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Authors: Sofia Canalez Josefina Martinez Tobias Montoya y Santiago Deandrea

• One Friday morning a girl called Jane went to university, the teacher said to her that she had to make a report about a special trip. She asked to four friends if they wanted to make the report with her. Her friends said `yes´. After that, they went to get their passports.

One day later, the children went to the airport and they got into the plane. They travelled to Asia. In the middle of the trip, the plane ran out of oil so the captain said that they had to pick up the parachutes and jump out of the plane. They fell down in Africa.

That night they were eating meat and they started to write the report, when they saw that something was moving. Suddenly a wild boar appeared. Next, the children made two groups: group one went to find the Captain and group two was going to kill the animal. When the group two was fighting the boar, the others found the Captain dead, because the wild boar had killed him. The children found the bag of the captain and they opened it. In the bag there were two things: a map to find some gold bars and a spade. So Jane had an idea: to find the gold bars and get rich.

After that, they found the gold bars and returned to the camping. They saw all the people hurt so they killed the animal with the gold bars. Finally, the police found the children and Jane handed in the report. THE END

The dangerous report  
The dangerous report  

Josefina Sofía Tobías Santiago