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Intersession 2018 • 2019

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Mariemont High School joins some of the most elite private and public schools in the country by offering Intersession – an opportunity for all students to explore interests and careers and think about the future.

What will I learn?

Intersessions are designed to help you… build strong content knowledge, effectively filter information, and demonstrate learning in authentic ways.

be critical thinkers who experiment, question, and solve problems.

become globally competent and understand other perspectives and cultures.

demonstrate self-awareness, independence, and ownership of their learning.

have fun learning!

establish value relationships and understand the importance of communication and collaboration.

be curious, creative, and demonstrate passion for learning.

Choose your own adventure! This catalog outlines all of the opportunities you have for Intersession 2019. Experience meaningful learning outside the traditional classroom by choosing from one of three categories: Teacher-led Courses, Experienceships and College Explorations.

Teacher-Led Courses Select from one of the dozens of courses created by our Mariemont High School staff! From Museuming to Professional Sports, from exploring NYC to being a Stand Up Comic, there are a variety of courses from which to choose. The cost varies from course to course, so that is something to keep in mind.

Experienceships The school can help arrange an Experienceship just for you in a field you would like to investigate such as medicine, business, education or public rela􀀁tions. There are teacher-led courses that let you experience different career or life options but you can also create your own Intersession pathway through designing an individual experienceship.

College Explorations Give yourself time to visit and research the universities that might be the best fit for you and your future. There is a teacher-led course that lets you explore local colleges and explains the application process, but you also can create your own pathway through designing an individual exploration visit with your family.

Guidelines and Timelines

Guidelines 1. Intersession is a four or five-day activity (depending on your selection). 2. Students will be required to attend all days to receive credit. 3. Grades will be assigned either pass/fail with a 1/4 credit attached. 4. Assignments vary based on course (e.g. attendance, participation, journal reflection). 5. Graduating seniors will be able to opt in. 6. The student code of conduct will be enforced the entire week. 7. All after-school sports and activities will maintain their usual schedules whenever possible. 8. Courses will vary in price. Scholarships are available to cover part or all of the fees with the exception of international travel. Students on free & reduced lunch will be granted scholarships. Other students in need of scholarship may speak with their counselor. 9. There are no prerequisites. 10. Students will make course selections between November 6th and 20th. Selections will be due prior to Thanksgiving break. Please be sure you are happy with all of your four choices. 11. Mariemont High School has the right to remove a student from an Intersession for discipline or credit deficiency.

Timelines Submit your top 4 choices by Tuesday, Nov. 20. All options are described on the following pages of this guide.


JANUARY 2019 You should know your scheduled option by the end of January.


MAY 2019

21 22 23 24

Intersession will take place the week of May 21, 2019. Depending on the option you select, you may arrive back to school before or after normal school hours and each day may be different. If you are a spring sport athlete, make sure to select options that will allow for your full participation in your season.

Guidelines and Timelines


FREE Offerings

Teacher–Led Courses

Serving Cincinnati Mrs. Lowery-Harris, Mrs. Leatherwood, Mrs. Zaya, and Ms. Reilly Do you feel fulfilled when you help those less fortunate? Have you always wanted to help but never had the time? Spend time working with several local volunteer organizations to make a difference in our city. Make a difference in the lives of your fellow Cincinnatians as you explore different types of community service. This Intersession experience will provide you with tired arms and legs but a rejuvenated heart and soul! • Does not count towards 40 service required for graduation Cost: FREE

Business Bootcamp UC College of Business Professionals Think you want to work in business or be an entrepreneur? This Intersession will challenge what you think you know about being the next big thing on Shark Tank. A completely immersive experience with the award winning UC College of Business will take you around the city of Cincinnati and dive deep into the startup culture. Launch your future career in business by taking the challenge to network, pitch, market, and grow your idea. • Late return to school possible Cost: FREE

FREE Offerings Design U UC College of DAAP Professionals Think you have what it takes to design the next top fashion trend? What about architecture, fine arts, or design interests you? This is an opportunity to learn from professionals in the industry to see if you can turn passion into successful project. Take a look at the different design pathways right here in Cincinnati and discover what it takes to make your mark in fashion, arts, design, and more! • Late return to school possible Cost: FREE

