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Facts on the Inuit Indians

By Jazon, Kajai, Tyree, and Patrick

Chapter 1 Inuit Location They lived in their Homeland which stretched from Alaska and Northern Canada and to Greenland.

The temperatures were mostly -20 to -30 degrees! The Ice melted in the summers which created swamps and full lakes. And they mostly lived in icy climates. They had trees but they didn’t have leaves on them because of the temperatures.

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Include the location where your tribe lived, a description of the the geography of the area, and a picture of the area

Chapter 1 location: They lived in the artic areas. The artic is mostly below freezing. over there they have to put on worm clothing so they wont freez to death.

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The Inuit's Shelters were made out of ice Burgs and snow. The igloos did keep them Cool but the animal skin kept them even Warmer. They hunted for skins and food to Help keep them warm and full and they used The skins for clothing to. The Carpets were Made usually out of polar bear skin and were made out of Fox fur.

Chapter 2 Shelter The Inuit Indians lived in Canada and in Alaska. They lived in houses made of snow and ice called igloos. To make the igloos they first put up blocks of ice and then they applied a little heat to the inside and outside of the walls of ice which melted a little then quickly refroze to make a large nearly air tight sheet of ice.

Interesting facts; The Inuit Indians believed in magical beings like spirits and gods. The Shaman was said to have great power the people would give the shaman food to give to the spirits of the animals they were about to kill if the animal was killed the shaman was greatly praised if they did not it was the villages fault for not giving enough offerings. The Inuit also found all Inuksuk (A type of landmark) sacred.

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The Inuit lived in Alaska and Northern Canada temperture are below Freezing


Chapter 2 Diet There diet was all ways fish and seal because they were not unheathey people.

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