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MARCH 2010

CROSS-CULTURAL FLAVOURS With 16 different nationalities represented at MDT (Missions Discipleship Training) in this team, the cross-cultural experiences are numerous and challenging. Dormitories are mixed nationalities, as are Care Groups and Kitchen Teams. Cultures potentially clash over how to wash dishes, and how often to wash bodies! But a twice-weekly highlight is the sharing of cultural meals. Recently the 14 Germans created a scrumptious evening meal of knödel with goulash and rotkraut. Organiser Stini said “Not everyone seemed to like it, but for me it was like sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon with my family!” South African trainee Esmarie raved, “I loved everything about it!” The team has so far been treated to Polish, South African and Dutch fare, and eagerly await other continental flavours such as Korean chicken and a surprise from the Papua New Guineans!

NAILED TO THE CROSS Trainees these last two weeks have been immersed in introspective reflection and God has been busy healing hurting hearts and freeing captives. With studies on the Father Heart of God, emotions and different kinds of woundedness, the two weeks culminated with an opportunity to write out their hurt, pain and sin onto a red piece of paper cut to represent a drop of Christ’s blood. Trainees could then literally nail their pain to the Cross of Christ. Trainees responded; some came with determination, some with trepidation, but all with a heart that believed Jesus had died to take away the sin of the world, and their pain. During an open mic time afterwards, one participant shared: “I didn’t want to be here. I loved my job, my brand new house and my car. But now I experience that (God) ministers to me. Nothing else brought that intimacy and joy that I’ve experienced these last few weeks.”To finish the symbolism, all the tear-drop papers were burned outside, representing the finality of it all. One young lady boldly stated “My daughters, my granddaughters and their children will not struggle with low self-esteem and eating disorders ‘cause I have nailed it to the cross and it’s finished!”

NEW NAME - SAME PASSION Many changes have been taking place on the Training Base including new buildings and new leaders. During this transformation the Training Team has also been given a new name. It will now be known as Missions Discipleship Training (MDT). The MDT program has four key elements. These are: community (learning cross-cultural and general people skills); life coaching (time with a leader to explore personal issues); knowledge (a basic introduction to discipleship and missions) and practical experience (outreaches in various settings). Though the name has changed, MDT’s passion for preparing people for the transformation of lives and communities has remained the same.


We want to welcome Brian, Miriam and Michelle Esterhuizen to the Training Base. They have previously served with OM South Africa (AIDS Hope), Logos II and Logos Hope. Brian has taken on the role of Director and will be leading MDT into the future. Please pray for God’s guidance and direction as they take on their new roles.

GOD SENDS THE RIGHT PERSON Claudia Siegenthaler (of Switzerland) attended the GO-Conference in Mosbach , Germany two years ago, and although she had served on an OM ship from 1997 to 1999, she was no longer an OMer. “I wanted to visit a friend who was joining OM,” remembers Claudia. “While at the conference, I happened to hear a person talk about OM’s training in South Africa. I felt drawn to her and after the session I went to the front to speak to her.” “Are you a single?” asked the speaker, much to Claudia’s surprise. “A single? Why, yes!” responded Claudia, and she went on to learn that the speaker had prayed that God would send singles to OM South Africa’s training base to help as life coaches. God had told her not to look for the person herself, but that He would send her the right person. He had answered her prayer! Claudia will be joining the OM South Africa training staff as a coach at the end of March 2010.

Liz West 1992 Training Team She is now serving as a leader with OM South Africa’s Missions Discipleship Training.

“My training experience 18 years ago was the firm foundation of the start of my missions journey. Looking back 18 years later, after serving in different OM fields: Gazankulu, Argentina, Cape Town, Mozambique and Brazil, I value the preparation and life changing experience which enabled me to persevere in all the challenges that I faced on this journey. As others have invested in my life, I now as a training team leader have the opportunity to invest in lives and to see God at work in preparation for the start of their journey. This is not the end, but the beginning of the end.” To be included in Memory Lane, please email

1) Praise God that another new dorm building has been completed and that Eskom has installed a transformer. 2) The Missions Mobilising Training Week takes place from March 8th-13th. Pray that the trainees’ hearts will be open to hear from God about where he wants them to serve. 3) The first outreach will be in Gazankulu at the end of March. Pray for health and safety, as well as opportunities to share the gospel and encourage local believers in this rural area. new dorms 4) April’s programme will be focusing more on missions than discipleship. Pray the trainees can process their outreach time well, and see God’s hand in the good times and in the tough times. 5) Praise God for the 72 trainees (and one child) at MDT. Pray that God will be shaping and forming their lives for his glory.

March 8th -13th: Missions Mobilising Training Week March 22nd - April 6th: Rural Outreach in Gazankulu

YOU ARE INVITED to a creative prayer event for needy nations. Friday March 12th at the Training Base 7:00pm RSVP to Ginny 0766 185 732

Direct From Training March2010 issue  

newsletter from MDT

Direct From Training March2010 issue  

newsletter from MDT