College Explorations Mrs. Tackett and Mrs. Leszczuk Have you been on any official college visits yet? If not, then you should join us on some college visits. This is ideal for sophomores, but all are welcome! You may even be able to select which local colleges you would like to visit. We will visit at least three colleges/ universities during the week of Intersession. You will also have time to work on your future career plans and resume among other college details. This Intersession experience will provide you a chance to become more college-ready by visiting local colleges! Cost: FREE

For The Love of Books Mrs. Colpi and Ms. Reilly Do you miss the days when you had the time to get lost in a book? Does the smell of books make your heart swoon? Spend your time exploring the best bookstores, libraries, coffee shops, and reading spots around Cincinnati. In this Intersession you’ll get time to read every day, get book recommendations, and get to share your reading experience with people who love books and reading as much as you do! This Intersession experience will provide you a chance to explore some of Cincinnati’s hidden quiet spots and read! Cost: FREE

$50 Offerings

Teacher–Led Courses

Upcycled Art Mrs. Scribner What can you make with all your junk? Let’s make some art and be kind to the environment at the same time. We will gather bottle caps, used markers, soda cans, and old CDs and anything else you can prevent from going to the trash, and we’ll give it new life. Explore ways of “repurposing, recycling, and reclaiming” to an aesthetic level of “upcycling” and also learn some new art skills. You will also learn some beginner woodworking skills (with power tools) to build bases and secure your junk. This Intersession experience will allow you to create some community artwork as well as depriving Rumpke some extra pounds to their mound. Cost: $50

Museuming Mrs. Broo and Mr. Ferry Do you enjoy visiting museums? Join us for a week of exploring the many museums of Cincinnati. From the newly re-opened Cincinnati Museum Center in the Union Terminal (which houses their museums of natural history, Cincinnati history, and the Holocaust and Humanities Center) to the quirky Sign Museum, we will tour a variety of exhibits and participate in some special programs. We will also head to Mt Adams to check out the Cincinnati Art Museum and the fun will continue downtown including a lunch trip to the historic Findlay Market! This Intersession experience will provide you with an appreciation of all the wonderful museums of Cincinnati! Cost: $50

$50 Offerings Calling All Comics Ms. Moore and Ms. Butt Are you ready to ROTFL four days in a row? Maybe you crack your friends up at lunch, your comebacks are legendary, or your mental one-liners should be heard … Now’s your chance to unleash your inner comic while dabbling in improv, styling your stand-up, and schooling it with some sketch comedy. Perfect your routine with experienced and local pros as you prepare for the big finale – Mariemont’s first Stand Up & Improv Comedy Hour (STICH). This Intersession experience will provide you the opportunity to work on your craft and see if you have what it takes to bring the house down! Cost: $50

Crimes & Punishment: A Journey Towards Justice Mr. Wiseman and Mr. Wolfford How do the professionals actually handle crimes? Are the television crime dramas realistic? What’s it like to experience the criminal justice system? We will visit with police, crime lab technicians, detectives, lawyers, and judges at the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Cincinnati Crime Lab, Hamilton County Justice Center, and Hamilton County Courts. We will discuss a “real life” case through primary documents, investigation, and interviewing techniques that tell a story about crimes, victims, criminals and the systems that work with them. This Intersession experience will give you a first-hand look at the criminal justice system and how everyone works together to find justice! Cost: $50

$50 Offerings

Teacher–Led Courses

Wild About Animals Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Morris Do you love animals? Spend time learning about animal conservation, rehabilitation, and animal husbandry, through visiting organizations which specialize in the rehabilitation and preservation of wildlife, breeding and veterinary care of wild and domestic animals. This Intersession experience will give you an insider’s look at preservation of animals as well as the science behind animal husbandry. • Late Return to School Possible Cost: $50

Be a “Professional” in Sports Mr. Hanley, Mrs. Szabo, Mr. Commins, and Mr. Vanags Are you a hometown Cincinnati Sports fan? Ever wonder what it takes to run a professional sports team? Are the Bengals, Reds, FC Cincinnati or the Bearcats your favorites? Have you ever wanted to be a part of the team? Join us as we spend a week exploring the professional and collegiate teams of Cincinnati in a behind the scenes look at the day to day activities of running a major sports franchise including marketing, finance, grounds keeping, sports medicine, public relations and of course, the lives of the athletes themselves. This Intersession will provide you an opportunity to see the team behind the team and show you what it takes to be a professional in Sports! Cost: $50

