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Super Droooper ... Stage Design and Interior

Stage construction, Visuals and Interior Design June 2010 Free works Bozen and surrounding

Our Logo

In 2010 two fellow students and I started to develope stage designs as well as interiors designs. Throughout the last two years this corporation has developed into the group Super Droooper. Currently we are working with DJ’s in Milan for example Tyler Noize and Reset!. Our work can be viewed in detail on our homepage

Impressions of the festival which takes place for times a year.

Our first works have been for the Love Electro Festival in South Tyrol, the biggest electro festival in this area. Apart from designing their stage we stared a corporation with the festivals’ VJ Slutotronic with whom we produce visuals.

This is the developement of one of the stage designs - the Love Ekectro spring edition. First each of us does research by himself to gather inspiration. Then we meet to create concepts of which one is chosen and developed further. Sketches and models help us to solve technical problems. Finally the stage is mounted on the day of the event.

The shop’s exterior.

In May 2011 a huge oportunity arose for Super Droooper. We were asked to design the interior of Point Fashion,a clothes store in Bolzano. We decided on keeping our idea clean and simple, as the shop is full of colourfull skater and snowboarding clothes for teens. The shop has two floors and is situated in the centre of the city. Much of the furniture was designed by us, as custom pieces add a twist to the straight-forward style of the rest of the shop.

Images of the first and second floor. 1st picture: The view from the entrance with the shoe wall on the left side and the sunglass stand on the right. second picture: Stefano, one of the shops employees.

Details of the shop: The cable fence in the basement floor. The graphics are a mix of machine parts and the overall pattern theme. The cashier points front can be filled with items.

Super Droooper  

This is a part of my portfolio. It is about the group Super Droooper.

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