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PRESS RELEASE - FW17 COLLECTION HoodLamb jackets are made using hemp, the strongest natural fiber on earth. Our craft approach means we use only the best handpicked natural hemp and organic cotton to create strong and sustainable fabrics that resist the elements and insulate from the cold. All of our jackets are produced under fair working conditions in factories that we have chosen for their expertise and progressive working environment. The FW17 Collection sees the expansion of the HoodLamb jacket range with the addition of the Men’s and Ladies’ Nordic Lights. These new, lighter weight versions of our Nordic Parkas are made with hemp herringbone and organic cotton and lined with Thermore® EcoDown, a lightweight vegan down insulation that provides perfect protection from wind and rain during the early winter months. We also introduce the Men’s and Ladies’ Nordic Nightwatch, a special all-black edition of the Nordic Parka featuring a black faux-fur lining and hood trim. The Nordic Parkas and Nordic Nightwatch Parkas continue to bring super sustainable warmth with less weight using a natural hemp herringbone shell, hemp Satifur lining, and Thermore® EcoDown insulation made from recycled PET bottles. All of our jackets undergo our signature Hempulose treatment - an environmentally friendly water resistant coating which is made from natural cellulose derived from the inner core of the hemp stalk. It shows outstanding performance in wet, windy or cold conditions.

HoodLamb’s patented Satifur is made using organic hemp, and recycled plastic. This uniquely soft and insulating vegan fur lining combines sustainability, function, and great design.

The Fall Winter 2017 collection is the result of many years experience developing premium hemp and other eco-friendly materials and treatments. Careful tailoring meets raw fabric strength and pure comfort, truly exemplifying the HoodLamb philosophy.

Fw17collection pressrelease  
Fw17collection pressrelease