$50 Offerings Coding & Web Design Mr. Becksfort and Mr. Miller Have you wondered what this code thing is about, or do you want to know what it takes to build a website? Are you a logical thinker who is ready for the next big thing? This Intersession will provide you with the chance to explore code in a variety of engaging, interesting ways to get a better understanding of what it takes to work in this high-demand career field. Career exploration will be part of our experience, and we plan on hosting a speaker who works in a web development/coding field. This Intersession experience will allow a chance to build code and design a website! • No Experience Needed (Personal Computer Highly Recommended) Cost: $50

It Happened One Week – 20th Century Classic Films Mr. Weiss Are you captivated by the evolution of an art form? Ever wonder what movies were like in the early days? Do you like to create your own movies? Then, please join us for It Happened One Week, Intersession’s one-and-only film study and filmmaking class. We will immerse ourselves in silent and classic films, as well as make our own silent films. This Intersession experience will provide you with the time to learn from others and to flaunt your own storytelling skills. It will conclude by celebrating everyone’s creations in a Friday film festival and awards ceremony. This Intersession experience will expand your knowledge of classic and silent films and allow you to create your own short movie! Cost: $50

$100 Offerings

Teacher–Led Courses

Golf Week Mr. Colaw Are you a golfer? Would you enjoy getting some pointers from a golf pro about improving your game? Come join us for Golf Week. We will leave the High School each morning at 8:30 and travel to a local public or private course where we will warm up with a lesson from a local pro. After the lesson we will head out to the course to practice our new knowledge by playing a round of 18 holes. We will be back to school by 3:00. Golfing experience is required. You need to be able to shoot under 100 in order to be part of this Intersession. Pack a lunch to eat on the turn. This Intersession experience will expand your joy of playing this lifelong sport and improve your skills. • Prior Golf Experience Needed Cost: $100

Rock Climbing Mr. Dennis, Mrs. Thomas, and Ms. Hasselbeck Ever wanted to hang from the side of a rock face, and have fun doing it? This Intersession is designed to foster an interest in rock climbing, both indoors and outdoors. We will do a style of exciting rock climbing called Via Ferrata! Participants will learn and practice new skills and techniques associated with climbing or enhance skills already possessed. The environmental impact of climbing and importance of good environmental stewardship will also be emphasized throughout the course. And for those of you debating on whether or not to give the rock climbing Intersession another try, we read your feedback, and heard you loud and clear. We won’t be going hiking at the nature center! This Intersession experience will provide you with a chance to get your blood pumping as you learn to love rock climbing. • Late Return to School Possible Cost: $100

Soco Steel Drum Band Mr. Galloway and Mrs. McEvoy Have you ever dreamed of living in the islands? Have you ever dreamed of learning an instrument? What if you can experience the island vibes right here in Cincinnati?! Learn to jam in a steel drum band! There is no prior musical experience required. Local professional musicians will teach you the history and basics of playing the steel drums and prepare an island jam session. This Intersession experience will provide you with the musical experience of an island lifetime, ‘mon! We be jammin! • Late Return to School Possible Cost: $100

Lifetime Activities Mr. Dixon and Mr. Wainscott Do you enjoy a variety of leisurely indoor and outdoor activities? Have you ever been interested in learning archery or thought about trying a Crossfit class? Have you wanted to see how far you can hit a golf ball or wanted to challenge your friends at cornhole? Do you like to play Euchre or have fun bowling? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Lifetime Activities may be just the Intersession for you. This Intersession experience will allow you to learn activities and games you will be able to use for life! Cost: $100

$150 Offerings

Teacher–Led Courses

Outventures 1.0 Teachers to Be Determined Are you adventurous and love the great outdoors? Do you enjoy physical challenges? Spend your time hiking, rock climbing, rafting, and zip lining. Bond with your classmates while enjoying gorgeous river views and challenging your physical stamina. This Intersession will be exciting, packed with fun and will get your heart racing, blood pumping, and adrenaline flowing while enjoying nature’s playground. • Late Return to School Possible Cost: $150

