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The strange frog Felipe Reggi, Camila Jencquel, Chiara Voena Marcos Lagreste

One day two children, Juan and Flor, were in a Hawaiian island with their family: mom, dad and their pet.

After the surf lessons, the children found a strange frog. Flor said they didn’t have to touch it because it could be dangerous. They found information about this strange frog in Internet: ´´Vibrant but toxic, poisonous arrow frogs range from less than an inch to two and half inches in body length. There are more than 100 species of poisons darts frogs´´. Flor said: ´´If we see another frog we have to tell the others not to touch it´´.

At the end of the day, they saw another frog and they had an idea. They put posters that said: ´´Be careful with the poison dart frogs´´. And all the people were alert all day at all time.

The strange frog