group meets after school and a few times during the summer. This club and course is all about learning how to create a yearbook from start to finish, including: writing, editing, taking photographs, designing, organizing, selling, and distributing the book, itself. In order to be considered for one of the editing positions on the staff, a student must have one year on the yearbook staff under their belt. Come show us what you can do and help The Chieftain as we pursue Gold Medal status from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.


Eligibility The MHS Student Handbook states: The following policy is in effect for all students in extracurricular activities. In order to be eligible in grades 9-12, a student must be currently enrolled and must have been enrolled in school the immediately preceding grading period. During the preceding grading period, the student must have received passing grades in a minimum of five one-credit courses or the equivalent which count toward graduation excluding physical education classes, and maintain a 1.5 GPA. Freshmen must have passed 75% of their 4th quarter 8th grade classes for fall eligibility. The eligibility or ineligibility of a student continues until the 5th day of the next grading period. Exception: at the start of the fall sports season, the first grading period is considered to have started insofar as this bylaw is concerned. Summer school grades earned may NOT be used to substitute for failing grades. A. Students enrolled in grades 9-12 1. In the immediately preceding grading period, a student must receive a passing grade in a minimum of FIVE one-credit courses or the equivalent, which count toward graduation, excluding physical education classes 2. The grades from the preceding grading period, excluding physical education classes, must, when combined, be a total grade point average of at least a 1.5 on a four-point scale. 3. Students enrolled in the first grading period after advancement from the eighth grade must have passed 75% of those subjects carried the preceding grading period in which the student was enrolled, and failed no more than one of the following classes: math, English, social studies, science, Latin. B. Students enrolled in grades 7-8 1. A student enrolled in the seventh grade for the first time will be eligible for the grading period regardless of previous academic achievement. Thereafter, in order to be eligible, a student in grade 7 or 8 must have received passing grades in 75% of those subjects carried the preceding grading period in which the student was enrolled; and failed no more than one of the following classes: math, English, science, social studies, Latin, Spanish, Mandarin 31 2. Those grades referenced in B.1. must, when combined, be a total grade point average of at least a 1.0 on a four-point scale.

SCHOOL PROFILE/ TRANSCRIPT SUPPLEMENT ACT/CEEB CODE: 363205 DISTRICT: The Mariemont City School District serves over 1,700 students in a suburb east of Cincinnati. The students reside in one of four small communities (Columbia Township, Fairfax, Mariemont, or Terrace Park). Although there is a cross section of all socioeconomic levels, most families are above average in both household incomes and in educational level attained. Mariemont High School has been named a Blue Ribbon School four times. 82% of our students participate in our 32 clubs/activities. MHS complies with the NACAC “Statement of Principles of Good Practice.”

COUNSELORS: Director of College & Career Counseling: Amanda Leszczuk aleszczuk@mariemontschools.org 11th & 12th grades: Pam Tackett ptackett@mariemontschools.org 9th & 10th grades: Victoria Zaya vzaya@mariemontschools.org

AFFILIATIONS: College Board, NACAC, OACAC. Dual enrollment partnership with area colleges/universities through the College Credit Plus Program.

ENROLLMENT GRADES 9-12: 525 (five 11th and nine 12th graders attend classes at a Great Oaks Career Campus).

SCHEDULE: 7:45 a.m. - 2:52 p.m. with seven 52-minute class periods. The academic year is two traditional semesters.

GPA/CLASS RANK: All courses are used in computing GPA and all students are listed in class rank. Students have the choice of including class rank on transcripts. Honors and AP courses are weighted one additional point (i.e. A=5, B=4, etc.)

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Listed on the transcript as a course in progress, the 40 hour requirement becomes “P” once completed.

