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Nov12, 2009

Filipino Cultural Association

D what? D6!

November Birthdays 03: Casper D. Edora 15: Francis Bustos 17: Andro Almario 19: Isabel Dauz 24: Erwin Cabrera

College Park FCA as people come into Jimenez

Last Saturday, the District 6 executive board hosted a general body meeting on campus. Apparently this was the second GBM in the history of D6. First up, there was an ice breaker where all the groups had to come up with a new chant for FIND. The chant used in the past was "D what? D6!" Groups had some creative ideas. Some incorporated lyrics from popular hits. For example, "D6 chillin'" and "D6 will make you feel brand new, D6 will inspire you." Members voted for the best chant by applause. Ultimately the new chant includes the sound of a bomb dropping, crashing, and the lines "we sunk your battleAmy and Paolo, your (sometimes) fearless (more ship" and "eeYUP!" just have to hear it to un- like ridiculous) leaders craving victory this Saturderstand. day. After the ice breaker, official Turkeybowl rules and upBring it. coming events were discussed in great detail. The meeting helped to clear up any issues and get more information on Upcoming Events: what's to come for D6. Also, the order for modern dance performances were chosen; CP is going first. All in all, the NOVEMBER meeting had a great turnout. Thanks to those who came 14: Turkeybowl at George Mason out for the meeting! Valerie Reyes Pejoro, 15:FAYD Historian 19: FACES 21-22: FIND Dialogue 20-21: FUEL Leadership Crossroads

DECEMBER 5: D6 Semi-formal at Waterford

Homecoming Parade It was a rainy Friday as Maryland's homecoming week was in its final days of festivities. Despite the gloomy weather, there was a great turnout at The Dairy for the ice cream social. After enjoying some delicious ice cream, Freshman representatives Joy Mateo and Peter Tarectecan made their way to Lot 6 where the homecoming parade would start. Thankfully the rain had stopped and it wasn't that bad of a walk. It was a good feeling to see people cheering us on as we walked by. Joy and Peter held the FCA banner with pride and did a great job in one of their first tasks as Freshman reps. Valerie Reyes Pejoro, Historian

Three freshman representing FCA as they pass Cambridge Hall.

Halloween GBM The Filipino Cultural Association (better known as FCA) held their third general body meeting on Oct. 29, just in time for Halloween. The snack offered in conjunction with the meeting was halo-halo (how appropriate!). For those of you who don’t know, halo-halo is a delicious dessert made of ice shavings, condensed milk and various toppings (jellies, red beans, and ube ice cream…etc.). The GBM started at approximately 7:30 (I said approximately because of Filipino time). The line for halo-halo went from the front of the room all the way to the hallway. Shortly after everyone settled in the desks with their very own halo-halo the icebreakers started. They played telephone charades with Halloween themes. There were some charades that were surprisingly good for example Chris Munar and his ridiculous Jabbawockeez imitation. Then there were some that would not be sufficiently praised Paolo shaving ice for halo-halo. with words aka Jessica & Victorio’s stanky leg. The rest of the GBM flew over my head cause I was too distracted thinking about the icebreakers. All in all, the GBM was a winner like FCA will be in Turkeybowl this year! LET’S GO TERPS! WOOT-WOOT! Krizzia Sera Josef, Member Telephone Charades (from left to right): Jessica, Victorio, Diana, Francis, Nathan, Jerome.

Freshman Update Hey guys it’s your FCA Freshman Reps! Our upcoming freshman events consist of weekly dinners on Fridays (location varies). On most Fridays, some of the freshman head to the gym to play basketball or whatever in the morning around 10-11 am, and we’re there until maybe the afternoon. This Friday might be an order out/maybe cook your own food. Possibly will be at my house from noon until before 5ish (not official). E-mail or contact Peter Tarectecan or Joy Mateo for information or to give your ideas. Also we need your (the Freshman’s) availability Booboo’s not ruining the Freshmen photo, she just wants to hang out so we can set up an E-board/Freshman dinner. with people her height. E-board is willing to pay!!! Don’t forget to come out and support your fellow FCA members in the upcoming events, such as TURKEYBOWL, FACES, and SEMI! Peter Tarectecan, Freshman Rep

Hate Crime Against the Lagdameo Family There isn’t much that I could say about this hate crime. It’s more like a feeling inside that you can’t put into words. This happened around October 22, 2009 against the Lagdameo family in Bowie, MD. They lived in a transitional neighborhood and were planning on renovating the house to be sold or rented. Here’s an excerpt of their statement. If you want to know any updates or full details of the event, email Andro Almario at

Senseless. Intrusive. Hate. As our family walked through our vandalized home, within each of us was a heart-wrenching anger, pity, and unparalleled disappointment. We have been lifetime residents of Bowie. We are a family of community and faith leaders, social activists, educators, mentors, and volunteers. Our home has been a welcoming place of comfort, peace, and rest for all. We have been lauded for bringing about change and justice to our communities, for championing leadership in our youth, and for serving out of the love and joy in our hearts. However, we found that we are not immune to irrational acts of destruction. Cabinets, flooring, and the stair banister were torn and broken; carpet and walls shouted profanities in black spray paint. The most personalized attack hurt us the most: the wall-sized graffiti, “Chink” screamed out that ignorance and bigotry motivated the perpetrator(s) to break into our home and commit this hate crime.

Filipino American Youth Dialogue (FAYD)

FCA is hosting an event for young adults to learn about Filipino culture through various workshops dealing with Filipino history, identity issues, college, leadership training, and dance and cooking lessons. Come join us as Ates and Kuyas as we explore the Past, Present, and Future of Filipino Americans. When: Nov. 15, 2009 9am-4pm Contact Maria Rivera or any E-board member for details!

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Filipino Joke There was one Pinoy who came to America and looked at the classified ads for painting jobs. He came across the "Help Wanted" section that read "Wanted: Painter of Porch", and thought that was perfect for his capabilities. So he went to the American who posted the ad. American: I need my porch painted in a day. You need to scrape all the paint up to the bare surface, and apply a coat of primer then two final coats of orange paint. Can you do that? Pinoy: Oh yes, sir.. yes, sir! I can remoob the paint then apply orange paint beri well! American: Ok! You got the job. Just get everything you need from the trunk of the car. After 3 hours... Pinoy: Sir, work is pinish oreydi! American: Wow! I'm amazed you did it in 3 hours. Did you scrape all the old paint to the bare surface? Pinoy: Oh yes, sir! Yes, sir! I tanggalated all the old paint! American: Well then, here's your $20 bonus! Pinoy: Golly, sir! Tenk yu beri much. But sir, you don't heb a porch.. your car is a BMW!

Message from the Editor Hi all! I just want to make two corrections from the newsletter from our past GBM. Veronica Lim is not our Treasurer, but our Secretary (and an awesome one at that). One of our members is Krizzia Sera Josef, not SeraJoseph. As always, try to participate in FCA by coming out to events and then writing an article for The Islander! Send all articles to:


14: Turkeybowl at George Mason 15:FAYD 19: FACES 21-22: FIND Dialogue 20-21: FUEL Leadership Cross- roads 03: Casper D. Edora 15: Francis Bu...