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The life of the Sioux(Lakota)

Created by: Jaila Sargent, Dachanna Pruden, Isabella Johnson, and Destiny Sabb

Chapter 3 Where do the Lakota`s live.

They live all over the place. They live North Dakota , South Dakota , Minnesota , and Wisconsin . If u look at the the map u can see all the places they where. They live in cold , and snowy places.

Transportation How did they travel from place to place??? Lakota Indians traveled by birchbark , dugout canoes, over land , and dogs pulling travois(a kind of drag sled)‌ But once the Eurpeons introduced horses to North America the Lakota Indians bacame known as expert riders and traveled greater distances‌

Chapter 6 What was there shelter?

Lakota's lived in teepees, there teepees were big inside but it looked small on the inside. If they didn’t live in a teepee they lived in a longhouse, longhouses are big they can fit up to one family that is 20 people.

Chapter 1 The Sioux(Lakota) clothing The Lakota tribe was very creative with clothing. The women wore long deer skin or elk skin dresses that the men had hunted. The men wore breechcloths, leggings, and buckskin. When the Lakota tribe had bad weather they wore moccasins on their feet and buffalo hide robes to cover their warm bodies.

Chapter 2 The Sioux(Lakota) Transportation The tribes transportation was a phenomenal success. They made canoes and birch bark. They mostly traveled over land. Soon they were the ones who introduced horse riding to America.

Chapter 4 What did the lakota`s make. They made pottery , beadwork , clothes , peace pipes , parfleche , bufalo hide paintings , and porcupine quillwork. They did not have the stuff we have today so they had make things from nature to make the pretty things they made.


Chapter 7 What did they eat?

Lakota's ate mainly meat especially elk, buffalo, and deer, They also ate choke berries any kind of fruit and potato's, since they didn’t have any technology to cook their food they had to dry and pound them into pemmican's or thry cooked them in a pit.

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