GRADING SCALE 2013-present

STAFF: 89% of teachers have Masters Degrees

90-100 = A

with an average of 18 years of experience. Pupil/Teacher ratio is 16:1

80-89 = B 70-79 = C 60-69 = D


Number of HONORS/AP COURSES OFFERED English 2/3 Math 6/3 Science 3/3 Comp. Sci. 2/1 Soc.Studies 1/4 Art 0/2 Latin /1 Spanish /1 *weighted grades marked “H” on transcript No limit to the number of AP courses a student may take

HIGHEST LEVEL COURSES OFFERED: AP English Literature | Linear Algebra Honors AP Physics C | AP Biology | AP Chemistry AP US Government & Politics | AP Music Theory AP Computer Science A | AP Spanish | AP Research AP Latin Vergil | AP Studio Art | AP Art History


Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of 2019

Top 10%


11%- 20% range 21%- 30% range 31%- 50% range


Cum Laude Society Members


National Honor Society Members


National Merit Commended


National Merit Finalists


ADVANCED PLACEMENT TESTS % scoring 3 or better Test 2016 2017 Art History

2018 20





Calculus AB




Calculus BC








Computer Science A




English Language





English Literature




European History




Govt. & Politics – U.S.




Latin – Vergil




4.200-4.432 4.075-4.190

3.759-4.119 3.695-4.068


Class of 2018

4.478-4.737 4.438-4.690

3.854-4.116 3.140-4.329 3.524-3.841


Music Theory


Physics C Elec.&Mag.




Physics C Mechanics













Class size








Four-year college












Studio Art




Out of state




U.S. History




Two-year colleges




World History









ADVANCED PLACEMENT TEST SUMMARY 84% scored 3 or higher 29% of all exams scored a 4 23% of all exams scored a 5 93 Advanced Placement Scholars



Class of ’17

Class of ‘18


80 %

Critical Reading mean



Math mean



Writing skills mean



% of 11th gr. tested


Class Class of ’16 of ‘17

% tested


Mean Composite score – MHS

27.1 25.5

Mean score Composite – Ohio



Mean Composite score – National



Middle 50% Composite - MHS



23-31 22-29

Class Class of ’16 of ‘17

% tested


39 %

Mean score Crit. Reading – MHS



Mean score Crit. Reading – Ohio



Mean score Crit. Reading – National



Mean score math - MHS



Mean score math – Ohio



Mean score math – National



Mean score writing – MHS



Mean score writing – Ohio



Mean score writing – National



COLLEGE MATRICULATIONS Class of 2019 Arizona State University

Stark State College of Technology

Auburn University

The Ohio State University

Belmont University

The Ohio State University Newark

Cincinnati Christian University

Thomas More University

Cincinnati State Technical and Community College

University of Cincinnati

Denison University

University of Cincinnati Blue Ash

DePaul University

University of Cincinnati Clermont

DePauw University

University of Dayton

Dickinson College

University of Exeter

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

University of Kentucky

Furman University

University of Louisville

Georgia Southern University

University of Maryland

Indiana University

University of Michigan

Johns Hopkins University

University of Pittsburgh

Lee University

University of Tennessee

Miami University

University of Virginia

Mount Saint Joseph University

University of Wyoming

North Central College

U.S. Air Force Academy

Ohio University

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Pratt University

Wake Forest University

Purdue University

Warren Wilson College

Rhodes College



Fight Song

Alma Mater


Hail, Blue and Gold, to thee we will be true. Where e’re we go, whatever we may do. When years have passed and turned to memo Dear to our hearts thou shalt forever be.

Fight, fight, fight for Mariemont. We’re all behind you, So never mind you. Win, win, win for Mariemont. Come on let’s roll up the score. We’ll always be behind you, rooting for you, helping you to win. We’re anxious for the finish and we’ll cheer when you come in. Come on and fight, fight, fight for Mariemont. You do your best team We’ll do the rest team We’ll help you win this game hey!



Pow Wow

Homecoming Weekend



Fall Play

Holiday Fair




Snowball Dance

Spring Musical



Spring Fling

Baccalaureate & Graduation



Mariemont High School 1 Warrior Way Ci ncinnat i, Ohio 45227 513-272-7600

www.marie m o nt s c h o o ls .o r g

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2019-2020 MHS Success Guide  

2019-2020 MHS Success Guide

2019-2020 MHS Success Guide  

2019-2020 MHS Success Guide