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Total engagements

392 Dialogue Report: April 2013 What are our communities saying to us?  

19% (75) Community Activity – ideas for fundraising for groups, plans for a community led clean up on Hodge Lea, impact of successful Easter activities on Netherfield, Beanhill and the Lakes Estate, 15% (61) Volunteering – interest in helping to organise activities on Tinkers Bridge, community groups moving forward with pledges for ‘Recycling For Your Community’ project in Netherfield, collecting more and more pledges and young people getting involved in the running of TeenZone in Stantonbury. 15% (61) Ability to Influence in a specific situation – active community groups increasing membership in Netherfield, environmental issues in Hodge Lea and the Lakes Estate leaving residents unsure of how to affect change, frustration and confusion around Welfare Reform on Beanhill. 14% (58) Parks and Open Spaces – communities sharing ideas of community led plans, ideas being discussed for Future Fishermead Plan by residents to lead changes on their estate and issues with fly tipping and dangerous uneven paving. Hearing impact from underpass street art project on Bradville. 14% (57) Access to Support – impact stories from Greenleys and Beanhill showing how families access support after Welfare Reform announced.

What is the focus of our dialogues? Impact Story

Environment Education Employment Ability to influence Self Esteem Aspiration Peer Support

Issues 31% 20% 28%

Interest 23% 18% 19%

Ideas 20% 20% 12%

Impact 27% 42% 42%

29% 28% 12%

21% 24% 29%

24% 9% 21%

26% 39% 38%





Leonie attended the craft club on Fishermead, run by the Community Mobiliser, last year, to “stimulate my mind”. The Mobiliser not only introduced her to other residents but told her how she could get involved in several other community projects, such as the ‘Keep Fishermead Warm’ knitting initiative and the ‘Walking Group’. Since joining the walking group, Leonie has “met more of my neighbours and went on a Walk for Life training day”. The walking group meet weekly in Fishermead and are growing in numbers all the time. Several residents have reported changes to their lifestyle and ambition as a result, with one resident setting her sights on competing in a marathon in the future.

Issues to Impact Social Atlas released, which uses statistics to rank estate

Social Atlas statistics have negative impact in some communities

Watch this space for Social Reporter developments

Vital Signs launched, to tell the hidden story in communities

“I learnt skills to help collect social dialogue to give an alternative view of Fishermead than the ones often presented in the media and in statistics.”

Focus on Environment

Residents want to tell true story of communities

7 volunteers attend a one day training course.

OU and CMs work to create process for telling the ‘true story’

Social Reporter training created by OU and CMs

118 Engagements recorded

What’s working?    

Community groups taking control of their own space, tackling issues that affect them. Giving residents the knowledge and confidence of how to report issues, and contribute to making change. Creating opportunities for residents to get involved and take responsibility for their own area through creative engagement methods, which encourage volunteering. Resident led action has had a big impact on Fishermead: people spread the word quickly to neighbours, and encourage each other to get involved.

What support do people want? What will help?  

Funding and support to be available to existing groups as part of maintenance grants, as this is how existing groups struggle to make changes and plan for the future. Community facilities that are accessible and well maintained; to allow families to socialise and community groups to flourish. This points to an underlying issue of community safety, which will be a focus for dialogue in June.

Focus on Ability to Influence

113 Engagements recorded

The recycling project in Netherfield, TeenZone in Stantonbury, and various community led plans across CM areas, all reflect residents’ awareness of their ability to influence changes locally:  Sharing inspirational success stories across communities, from residents, to residents, through meetings and regular shadowing opportunities.  Fishermead Residents Association have been able to identify residents’ needs and their membership is growing due to project success stories being communicated to residents.  Practical training for resident groups as part of Vital Signs launch. Facilitating Focus Group and Social Reporter training took place this month, with several active residents and group leaders attending and feeding back an increased ability to report stories in their community, through different methods.

Focus on Peer Support Networks

95 Engagements recorded

This month, 44% of Peer Support Network dialogues have been recorded under Impact. We are hearing what makes people feel supported and why:  Support Networks form in environments that are welcoming and non judgmental, by working with what is already existing and successful in communities.  Open, inclusive and visible activities provide forums to build trust and a shared understanding with communities. When people can access frequent activities, locally, and meet with people who have a shared interest, trusting peer relationships can be built.  Activities that are resident led are relevant and advertised through word of mouth, which relies on the implicit trust of neighbour relationships.

Programme Report April 2013  

Programme Report April 2013

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