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Lesson plan : Major task


You are going to make an ebook using pictures, videos and texts to discuss environmental issues. The ebook will be divided into different parts : - The analysis of your own pictures and videos, - Your ideas about the topic, what you want to say about the problems, - Poems (acrostic poems for instance, using online tools), - Short stories about the environment. You will make it together, using collaborative online tools. The next step will be to share it with classes from other countries and to ask them to comment on your work, ideas,... They will also provide their own projects which we will discuss as well. This project is an online collaborative project.

To help you complete your task, you will discover many facets of the problem in class and on your own thanks to our lessons but also to our web page:

In class: we will study various texts, film extracts, audio files 1- Brainstorming (The Environment) / vocabulary 2- Test: are you ecofriendly? (habits, present tenses) 3- Video: Beds are burning (present perfect, listening method – training time.)  let’s introduce the topic! 4- Environmental crisis (modals -- guesses) – text 5- The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes. 6- Global warming (tenses) – text and video - Tâche intermédiaire : Manifesto / poster / powerpoint (diaporama) / glog…  Prepare a presentation about what you have so far learnt, understood, found particularly enlightening. Secondes A et E –2012-2013- Marie-Hélène Fasquel- Lycée Giraux Sannier

 Competition: the most innovative / original presentations will win! 7- Extracts from An Inconvenient Truth & from The Day after Tomorrow.  analysis/comparisons/discussions  writing articles for the ebook. 8- Task: making a Podcast about an environmental cause (evaluated) 9- Evaluation : Tree fighters (Listening test), America goes green (reading test) 10- Participation to the 6th Innovation forum -- > the students will prepare posters to highlight their project.

In the computer lab, we will prepare your major task We will keep studying the topic. The students will analyze their pictures & videos and start thinking about the articles they are going to write and podcasts they are going to make. Group work: writing the book, imagining the poems, short stories, podcasts, learning how to use the tools & write these types of texts.

The Diigo group allows to share links about the project:

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Secondes A et E –2012-2013- Marie-Hélène Fasquel- Lycée Giraux Sannier


Environment project 2012 2013 english version  

English version of my project.