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By Charles Ippolito, Joey Musselwhite, Carson Botelho, and Jeremiah Johnson

Arts & Crafts ď‚– ď‚™ Pueblos are very, very famous for their beautiful artwork and their crafts. The thing the Pueblos are most famous for are their awesome looking pottery and heishi jewelry. The Pueblos also make very beautiful stone-carvings, baskets, and weavings. Their weavings are especially pretty!

Arts & Crafts Materials ď‚– ď‚™ The Pueblo used resources that were very common in their environment to make their beautiful art. They used resources such as clay, to made their pottery, thread, to make their weavings, they make their baskets out of strips of wood, and by weaving the strips of wood, made baskets. That is much like the modern-day picnic basket! They made their stone-carvings in the sides of cliffs. They were really artistic!

Interesting Facts           

Not surprisingly, the word “Pueblo” in Spanish means “town” or “village”. They were called the “Pueblo” because of their gigantic adobe villages. Many of the Pueblo tribes start with “San” or “Santa” which, in Spanish, means “Saint”. An example of this is the Santa Clara tribe. The nineteen Pueblo tribes belong to a government called the All Indian Pueblo Council which makes decisions on behalf of all of the tribes. In the past, the Pueblos had a theocratic government. That means the head priest or “cacique” was also the town chief. In the present day, the Pueblos still have a “cacique”, but they are mostly religious leaders more than government leaders. Almost all the Pueblo Natives today speak English, but most speak a native language different among tribes. Some examples are the Hopi, Zuni, and Tanoan languages. These language groups were traditionally oral, which means they were not written down. Even some caciques don’t want their languages written down! When the men hunted, they used bows to shoot the animals. In war, they used bows, spears, and war clubs. The Pueblo’s favorite trading partners were the Navajo Indians, and the Comanche tribe. They Pueblo’s worst enemies, however, were the Apache tribe and the Ute tribes. Pueblos tell traditional Pueblo legends and fairy tales. Storytelling is a very vital part of the Pueblo culture.

Pueblo Diet   The Pueblos grew corn , beans , and squash. The men were responsible for hunting deer, antelope, and small game. The women had to gather nuts, fruits, and herbs. Some of the Pueblo’s favorite recipes are hominy, popcorn, baked beans, soups, and different types of corn bread.

Pueblo Clothes   Well, the Pueblo had many types of different clothing for different occasions. The men wore pants called “breechcloths” or short kilts. They were like underwear. The women wore one strapped dresses called “mantas”. The men and women both wore deer moccasins. Women wore leggings made from puttee.

Shelter and Interesting Facts

Pueblo Shelter   The pueblo Indians were named after their ingenious homes, called Pueblos. Pueblos were multistory homes that could house one family or many. They are like modern-day apartments .To get to the higher levels of the house, pueblo Indians used ladders instead of stairs.  Pueblos were built out of a material called adobe. Adobe bricks are made of clay, straw, and stone. All of these materials were easily found in the desert where they lived.

Interesting facts ď‚– ď‚™ Here are some fun facts about the pueblo Indians that are fun to learn and cool to know. Did you know that the pueblo women were in charge of homes and family, and the men were in charge of politics, agriculture, and war. During a battle, the pueblos fought with bows, spears, and war clubs. The pueblos had a theocratic government. The head priest of the pueblos was the cacique which is the town chief.

Pueblo Tribe 3  
Pueblo Tribe 3  

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