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**Work Space**

First, i’d like to call it just «space» or «my space» , because it’s not only a space of work for me. It’s also a space of reflexion and laziness. In fact if I delimit the total space i’d like to talk about, I realise that it’s the place I spend 90 purcent of my days. Now to be honnest, i’m really not working 90 purcent of my days! That’s why my space is so magic for me: I can do everything not moving, and everything in this place could be an eventually inspiration. If (thinking about something, looking at a picture or watching a movie) I have suddenly a great idea, I immediatly can save it, because all I need (pens, papers...) is always close to me. More than the posibility of doing everything (even eat or sleep sometimes but only on very bad days...) I can say that I built this space in a way that it looks like me. Every pictures, every colours, every matters talk to me, help me to thing and to make connections in my mind. I built a physical prolongement of myself. I know my brain so i meticulously  placed a lot of little pieces that stimulate it... That’s why it’s difficult for me to work somewhere else, and I’m not sure that someone else could easely work on my space... I’m conscient than even if I can do a lot of things here, all my activities have the same goal: find inspiration and create a working atmosphere. Just front of my eyes i can see pictures, play with objects, consulting books and listen to music. All my senses are awaked here.


I’m physically unable to work without music. Sometimes it’s almost a handicap, but I need to be carried by a sound, by a rhythm. The music allows me to obtain pictures of inspiration without using my eyes. The kind of music totally depend of my mood, of the weather outside, of the moment of the day, of the kind of work I got to do. But what is sure is that I have the choice! From classical to Jazz, passing by electro, pop and rock I can say that I have a huge library! I tried to extract my files from the best qualities (Almost all my collection of Britain 60-70’s rock was copied from Vinyles) and I have too much respect for music to accept to listen to it directly from my computer. That’s why two other objects are essentials of the presence of music on my workspace: The first one is my amplifier and my baffles, conscienciously disposed in a way that when music is played I have the sensation of being envelopped by her. The basses make me vibrate and the trebles pinches me on the back. When I’m not alone or when I simply feel the need of being isolated from everything, I connect my headphones. Then I’m totally alone with the music and my concentration is on its maximum. I’m not one of this persons who need silence to be concentrated. But I can’t concentrate myself with every music! That’s why I specially need my own music and I say thank you to numeric age!! Now all the musics of my life can be contained on my computer and follow me everywhere.

When I have to work from the early morning, I really need something that punch, I need drums and treble of guitars, a sound that makes me a kind of coffe effect. British 60’s rock is perfect for that. Voices are follown by hearts, there is a lot of polyphonies and somethimes there is little sexy sreams. I can cite a lot but I thing my favorites are The Kinks. All the particularities of this kind of music wake my brain very quickly and use it to do or be concentrated on different things at the same time. Sometimes when it’s not enought I cross the Atlantic and also listen to other bands like The Turtles or Creedence Clearwater Revival.

When I’m really awake, I often prefere to go back to calm, but not too much ‘cause i will be too bad to have make efforts for nothing... Beethoven is generally the compositor I like to listen at this moment. It doesn’t correspond with the stereotyp of boring classical music people can make. A lot of parts, for example the triple concerto, are very strongs and when you push the volume at its maximum the walls vibrate just like when you listen to hard rock! So Beethoven is perfect to keep you on a real efficace working mood just after Rock n’ Roll....

But sometimes, it’s often at night, I also need real calm. I’m awake, no problem with that, but I just want to something that makes me travel, on a mommy lullabye way. Sweet chords, just one or two voices, something simple, something pure but coloured anyway... When I’m in a mood to listen to this kind of music I always listen to the same things: Devendra Banhart, Adam Green & Binki Shapiro and sometimes others like Indians or Cascadeur for example... Its also a kind of music that not take a too much large place on my brain, and when I’m tired it’s easier for me to stay concentrated on my work.

Finally there is a particular artist that I listen to at less 1 time a week, not because he help me to be concentrated, not because he wake me up but just because he makes me feel at home. I talk about Serge Gainsbourg. I grow up listening to him, I learned to talk singing his songs with my mom and as long as I remember my parisian appartment never knew a week without being envelopped by his voice. So when I listen to him, I can imagine I’m in Paris and it’s better for my work and my inspiration.

Workspace Marie Marotel  
Workspace Marie Marotel