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Explorations are designed to ignite a passion for learning and foster creativity. Students in the 5th and 6th grade will begin each week with a 90-minute, interest-based course that will take place on Mondays for one quarter. All Explorations are hands on, ungraded and focused on giving students the opportunity to learn more about a topic that intrigues them.

Explorations categories are:

THE WELLNESS WARRIORS Fitness • Strategy • Health • Sports


THE CREATORS Music • Art • Theater

THE GLOBAL EXPLORERS Cultures • Traditions • World Language

THE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS Writing • Production • Career Possibilities

THE WELLNESS WARRIORS Fitness • Strategy • Health • Sports

Popular Sports

This Course will be packed with action, competition and energy. You will play some of the most popular games in the world like basketball, soccer and frisbee. We’ll mix things up quite a bit, taking part in small-sided and tournament-style games…. and maybe even get a little bit better at them!

Net and Court Sports

How would you do with a racquet in your hand? How about a bowling ball? If that sounds interesting to you, you’ll love to explore the possibilities. We’ll spend time on a court playing games like pickleball, volleyball and badminton.


Golf is a game enjoyed all over the world by both players and fans. Hone your skills in a sport that requires concentration and precision. Maybe you could be the next Mariemont grad to compete in the U.S. Open!

International Games

Ever wonder what kids like to play around the world? Now you can learn! Practice and compete in popular sports that you don’t get to play often. Learn the rules and keep score in native languages to increase your language skills as you play!

Masters of Strategy

Do you love games? Do you like to test your strategic skills against your friends? If so, this is the Exploration for you. Jump into the world of traditional tabletop games and challenge your classmates! Learn and play games such as Chess, Stratego, Chinese Checkers, and more to push your skills to the limit.




What’s inside? Take apart technology, see what’s broken. Investigate what all the pieces do and how it fits together. Classroom or household items are provided and designated for students specifically to disassemble and investigate and to build. Students will have a chance to truly wonder, ask questions, take risks, and have no fear of doing something wrong!

Robot Challenge

Mountains, mazes and discoveries await you in this robotics challenge. Using VEX robotics kits, we will design build and program our robots. We’ll have a friendly competition on the last day to see how robots accomplish the tasks differently.

Kids Th@t {Code}

Have you ever wanted to learn to code? It is a skill that will take you far! We will explore the world of coding and have the opportunity to code a Sphero!


Escape rooms are all over the country. Try out your escape skills using our Breakout Boxes. Solve puzzles using clues to unlock what is hidden inside. A new adventure every week!

Video Production

Write, produce, shoot and edit video! Choose your topic and create your own iMovie Trailer, Green Screen video, Music video, and more.


THE CREATORS Music • Art • Theater

Your Pet in Soft Sculpture

Working from a photograph (that you bring in) design, stitch and create a soft sculpture of your pet. Learn skills in sewing, realistic painting, and sculpture design. End up with a huggable pillow version of your new best friend!

Bring a Painting to Life

Work as a team to recreate George Seurat’s “A Sunday Afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte.” We’ll paint backdrops, props and clothing in the Impressionistic pointillism style. This session will culminate with a live art installation with you as one of the stars - an artsy flash mob!

Printmaking PAR-TAY

Print your heart out with a variety of fun techniques. We’ll experiment with many materials: easy cut styrofoam, gum erasers and even your own thumb! Make your own wrapping paper, greeting cards and original artwork.

Warhol to Wonka - Pop Art Workshop

Work individually to create your own “selfie” portrait in the Pop Art style of Andy Warhol - bold colors and strong lines. In groups we’ll create larger-than-life candy sculptures! Engage in hands-on work and practice your sculpture skills with newspaper, papier-mâché and paint.

Center Stage

Come show off your acting, singing, and dancing! Become the ultimate performer as you act, sing, and dance your way to stardom!

Ukulele Rockstars

The ukulele is a universally popular instrument and a fun way to enjoy music together anywhere, anytime! This Exploration is open to any student who would like to expand their music reading skills while learning to play a new instrument.