Outventures 2.0 Mr. Radloff, Mr. Kuhn, Ms. Williams, and Mrs. Long Would you like to experience exhilarating outdoor exploration? Explore Hocking Hills and Old Man’s cave while bonding with classmates. Challenge yourself with robust physical activities in Kentucky’s beautiful Red River Gorge. The possibilities include zip-lining, rock-climbing and hiking through the Daniel Boone National Forest. See the amazing underground cave system on a grand tour at Kentucky’s Carter Caves State Resort Park. Escape from Cincinnati and city life while exploring magnificent local natural settings. Our additional day will be spent rafting the scenic Little Miami. This Intersession experience will provide you a chance to explore multiple beautiful landscapes while having fun with friends! • Late Return to School Possible Cost: $150

Extend Your World Roots Mrs. Timmerding and Ms. Jin Do you want a fun way to be more globally in-tune? Do you want to make a piùata? How about a hands-on Martial Art experience? In this Intersession we will explore various products and practices from different cultures including dance, food and more. We will also be involved with international service for those in need. This Intersession experience will provide you authentic exposure to Latin American and Eastern Asian culture. • Late Return to School Possible Cost: $150


Teacher–Led Courses

New York City Mrs. McGahey and Ms. Storch Have you ever wanted to travel and sightsee in the “Big Apple?” New York City has so much to offer and we will be doing it all. Statue of Liberty, September 11th Memorial and Museum and Times Square will be just a few of the amazing landmarks and historical attractions we will see. We will also enter the iconic Carnegie Hall and perform in a once in a lifetime experience! While this is a choir trip, students not participating in chior may join in this Intersession, however the experience may differ. We will be using Bob Rodgers Travel as our tour company! This iIntersession experience will provide you a taste of what the “Big Apple” has to offer and leave you wanting to return! • This trip is open to everyone at Mariemont High School • Must be in choir to sing at Carnegie Hall • Travel Dates: May 21 – May 26, 2019 Cost: Approximately $2,000


Experienceships Is there a career that is already calling you? Or maybe there is a career that sounds interesting but you would like to investigate further? If so, we can help you apply to be part of the job experience in which you will have the opportunity to shadow and explore different careers in a certain field. • Teach alongside an elementary teacher • Volunteer for a politican • Check out a career in sports medicine • Different career fields in law or sports • Whatever you can dream of!

This is a great opportunity to experience a job-shadowing placement in a field you are interested in prior to making decisions about college! • Three Full Day Experienceship placement • Minimum Hour requirement • Friday of Intersession will be a brief presentation of learning experience!

colleges to help you make that crucial decision this is the perfect opportunity for you! Keep in mind, the high school counselors are also offering a teacher led course designed around local campus visits if you wish to join them. If you do want to design your own experience please make the following arrangements: • See a minimum of three colleges or universities (unless distance traveled is extensive). • Write a reflection about your visit and experience. • Return with an admission ticket from the university or college you visited. • A picture of you on campus.

*Disclaimer: There may not be any college students on campus at this time of the year. Please check with the admissions office if this is an important aspect of your trip.

College Explorations

College Explorations Design your own college visits! If you need time to explore and visit

Select Your Top Four

Experienceships Teacher-Led Courses Select from one of the dozens of courses created by our Mariemont High School staff!

Arrange an Experienceship just for you in a field you would like to investigate.

College Explorations Design your own college visit week!

2019 Course Selection Form Select your top four choices in order, with choice #1 as your top selection. If you choose the Experienceships or College Explorations categories, please include them in your top four choices.

#1 #2 #3 #4 If you selected College Explorations as one of your Top 4 Choices, please list the three colleges or universities you are interested in visiting. 1. 2. 3.

If you selected Experienceships as one of your Top 4 Choices, please indicate which career field you are interested in experiencing.

Name Class Year Signature Parent Signature

Select Your Top Four

If you select College Explorations or Experienceships please fill out the additional information below.

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2018-19 Intersession Guide  

The 2018-19 Warriors BEyond Intersession guide for Mariemont High School.

2018-19 Intersession Guide  

The 2018-19 Warriors BEyond Intersession guide for Mariemont High School.