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The Wonders Of The Lakota Tribe: Lakota By: Kentino, Shemar, Jacob, Nihal, Hunter Gwenivere Cambre

Location of Lakota Indians: Great Plains The Lakota Indians are located in the great plains. They lived in homes called Teepees and were able to pack up and move to a different area. The Lakota Indians moved from land to land so they could have a steady supply of buffalo and hide. The environment they lived in was dry grasslands that go for many miles long. There location is in a varies places ( Wisconsin, Minnesota, north and south Dakota) all in the interior of the U.S.

Location By: Cambre

Location By: Cambre  The Great Plains , Native Americans the

Lakota. o These Indians lived in the states Wisconsin,

Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. o Lakota Indians rode horses and now today they

live in the states of: The Dakotas, Minnesota, & Saskatchewan.

Lakota Location •


The Lakota lived in the great plains, the land is mostly flat their. *Also the Lakota homes eventually upgraded after the started using horse hide.

Lakota Location The Lakota lived in the great plains which was mostly flat. They lived in tepees which were easy to move from place to place. The homes upgraded after they started using horse hide.

Location of the Lakota  The Lakota Lived On the Great Plains.  The Original Lakota homes are what are now

Wisconsin , Minnesota , North and South Dakota.  The Lakota ‘s area provides them a lot of items , because of the buffalo.  They could Easily move from place to place on the flatland.  It take’s a few minutes to pack up and leave on the plains.

Shelter The Sioux would live in teepees. The teepees were made of long buffalo hide, rope ,and wood. They would also be designed with pictures to honor the spirit world. Teepees can breakdown and setup quickly so when moving the process is easy. They would carry belongings on horses or dogs would be pulling travois( a kind of drag sled).

clothing The Lakota indians would wear beadwork and designs meant to honor the spirit world. Women would wear dresses made of deer or elkskin and the scraps would be made into moccains. Men would wear breechcloths with leggings and buskskin shirts. They would wear buffalo robes for bad weather and men would even wear moccains.The leader of the tribe or Chief would wear feathered warbonnets but not always. They will wear their hair and men would wear braids. When mouring they’d cut their hair and in celebrations they would paint their faces.

Arts and crafts of the Lakota Indians: Beads, Quilts, Teepees. The Lakota Indians were known for there incredible Star quilts. They also are known for there beads and Teepees. The women made the beads out of clay and dirt. The women made and painted the Teepees. There star quilts represented people each piece put into was a Person and the finished quilt was a whole community. They would also dye and softened porcupine needles to create longer beads.

*The Lakota lived in the great plains *The original Lakota homes are tipis or teepees these were made with buffalo hide and wood The Lakota could also make teepees bigger after the acquired horses *they could be easily moves

Lakota\ Sioux Tribe

Lakota’s Transportation  The Lakota would walk or run on the Land.  Later, on the Lakota got Horses around the

time the English came.  They also used dugout canoes to hunt for fish time to time.  The Lakota’s also needed to move around a lot to chase buffalo the horses make it easier.  The Lakota also became expert horse riders as soon as they were brought from England.

Transportation How did they move from place to place?

ď ś Rode horses for hunting and traveling.

ď ś When the Sioux ran into a river or a stream, they built a boat. They used hides sewn onto round frames made out of willow. When the willow frames wore out they removed the buffalo skins and burned the wood.

Transportation Did they have a need to travel from place to place? Why or why not?

ď ś Yes they very well did have a need to travel.

ď ś The Sioux/Lakota tribe traveled with the buffalo. The Sioux tribe depended on the buffalo for almost all their needs.

Diet The Lakota’s food habits consisted of being corn farmers, hunting : deer, elk, and buffalo. Also fruit like chokeberries, and others. Plus the 3 sisters maize, corn, and squash. Lakota also found horses which they followed the buffalo herd and women made jerky. Their food was cooked in pits, dried, and made into pemmincan.


What did they eat?  The Sioux tribe hunted buffalo, deer, horses, elk,

etc.  They gathered different fruits and vegetables.  They also grew crops.  The Sioux women made jerky.

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