THE CREATORS Music • Art • Theater

Sing for a Cause

Do you know how much YOUR voice can do? Students will travel to the different schools to carol during the holidays, perform for younger students, sing for senior citizens in retirement homes and more! In addition, you will design, create and complete your own community service project over the course of the Exploration!

Recorder Jam Session

Did you have a blast playing the recorder in music class? Come and explore the recorder in a whole new way! Play your favorite pop songs on your favorite instrument.

So You Think You Can Dance

Are you interested in ballet? Tap? Hip Hop? Swing Dancing? Folk Dancing? Come and dance with your friends!

Musical Genius Hour

Let your music passions come alive! Explore the kinds of music and music topics that YOU love! Love pop music? Rehearse for a performance. Want to learn to play a brand new instrument? We can help you do that! In this class you will design your own music-based project and work each week toward your final goal!


THE GLOBAL EXPLORERS Cultures • Traditions • World Language

Knit, Stitch, and Serve

Learn to knit and stitch blankets and scarves! We’ll share our creations with local hospitals and people in need.

Foreign Exchange

Let’s make new friends from around the world! We’ll send art, videos, letters, and music to schools from other countries. Come make friendships across the globe!

Spanish Only!

Stories, breakouts, games and activities outside and in, all in Spanish! Stretch your brain to complete daily challenges in Spanish only!

Spanish Music Video Production

Did you love Despacito? There are tons of other catchy and fun Spanish songs that you need to hear! Find your favorite songs in Spanish and plan and film your own music videos.

Zen Calligraphy

Learn the ancient tradition that is Chinese calligraphy. Start your mornings with a relaxing, meditative art form that has a 6,000 year history, and learn a bit about written Mandarin along the way. Sign each of your pieces with your own Chinese signature to become a professional!


THE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS Writing • Production • Career Possibilities

Writer’s Block

Love to read? Lose yourself in a good book or become the next best selling author. Collaborate with other creative writers to delve into interesting books for ideas or write your own awesome story. With your creativity unleashed you can bring life to new worlds and tell the story of characters you create using only your brain and a pen!

Story Book Creators

Do you have any idea for children’s book? Maybe you are an expert on a topic and want to write a nonfiction book! We will write and illustrate your very own published books in Story Book Creators! At the end, we will take a book tour sharing our work with our school community!

Movie Music Makers!

Film soundtracks make a huge impact on a movie! In this Exploration, we will create a short film and use Garageband or our own instruments to write the background tracks! At the end, we will have a film festival to show our amazing creations!

Go Viral

Want to be a YouTube star? Have lots of crazy ideas that are ready for the world to see! Make music videos, collaborate, create your own songs, narrate a story, be an activist! The list is endless!

Rock Band

Let’s Rock! Learn basic Guitar, Bass, Drumset, and maybe sing! Don’t play one yet, no big deal! Sky is the limit!


MY PREFERRED EXPLORATIONS FOR 2018-19 Student Name: 2018-19 Grade: You are encouraged to select the Explorations that sound most interesting to you. Below is a worksheet for you to use as you think through which Explorations you want to choose. Please read the options and complete the form below with your parents/guardians. Consider the following when selecting Explorations: •

Please rank your choices. The Exploration that you are most interested in should be ranked number 1.

Explorations will be offered based on student interest. Selecting an Exploration does not guarantee it will be offered.

High-demand Explorations may be offered during more than one quarter to accommodate student interests. Please note that friends who sign up for the same Exploration may be scheduled during different quarters.

This is a great opportunity to try something new for a few weeks. Consider choosing Explorations from a variety of categories. Please list your top 8 choices here. You will be assigned to 4 Explorations (1 per quarter).

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Parent/Guardian Signature


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2018-19 Explorations Guide  

A look at the Explorations offered to students at Mariemont Elementary School and Terrace Park Elementary School for the 2018-19 school year...

2018-19 Explorations Guide  

A look at the Explorations offered to students at Mariemont Elementary School and Terrace Park Elementary School for the 2018-19 school year...