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Laurie: What excites you?

Laurie: Where is a beautiful place you have visited?

Signe: So many things because I am a very excitable person. Instagram excites me, when customers understand the brand, our vision and all we stand for. It also excites me that we laugh a lot in the studio, I believe that a healthy and happy atmosphere is key to what we do.

Signe: I have visited many beautiful places this year, but Malta and Amsterdam really stood out to me, two very different places but extremely beautiful and charming in each their way.

Laurie: What does luxury mean to you?

Signe: To keep developing and being able to constantly improve in all aspects of life.

Signe: It is being able to purchase a luxurious garment or object that has not been made at the cost of a human life or the future of our planet. Laurie: What book are you currently reading? Signe: Just Kids by Patti Smith.


The By Signe studio in Frederikshavn, Denmark.

Laurie: What is the vision of your own future?

Laurie: Can you tell me a secret? Signe: I read my horoscope first thing every morning. It has turned into something we do together in the studio daily reading our horoscopes aloud.


By signe denude issue two signe roedbro  
By signe denude issue two signe roedbro  

By Signe is a Danish fashion brand designing honest and feminine easywear. All fabrics are sourced with sustainability in mind. By Signe st...