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FeierEi ... a chocolate egg you want to bite. 3D modelling and deepdrawing March 2012 Semesterproject in Product Design Free University of Bolzano Department of Product Design

This is the Packaging for the lid of the egg.

FeierEi is an interpretation of a traditional chocolate egg. I added a cap, one that resembles a bottle cap, to a normal chocolate egg. The egg is filled with chocolate milk. In order to drink it’s content you have to bite open the lid. You can have a toast with your friends and family and celebrate Easter. The egg was produced in corporation with the South Tyrolian pâtissier Tobias Bonatti (Caffe Herbert, Neumarkt).

The FeieEi is about 14 cm high and filled with chocolate milk. To drink the milk you have to bite open the lid.

For the cap I made a clay model that I then transferred into Rhinoceros. It was printed in plaster. The next step was to deepdraw the lid.The result was a form for the chocolate.

With the finished form we went to visit Tobias Bonatti in Neumarkt. He is a p창tissier and helped us to produce the eggs.


This is a part of my portfolio. It is about a chocolate easter egg.

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